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3 Items That Will Help Your Cat Live Their Best Life

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on June 6, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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3 Items That Will Help Your Cat Live Their Best Life

When it comes to your cat’s well-being, attention and affection can both go a long way. That being said, it’s also crucial to have the right items on hand. After all, the right items will allow you to give your feline the support they need to live their very best life.

If you’re curious to discover what these items are, keep reading. We’ve shared 3 of our top recommendations for items that are sure to be appreciated by all kinds of fluffballs!

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The 3 Items That Will Help Your Cat Live Their Best Life

1. An Automatic Cat Feeder

Image Credit by: Vadym Hunko, Shutterstock

Feeding your cat is a task cat owners either love or hate. Of course, it’s absolutely adorable to see their eyes light up when you’re preparing their meal. But coordinating regular mealtimes into your packed schedule is not so fun.

On your busiest days, trying to find the time to feed your cat can be a nightmare. The problem is compounded if you feed your cat more than once a day or you’re not spending the day at home.

The worst part is that your cat will be the one who deals with the consequences of being fed late. In addition to being hungry, they may become irritated (cats can get hangry too!). They may even feel let down despite it being no fault of your own. It’s for these reasons we can’t recommend using an automatic cat feeder enough.

Smartly-designed automatic cat feeders automate the cat feeding process by dispensing their food at set times each day. The best ones allow you to not only set when the food will be dispensed but also how much food will be dispensed. This ingenious item makes mealtimes a breeze for both you and your cat!

2. Calming Chews

GNC Pets Ultra Mega Calming Formula Chicken Flavor Soft Chews Cat Supplement

Your cat may seem to be living a waking dream. Their daily schedule may look something like this: get up, eat, laze around for a bit, go exploring, take a cat nap, eat again, and sleep.

But just because most of their days are spent blissfully doesn’t mean they won’t get stressed or anxious from time to time. There are many reasons your cat may exhibit symptoms of stress or anxiety. Separation anxiety, travel anxiety, and stress from loud noises are just a few examples.

Needless to say, no one wants to see their puss in such a state. Especially considering that these emotions can lead to a multitude of negative behaviors, such as aggressive behavior, litter box avoidance, and a reduction in physical activity. That’s why it’s vital to nip this problem in the bud as soon as possible.

Enter calming treats and chews. Calming treats and chews do precisely what their name suggests: they help your cat calm down. Well-formulated calming treats and chews harness a range of natural ingredients, such as chamomile and hemp, to settle your cat.

They can come in a variety of forms, including chews, gels, and oils. Once you find an option your cat is happy with, they’ll be able to bat any stress and anxiety away and get on with living their best life.

Just a final word of advice: If at first one doesn’t take your cat’s fancy, or it doesn’t seem to calm them down, try another option. Cats may take to some products and not to others, so you may need to go through a few before finding one that’s just right for your kitty.

3. A Scratching Post

cat on the scratching post

If there’s one thing that’s for certain, your cat loves to scratch. They’ve certainly made their penchant for doing so well known—as the scratch marks on your couch and your torn-up clothes are a testament to.

Of course, while they seem to be having the time of their lives scratching up a storm, let’s just say you aren’t so happy with their habit. So what’s a cat owner to do?

“Get a well-designed scratching post,” says Angela Stringfellow from Pet Life Today. “Cats scratch for a number of reasons, from wanting to mark their territory to sharpening their claws. As such, it’s important to provide them a constructive outlet for their natural instinct to scratch.”

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Your cat will no doubt go bonkers for their new gift, as scratching posts are designed to satisfy their desire to scratch. So this is definitely a win-win item that’s well worth the investment.

“Scratching posts come in a variety of designs as well as price points,” Stringfellow points out. “So shop around until you find one that suits your aesthetic and budget. You’re sure to find the perfect one with so many options out there!”

Featured Image Credit: islam zarat, Shutterstock

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