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15 TikTok & Instagram Cat Celebrities (With Pictures)

Written by: Kathryn Copeland

Last Updated on June 12, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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15 TikTok & Instagram Cat Celebrities (With Pictures)

Sometimes we put our celebrities on a pedestal and even idolize them at times. But it’s a good thing to remember that celebrities are people, just like the rest of us. What better way to see the human side of celebrities than to see them with adorable, fuzzy kitties?

We pulled together a list of celebrities that adore their cats just as much as we do.

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The 15 TikTok and Instagram Cat Celebrities

1. Ricky Gervais

If you know anything at all about Ricky Gervais, you shouldn’t be too surprised to find him on this list. Actor, activist, comedian, and animal lover, Ricky fills his Instagram with pictures of his cats.

His most recent acquisition is Pickle. Ricky attempted to foster her during the COVID-19 pandemic and ended up adopting her.

2. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is famous for her music and for her cats. She has a video on TikTok featuring her latest cat, Benjamin Button. She has two others named Meredith Grey (named after the character from “Grey’s Anatomy”) and Olivia Benson (from “Law & Order: SVU”).

Taylor has often stated that her cats are important to her, and she draws inspiration from them.

3. Kesha

Kesha is a famous singer, rapper, and songwriter who also happens to love animals. She’s had at least eight dogs and five cats, one of which can be seen on her TikTok.

4. Russell Brand

Russell Brand is a jack of all trades. He’s an actor, comedian, author, and advocate, and he’s also a lover of animals. He owns both dogs and cats, and if you take a look at his Instagram, you’ll find cat pictures peppered throughout.

His TikTok has a lovely video of his cat Beetle with her six brand-new kittens.

5. Katy Perry

One of the more well-known cats that belonged to a celebrity was Kitty Purry. Katy admitted that she hadn’t been a cat person until she met Kitty. She had a cameo in Katy’s famous music video, “I Kissed a Girl,” and was a part of her family for 15 years.

Sadly, Kitty died in 2020, and it doesn’t appear that Katy has adopted another cat yet. She might not ever bring another cat home, but there’s no doubt that Kitty made Katy a cat lover.

6. Drew Barrymore

The lovable actress, producer, director, and talk show host Drew Barrymore is an avid animal lover. She’s had dogs, cats, and as you can see from her Instagram, even bearded dragons!

The cat’s name is Lucky, and the lizard is Jeremy. We bet that you’ve never seen a cat use a bearded dragon as a pillow before!

7. CeeLo Green

CeeLo Green is a rapper, singer, businessman, record producer, and cat lover. He has a serious love for his white Persian, Purrfect. He would even bring Purrfect with him on set when he was a coach during his time on the TV singing competition, “The Voice.

8. Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik is an actress, host of “Jeopardy,” author, neuroscientist, and partner with Waggle for Pets, an organization that raises money to help people pay for expensive vet bills. She’s also a proud owner of three rescue cats. Addie is the adorable gray-and-white cat on her Instagram.

9. Mandy Moore

Actress and singer Mandy Moore is a big fan of cats. She has three cats and is a strong advocate for rescuing and fostering cats and helping them find homes. Peanut is featured on her Instagram.

Mandy has also talked about Figaro, one of her other cats who apparently enjoys singing along with her and her husband.

10. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is famous for acting and singing, but she’s also well-known for her large entourage of pets! She’s had many dogs, cats, and even pigs as her pets that she clearly adores!

Her most famous cat is Shanti Om Bb, which she brought home in 2015, and has added Lilo, Kiki, and Harlem to her family since then. But Shanti is the one with her own Instagram page!

11. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is a proud owner of multiple pets, which is easier for her because she lives on a farm. She has peacocks, horses, ponies, donkeys, cows, geese, chickens, pigeons, chinchillas, canaries, dogs, and, of course, cats!

Martha is clearly a devoted animal lover, and she’s also a spokesperson for a kitty litter brand that features one of her cats. Two of her cats that she posts about on Instagram are Calico Persians, Empress Tang, and Princess Peony.

12. Ian Somerhalder

Actor, model, director, and now bourbon creator Ian Somerhalder is also the proud parent of his daughter, horses, dogs, and cats. Moke is licking Ian’s nose in this Instagram photo. Ian found Moke while filming “Lost” in Hawaii.

Ian even brought Moke with him for his “People’s Sexiest Man Alive” photoshoot. That definitely helped his sex appeal!

13. Ed Sheeran

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is known for his music but also for his love of his cats. Ed owns two cats: Dorito, an adorable orange tabby, and Calippo (who is nestled in Ed’s hoodie in the TikTok video), an orange tabby Scottish Fold.

Both of these cats also have their own Instagram accounts!

14. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is a model and parent who loves her cat enough to create an Instagram page for her. The cat’s name is Cleo, and she was apparently found by Gigi in a car engine, which is when she decided to adopt the adorable kitten.

15. Ashley Madekwe

Ashley Madekwe is an English actress who also happens to be a strong supporter of rescue cats. Ashley has named her latest kitten Rocky because he’s a little fighter (Ashley’s words).

Rocky needed emergency surgery, and Ashley and her husband took outstanding care of the little cat, emptying his surgical drain frequently and giving him his pain meds and antibiotics. That’s love!

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Posthumous Mentions

Here are famous cats that belonged to celebrities who are no longer with us. These celebrities were absolutely devoted to their cats but lived during an era before TikTok or Instagram.

  • Elizabeth Taylor was a huge animal lover and stated that she felt more comfortable around animals than people. She had various cats during her life, but one of her most beloved was Cassius.
  • Betty White was a well-known animal advocate. She would say that she loved animals even when she was in the womb. Her last cat was a Himalayan that she named Mr. Bob, but she owned multiple pets over the course of her lifetime.
  • John Lennon had many pet cats throughout his life, starting when he was a child! The last cats he owned were Misha, Sasha, and Charo.
  • Marlon Brando was a cat lover and actor. Apparently, his love for his pet cats led him to say that his house was no longer his but the cats’.
  • Kurt Cobain loved animals so much that he wanted to open a petting zoo at one point. He also seemed to prefer cats over dogs, but he did love dogs, too.
  • Ernest Hemingway was a great lover of cats, and he received a polydactyl cat (born with six toes on the front paws) in the 1930s. Today, the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum is home to about 60 polydactyl cats.
  • Freddie Mercury was a huge lover of cats and had at least 10 cats that he considered his family. Freddie wrote the song “Delilah” after one of his cats and died while stroking Delilah’s fur.

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Celebrities are just like all of us in many ways. They love their pets and geek out over their cats just as much as we do. Cats can certainly be an inspiration and much-needed emotional support for everyone.

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