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10 Awesome Cat Calendars to Get You Through 2016

I’ve combed the web for some of the greatest (and cutest) ways to celebrate the passing of time.

JaneA Kelley  |  Dec 16th 2015

In my family, a holiday tradition was my mother giving each of us a calendar. Each carefully selected calendar would take into consideration the person’s interests, aesthetics and sense of humor, and each year I looked forward to finding out which calendar I would get. If you have a cat-loving friend who’s hard to shop for, consider one of these as a great gift.

1. Whiskerslist: The Kitty Classifieds Page-A-Day Calendar

Whiskerslist 2016 Calendar

Written by Catster author Angie Bailey, this clever parody celebrates two of the Internet’s hottest sensations – cats and Craigslist. I thoroughly enjoyed my 2015 Whiskerslist calendar, and I suspect the 2016 edition will be even better. $9.24 from

2. Luna the Fashion Kitty Wall Calendar

Luna the Fashion Kitty 2016 Calendar

Luna, a former Catster contributor, has put together this beautiful calendar complete with photos of her gorgeous, floofy self, to benefit Helping Persian Cats, a California nonprofit group that rescues Persian cats abandoned on the streets and in shelters. $19.99 from

3. Bad Cat Page-a-day Calendar

Bad Cat Page-a-day Calendar

Adapted from one of the funniest books I’ve read in a very long time, the Bad Cat Page-a-day Calendar features hundreds of naughty, wayward, and personality challenged cats captured via in-your-face full color. Also available: the Bad Cat Wall Calendar. $13.49 from

4. Space Cats Wall Calendar

Space Cats Wall Calendar

Filled with silly and entertaining feline photographs, Space Cats 2016 shows us why cats are often considered the most hilarious and enjoyable animals to have as pets. Also, cats in space! What could be more awesome than that? $11.56 from

5. Yoga Cats and Yoga Kittens Wall Calendars

Yoga Cats and Yoga Kittens Calendars

Each month in this calendar series shows a cat (or kitten) in a yoga pose along with the pose name and its benefits. Days and months are listed in English, French, and Spanish, and $1 from the sale of each calendar is donated to the ASPCA. Yoga Cats 12-inch calendar $14.99 and Yoga Kittens 7-inch calendar $7.99 from

6. Summer’s 2016 Somali Cat Wall Calendar

2016 Somali Cat Calendar

This gorgeous calendar, featuring the photographs of Catster contributor and award-winning writer Janiss Garza, features GP RW Tajhara Summer Samba, better known as Summer, star of the blog It includes special cat holidays including Cat World Domination Day and Black Cat Appreciation Day. $15.99 from

7. Cat vs. Human Wall Calendar

Cat Vs. Human Calendar

I think any of us would recognize the truth and humor in the comics in this calendar. The CAT vs HUMAN Wall calendar features many of the most popular comics from Yasmine Surovec’s top-selling CAT vs HUMAN books. $14.99 from

8. Cat Naps Wall Calendar

Cat Naps Wall Calendar

If you need a daily cute break, look no further than the Cat Naps Wall Calendar. Nothing is quite as relaxing on a stressful day as a sleeping kitty, and the huge success of the Cat Naps calendar series proves it. Also available as a weekly engagement planner and a page-a-day calendar. $14.99 from

9. Cats of the Cat Blogosphere Weekly Engagement Planner

Cats of the Cat Blogosphere Weekly Engagement Calendar

This 2016 weekly planner is filled with colorful photos from blogging cats from around the world, so if you’ve got a friend who follows lots of cat blogs, this may be just the thing. Holidays, special cat days, and key cat blogging celebrations are included. $28.85 from

10. What Cats Teach Us Weekly Planner

What Cats Teach Us Weekly Planner

Cats teach us all kinds of things — not in words, of course, but by example while simply living with them. The kitties in this 12-month planner demonstrate valuable lessons in photos and matching quotes about what is important in our own lives to cherish, defend, adore, and ignore. $14.99 from

What about you? What are some of your favorite calendars? Share them in the comments.

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