Do Plastic Water Bowls Cause Feline Acne?


I never really thought I’d have opinions about what bowls to use to feed and water your cat, but this was before the days of Dunkin’s feline acne. My big boy likes to cuddle under my armpit at night, and I noticed dark spots on his chin that would fleck off onto the sheets when I scratched his chin. Delightful!

With only a few clicks of the Internet, it was pretty easy to diagnose his condition. Thankfully, it was also simple to remedy the situation. We switched to a ceramic dish, and within weeks, the black specks had disappeared.

Severe feline acne can become swollen and infected, so hit the vet if that happens! Swap out those old plastic bowls for some fine china, and you can save your cat from all the embarrassment. Essentially, you can save face.

“Plastic Food Dish” by Sarah Donner



Acne is not just for you and me
It can affect your own kitty
They don’t even need to be a teen
Full of hormones and mood swings

Black spots on their chinny chin chin chin
Are symptoms of infection
Dark dandruff like dirt or specks
Means your pussy is infected

Stainless steel, glass, or ceramic
Makes the water dish fantastic
It’s true I’m less enthusiastic
When it comes to food bowls of plastic

Plastic has microscopic pores
That harbor germs and unpleasant odors
Allergies and contact dermatitis
Are easy to combat, so why fight it?

SOURCES: CatWorld, Catster

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