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9 Cats Who Just Are Too Cute to Move

Sometimes cats block our productivity, and sometimes we just can't bear to move them.

Angie Bailey  |  Mar 2nd 2017

Our kitties love to be near us, and we love their snuggles and company. Sometimes, however, they’re undying love can be logistically inconvenient. They somehow know we need that bag they’re lying on top of, or that computer keyboard we require for work. I know I’m not the only one who’s had to move a cat in order to get something done. The trouble is that, on occasion, they’re just way too cute to move, so we choose adorableness over practicality.

Here are nine such cases of cute.

1. Homework: examine jellybean toes

"Study these toes."

“Study these toes.” Photo via Flickr

How could we possibly be expected to complete homework when our cat is draped on top of our book, and their sweet little legs are dangling over the keyboard? Would we much rather examine the jellybean toes? Obviously! That assignment will be late. Again.

2. Double the guilt

A case of the cuteness.

A case of the cuteness. Photo via Flickr

Suitcases don’t need unpacking when they’re doubling as a cat bed for a couple of cuties. The dirty travel clothes can remain unwashed as long as they’re providing padded comfort for the kitties. Plus, we’d feel doubly guilty if we had to remove two hopelessly adorable cats. Nobody wants to live with that kind of guilt.

3. Don’t ruin an Instagrammable moment

This cat's got us: hook, link, and sinker.

This cat’s got us: hook, link, and sinker. Photo via Flickr

Who wants to use a bathroom sink when a glorious ball of fur is lounging inside of it? We’d be complete monsters to move that baby, especially when their pose screams “Instagram me!” Most homes have more than one sink, so pick another one — or we can brush our teeth in the shower. #multitasking

4. Cuteness trumps wrinkle-free

Who's gonna move that face? Fur real.

Who’s gonna move that face? Fur real. Photo via Flickr

Cats enjoy “hanging” around on top of our clothes … even if they’re on hangers. In fact, they might like those even more because they know they’re probably our fancier pieces of clothing, or at least items we don’t want to wrinkle. So why not stretch out on top of them, possibly produce some wrinkles, and add a fine layer of cat hair? We’ll take all of it because they’re so stinkin’ cute.

5. Comfort stinks

This cat's a shoo-in for the 'Cutest Cat Hugging a Shoe' award.

This cat’s a shoo-in for the ‘Cutest Cat Hugging a Shoe’ award. Photo via Flickr

Why on earth would we rip a slumbering angel away from their source of comfort — even if that comfort smells to high heaven? We didn’t really want to wear that pair of shoes, anyway.

6. Never move a smiling cat

Grin for the win!

Grin for the win! Photo via Flickr

OK, it’s enough that the cat is lying in the middle of our workspace, but do they have to look so ridiculously sweet and smug? Seriously — is that cat smiling? Sure, they might be smiling because they know we won’t move them (and they’d be right), BUT THAT GRIN.

7. Work that work bag, kitty

Adorableness? It's in the bag.

Adorableness? It’s in the bag. Photo via Flickr

Time for work — let’s grab our bag! Oh, wait. That’s right — kitty’s taking a snooze inside our work bag, and looks far too cozy to move. Right about now, that brown paper bag looks like the obvious replacement, and not for the cat. And the work keys and wallet at the bottom of the portable cat bed? We’ll figure it out as we go along.

8. What sore back?

We can sleep around this situation.

We can sleep around this situation. Photo via Flickr

How many times have we contorted our bodies around sleeping cats because they look way too gorgeous to move? This is especially true if a kitty belly is exposed and paw pads are showing. Shelters should partners with chiropractors — just sayin’.

9. Off-the-chain cute

Us = dead.

Us = dead. Photo via Flickr

Oh, no — we’re in trouble now. Not only is there a cat crashed out in our lap — it’s a kitten. And the kitten’s mouth is open, exposing tiny teeth. And the fur is so fuzzy that they could easily be mistaken for a tiny chick. Our about-to-pop bladder can certainly wait a few more minutes, right? Maybe it’s time to invest in adult diapers because this level of cuteness is off the chain.

What’s your cat’s go-to “you can’t move me because I’m too cute” position? Tell us (or share a pic) in the comments!