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Do Cats Like Blankets? Vet-Reviewed Feline Behavior Explanation & Safety Tips

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on February 20, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

kitten playing under a blanket

Do Cats Like Blankets? Vet-Reviewed Feline Behavior Explanation & Safety Tips


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Cats are interesting creatures that tend to march to their own beat. It can be tough to get a cat to do something you want them to and to stop doing things that you don’t like. So, if a cat wants to steal your blanket, they likely will, and if they don’t want anything to do with a blanket, they will simply ignore and avoid it. You may be wondering whether cats even like blankets, and if so, why. The short answer is yes, most cats love blankets. Read on for a more in-depth answer.

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Why Most Cats Tend to Like Blankets

Most cats love the feel of a good blanket. They may seek out a blanket or show more pleasure when a blanket gets spread out near them. Why is this the case? Simply put, blankets are comfortable. Just like we enjoy the softness and weight of a soft blanket, cats do too.

Blankets possibly offer the same kind of feeling that cats would get when spending time snuggled up next to their mothers as babies. This is probably why a cat will sometimes knead a blanket that they are cuddling with, as it’s an action that they would have displayed when nursing. However, whether or not cats reminisce about kittenhood while snuggling on a blanket is purely conjecture.

Blankets likely also offer a sense of safety to cats that gives them extra peace of mind while they nap. A blanket can act as a cocoon, shielding a cat from prying eyes and questionable (in their mind, at least) visitors. Another possible reason that cats like blankets so much is the extra warmth that they receive. You may notice that your cat utilizes blankets most often when the air is chilly. Those blankets are keeping them comfortable and warm.

cat with wool blanket
Image by: Dimhou, Pixabay

Why Some Cats Don’t Like Blankets

Even though most cats tend to like blankets, there are some cats out there that prefer not to lie on, under, or even next to them. Why is this? Nobody knows for sure, but it is safe to say that it all comes down to preference. It could be that a cat doesn’t like a certain blanket because of the texture or weight. Another reason for not liking blankets could be the weather. Cats have built-in blankets on their bodies in the form of fur. If the air is warm, chances are that the last thing they want is to get even warmer in a blanket.

Can Cats Safely Sleep Under Blankets?

For the most part, adult and senior cats can safely sleep underneath blankets without the worry of suffocating. If they feel like they cannot breathe well under a blanket, they will come out and maybe lie on top of it instead. You should be able to throw a blanket over your fully grown cat for warmth without incident. A kitten is a different story. If the blanket is too heavy, a kitten may not be able to make their way out from underneath, and the risk of suffocation increases. For this reason, weighted blankets are generally not recommended for all cats.

A rule of thumb to keep in mind is that if a cat can get underneath a blanket by themselves (even a kitten), they can probably get out on their own.

cat with blanket
Image by: ajcespedes, Pixabay

The Types of Blankets That Cats Seem to Like Most

Cats usually are not too picky when it comes to the type of blanket that they will cuddle up with. Knitted blankets with natural holes in them may be a turnoff because your cat’s nails can get stuck in them. Some blankets might have a rougher texture than your cat would prefer, so it might be avoided in favor of other blankets.

Popular types of blankets among cats seem to include:
  • Cotton
  • Fleece
  • Feather-filled
  • Terry cloth

Let your cat decide for themselves what kind of blanket they want to snuggle up with. Offer a variety of different types to see which ones they gravitate toward the most. Chances are that they will like any blanket that has your familiar smell on it. As mentioned previously, weighted blankets are best avoided.

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In Conclusion

Cats seem to love blankets, so it’s a good idea to keep one or two available for your pet’s use throughout the day and night. Your kitty might appreciate a blanket in their cubby hole, or they might like to have their own blanket to snuggle with while sleeping in bed with you at night. If your cat doesn’t like a certain blanket, try washing it to get rid of any smells that they don’t like and to make it softer. But you likely will not have to do anything special to get your cat to like a certain blanket.

Featured Image Credit: Julia Naether, Shutterstock

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