5 Places My Cat Leaves His “Calling Card” — Kitty Litter


Indoor cats use litter boxes — that’s a fact. There are, of course, some kitties who have mastered the human toilet, but most opt for the box. I’ve used several brands of cat litter, and although some tracks less than others, I always run across litter bits outside the box.

My Cosmo and I share a one-bedroom apartment, so when he tracks, the litter could end up anywhere. I like to think of these little litter sprinkles as his “calling cards,” telling me he’s spent time in a certain area of our home. Some of the places make total sense to me, but others give me the giggles. I like to imagine him leaving the litter box and traveling to various spots around the house, and then doing whatever he does in those spots. Instead of leaving a trail of bread crumbs, he leaves a trail of kitty litter. He’ll never lose his way, that’s for sure.

Here are five places Cosmo leaves his litter-style calling card.

1. My bed

Bits on the blanket.
Bits on the blanket.

Cosmo sleeps on my bed throughout the day and while I’m sleeping at night. I sometimes hear him leave the bed and visit his litter box in the wee hours of the morning. Hey, I visit my own “litter box” at least twice a night, so I totally get it. I don’t bring anything back to bed with me, though (thank goodness). I usually wake in the morning to find pieces of litter here and there on my bed’s blanket. Every once in a while I find evidence that Cosmo had made a beeline to my pillow right after some box-squatting. Eww. Thankfully I haven’t found litter in my hair. Yet.

2. Bath mat

Takin' it to the mat.
Takin’ it to the mat.

Cosmo’s box is located in my bathroom. His litter mat butts right up against my bathmat, so it makes total sense I’d step on litter bits when I step out of the shower. Exfoliation, right? The litter sort of becomes a spa experience! I shouldn’t say that out loud or he may start charging me.

I often find him sleeping on the bath mat mat during the day. In the dark. I’m not sure whether he thinks the mat is comfortable or is he likes to be near his box … you know, in case a sudden urge emerges. Either way, this mat is the primary place I find litter.

3. Living room rug

Track-meet on the rug.
Track-meet on the rug.

Because my apartment is small, it’s not a long journey from the bathroom to the living room. I have polished concrete floors and a giant rug in the middle of the living area. Cosmo spends a lot of time on that rug because it’s comfortable and usually strewn with cat toys. I’ll sometimes find evidence of his post-potty time near one of his favorite toys. Everyone feels way more relaxed and playful after a productive bathroom visit!

4. Corners

Corner confusion.
Corner confusion.

Finding litter in odd little corners makes me laugh because I picture him leaving the litter box and then standing in a corner. This isn’t my first cat rodeo, mind you — I fully get that cats love weird little spaces, but it’s still a hoot to imagine him going straight from the box to the corner. He probably bathed in that corner. I suppose it’s like one of those small shower stalls.

5. By the front door

Front door sprinkles.
Front door sprinkles.

My bathroom is located right inside my front door. “Welcome to my home! Need to pee?” Oh, I kid. Mostly. It’s convenient, that’s for sure. Sometimes after Cosmo finishes his “business,” he wanders into the hallway and sits by the front door. I like to think he does this when I’m not home. Like he’s sitting by the front door, pining away for me. More like hoping I walk through the door with some food-related item for him! Nah, I know he’s glad to see me … and it’s a bonus if I happen to have treats in hand when I walk though the door.

Where do you find your cat’s cat-litter calling card?

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