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12 Round-Face Cat Breeds: Top Choices for Your Home (With Pictures)

Written by: Rachel Giordano

Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Portrait of a brown British Shorthair Cat looking at the camera

12 Round-Face Cat Breeds: Top Choices for Your Home (With Pictures)

Round-face cats are some of the most adorable cats on earth. Most round-face cats have large, round eyes that most humans cannot resist, and most have sweet and gentle dispositions. Round-face cats come in many different colors and points, as well as sizes and shapes.

Join us in a rundown of 12 round-face cat breeds so that you can explore the different temperaments, characteristics, and traits of these adorable kitties. If you’re in the market for a round-face cat, we hope our list will guide you in making a decision.


The 12 Round-Face Cat Breeds

1. American Shorthair

american shorthair cat
Image Credit: Oleksandr Volchanskyi, Shutterstock

The American Shorthair is a muscular, medium-sized cat. They are lovable and easy-going cats that can adapt to pretty much any environment, whether it be in an apartment or a house.

Despite being friendly and easy-going, the American Shorthair does not like to be held and is independent. However, they love their humans and love spending time with them. They have a lifespan of 15–20 years and come in a vast amount of colors and patterns, with the tabby being the most common.

2. Bombay

bombay cat on the grass
Image Credit: Viktor Sergeevich, Shutterstock

The Bombay cat is as black as midnight and also has a round face. The Bombay sort of resembles a panther with its sleek body and glossy golden eyes. They are friendly, athletic, intelligent, and have lots of energy.

The Bombay loves its humans and does well with children and other pets. They like to be the head honcho of any multi-cat household, and it may be best to pair the cat with a dog rather than other cats. Their lifespan ranges from 12–18 years, and some even make it into their 20s.

3. British Shorthair

Image Credit: FotoMirta, Shutterstock

The British Shorthair is known for its distinctive round faces and thick coats. Not only does the British Shorthair have a round face, but it also has round cheeks, paws, tail, and ears.

These cats are calm and affectionate, but they prefer to not be held. They are easy-going, can adapt well to any situation, and make a perfect pet for families. They get along with children and other pets, as long as children and other pets are cat-friendly.

4. Burmese

Brown Burmese cat in the garden
Image Credit: jojosmb, Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a cat with a dog-like personality, look no further than the Burmese. These loving and loyal cats come in a variety of colors, such as chocolate, cream, brown, blue, red, and lilac. The Burmese cat is laid-back and friendly, and they can live from 20–25 years with proper care.

An important note to make with these cats is that they don’t do well being separated from you for long periods. Separation anxiety is common with the Burmese, and if you’re gone often, this cat breed may not work for you.

5. Burmilla

Burmilla Cat in a grey background
Image Credit: JE Jevgenija, Shutterstock

The Burmilla cat is a newer, rare breed that is social and loving. They are descendants of the Burmese and the Chinchilla Persian cat breeds, which makes for an interesting temperament. They are affectionate and easy-going, and they have a distinctive “M” shape on their foreheads.

They can be both independent and social, depending on their mood. These cats are hard to find in the United States, but you’ve found a gem if you do find one.

6. Exotic Shorthair

cream bicolor exotic shorthair cat
Image Credit: OksanaSusoeva, Shutterstock

The Exotic Shorthair is another rare cat breed that came along in the 1950s by accident. Cat breeders began breeding American Shorthairs with Persians in hopes of retaining the green eyes and silver coat that Persians possess, only the end result was shorthaired Persian cats.

From there, these cats were bred with Burmese and Russian Blue cats in hopes of getting the gene for short hair. Those cats were bred again with Persians, and voilà, the Exotic Shorthair was created.

These cats have a gentle disposition and are also intelligent and curious. They have adorable squinty faces and large, round eyes. These cats love their humans and do well with children. However, they don’t like being left alone for long.

7. Himalayan

Cream Himalayan Cat
Image Credit: Linn Currie, Shutterstock.jpg

If you’re looking for a laidback and affectionate cat, the Himalayan could be a perfect fit. They are not demanding of attention but welcome any attention you give.

Himalayan cats are part of the Persian cat group and are gentle, sweet cats that prefer quiet households. They have thick coats and come in pointed colors that are often seen in Siamese cats. They have flat faces that can cause breathing problems, but despite this, they are one of the most popular cat breeds in the United States.

8. Munchkin

cute adorable little munchkin kitten
Image Credit: MDavidova, Shutterstock

The Munchkin cat gets its name from its short legs and average-sized body. These adorable cats love to play and have an abundance of energy. They do well with families with children, and they are intelligent and curious little kitties. Their coats are either shorthaired or longhaired, and they have many different patterns and colors.

These cats are affectionate and friendly, and despite their short legs, they are quite energetic and love to play. Keep in mind that these cats are needy, so avoid this breed if you don’t want a dependent cat.

9. Persian

White Persian Cat sitting on a blue background
Image Credit: Oleksandr Volchanskyi, Shutterstock

Persian cats have long hair and love to cuddle and be held. They are among the oldest cat breeds, with origins dating back to the 1600s. Their coats come in various colors and patterns but be prepared to deal with shedding. Their long and luxurious coats are silky and beautiful, but they’ll need frequent brushing, preferably daily.

These are not demanding cats and are perfectly content lying around and relaxing. They are affectionate but also do well being left alone. A quiet household is best for these cats, and they can live for 10–15 years.

10. Scottish Fold

chocolated marble shorthair adult cat Scottish fold on a burgundy background
Image Credit: OksanaSusoeva, Shutterstock

The Scottish Fold cat has a unique look due to a genetic condition that causes the ears to fold downward, giving it an almost owl-like appearance. These cats are affectionate and loyal, but they are also very needy. They are calm, intelligent, gentle, and sweet cats that make wonderful pets.

Ironically, even though they hail from Scotland, they are not recognized as a breed there.

11. Selkirk Rex

Selkirk rex cat on brown background
Image Credit: mdmmikle, Shutterstock

If a sheep were a cat, you’d have the Selkirk Rex. Some of these cats can have curly hair as a result of a gene carried from one of the parents. In other words, some kittens from a litter may have straight hair, while some may have curly hair.

These cats are loving creatures and do well with children and other pets. They are patient cats, and they do well as therapy cats. They are laid back, but they do not do well being left alone for long periods. Selkirk Rex cats are intelligent and capable of learning tricks, and their curly hair doesn’t shed too much.

12. Singapura

Beige Singapura
Image Credit: jojosmb, Shutterstock

The Singapura is an intelligent and outgoing cat with large, round eyes. They have tons of energy and are extroverts, so if you’re looking for a lazy and quiet cat, this cat may not be the right breed for you.

One thing to note about these cats is that they hate loud noises, and they do best as indoor cats only. They are small, with females weighing only 4 pounds, and they only come in a light-beige color. These felines are curious, playful, and love to interact with their humans.

divider-catclaw1 Conclusion

If you’ve been looking for a round-face cat, we hope that our list will guide you in the right direction. All of the mentioned cat breeds are sweet, gentle, and downright adorable.

Some round-face cats have flat faces, which can cause breathing problems, so it’s important to check them daily for any nasal obstructions. Keeping your round-face cat from becoming obese plays an important role in keeping breathing problems at bay, too. If you notice your cat is having frequent breathing difficulties, a trip to the vet is necessary.

Featured Image Credit: Heidi Bollich, Shutterstock

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