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11 Free DIY Cat Room Ideas You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Written by: Elizabeth Gray

Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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11 Free DIY Cat Room Ideas You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Cats love to share our space, but they also appreciate having space of their own where they can do whatever they want to do. If you have enough space, you can dedicate an entire room to your cat and decorate it in a way that your cat will appreciate, all while keeping the room stylish. If you can’t dedicate a whole room to your kitty, maybe you can use a closet or a corner of a room.

You can also simply pick out a wall in your family room to accommodate your cat’s lounging and exercise needs. Whatever your situation, there are plenty of DIY cat room ideas to help you plan the purrfect cat space for your feline family member.

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The 11 DIY Cat Room Ideas

1. DIY Cat Closet Room by Your Modern Family

DIY Cat Closet Room by Your Modern Family
Image Credit: Your Modern Family
Materials: Scrap wood, hemp material, a cat door, plastic tray, pieces of carpet
Tools: Screws, screwdriver, saw, staple gun
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you can clear out a coat closet or a similar space in your room, you’ve got the perfect spot to create a private and comfortable room just for your kitty. The room that this plan outline includes a dedicated bed, a covered cat litter box, and floating shelves for your kitty to climb around on. There’s also a cat door installed in the closet door so your kitty can get in and out even when the door is closed.

2. Cute DIY Cat Bed Using Macrame Cord by Cuckoo 4 Design

Materials: Macrame cord, wood beads, 18-inch round pillow, plant hook, small clamps, 18-inch metal hoops
Tools: Scissors, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you like arts and crafts, you should enjoy creating these macrame cat hammocks that can be placed in any room of your home to create unique spaces that are just for your kitty. Macrame can be easily learned even by those who have never seen or done other similar activities. This project will provide your kitty comfort and safety away from kids and other pets.

3. DIY Cat Tree Play Tower by Southern Revivals

DIY Cat Tree Play Tower by Southern Revivals
Image Credit: Southern Revivals
Materials: Plywood, base trim, concrete, tree branches, wood glue, stain, sealer jute or hemp rope, faux fur, screws, wood glue, nails, sandpaper
Tools: Hot glue gun, staple gun, table saw, miter saw, jigsaw, nail gun, belt sander
Difficulty Level: Hard

This huge cat tree play structure will take up large amount of space in the room of your home without making the space look cluttered or interfering with your home’s overall design. This structure has natural tree branches, faux fur, and jute or hemp rope, which gives it a luxurious look and feel. Plan to complete this project outside where there is protection from the sun and rain and plenty of room to move around.

4. Cat Adventure and Escape Wall by Instructables

Cat Adventure and Escape Wall by Instructables
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Plywood, pinewood, poplar wood, stair tread, carpet runner, a dowel, upholstery tacks, biscuit joints, shelving brackets, LED light strip
Tools: Drill, Saw, hammer
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This impressive cat adventure and escape wall will take up a great deal of wall space but will provide your kitty with plenty of room to adventure, play, snooze, and get away from the hustle and bustle that’s happening within the household. The wall structure has hiding nooks, a bridge, stairs to climb on, and even room for human items like books.

5. DIY Climbing Wall for Cats by Vivianne Yi Wei

DIY Climbing Wall for Cats by Vivianne Yi Wei
Image Credit: Vivianne Yi Wei
Materials: Ikea shelf carrier, oak panels, MDF plating primer, paint, sisal rope, screws, spruce planks, foam, fabric
Tools: Tape measurer, saw, hammer, screwdriver
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This is a cool cat wall structure that will dominate a wall in any room of your home, offering your kitty their own designated space that won’t impede on other household items and furniture. You will need quite a few materials to complete the project, but you’ll end up with a cool climbing structure that encourages your kitty to exercise.

6. Cat and Household Shelf System in One by thatpeargirl

Cat and Household Shelf System in One by thatpeargirl
Image Credit: thatpeargirl
Materials: Knotty pine, sandpaper, nails, staples, carpet, wood glue, wood filler, sating polyurethane, paint thinner
Tools: Utility knife, staple gun, nail gun, hand sander, rotary sander, cordless drill, router, table saw
Difficulty Level: Moderate to hard

If you are short on space and can’t dedicate even a wall to your cat, you can use this cat and household shelf system to make your cat happy while also keeping your stuff safe. These plans are designed to provide cats with plenty of jumping and lounging spaces and have storage space for things like books, candles, and family photos.

7. DIY Cat Rope Bridge by The Owner Builder Network

DIY Cat Rope Bridge by The Owner Builder Network
Image Credit: The Owner Builder Network
Materials: Plywood, upholstery tacks, joints, shelving brackets, carpets, sisal ropes, varnish, wood glue, screws, screw plate
Tools: Sander, paintbrush, measuring tape, circular saw, drill
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Why not decorate your home with a large cat rope bridge or two? These bridges will provide your cat with plenty of room to stretch out, move around, and nap. The bridges are cute and can be stained or painted to camouflage with your wall décor and furnishings. Sanding is required, so it’s best to work outside when working on this project.

8. Cat Maze Bed Frame by Oddity Mall

Cat Maze Bed Frame by Oddity Mall
Image Credit: Oddity Mall
Materials: Wood, wood glue, nails
Tools: Circular saw, measuring tape, hammer, or nail gun
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If your rooms, walls, and staircase spaces are already full, you can always make room under your bed for kitty fun. This interesting bed frame is actually a cat maze! You can sleep comfortably at night while your cat plays quietly underneath you. You can also leave toys in the maze for even more excitement during the day.

9. Simple Cat Window Perch by Martha Stewart

DIY Simple Cat Window Perch
Image Credit: marthastewart
¾” thick plywood, ¾” thick leather strip, industrial strength glue, decorative nails, eye hooks, plumber’s safety chain, s-hooks, wood screws, cushion, sheepskin
Tools: Measuring tape, jigsaw, leather punch, drill, hammer,
Difficulty Level: Easy-moderate

This stylish window perch can be customized to fit any size window in your cat room. Give your kitty the perfect spot in their room to snooze, catch some rays, or observe the world go by. You’ll need basic power tools for this project, but the materials required should be relatively inexpensive. Some previous experience using tools will make this DIY easier to accomplish, but beginners who are good at following directions should be able to do it too. The finished product looks more expensive than the amount you’ll probably spend making it.

10. DIY Cat Couch by Stephanie Marie

Fabric, 1” thick high-density foam, temporary adhesive spray, ¼” plywood, ½” plywood, steel corner braces, end table legs, screws, thread
Tools: Marker, cutter, saw, drill, sewing needle
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This DIY cat couch gives your kitty their own lounge space in their own room. If you don’t have space for a full cat room, use this couch to steer your kitty away from leaving fur on your furniture. This project calls for woodworking and sewing, so it’s best for DIYers with previous experience. It requires mainly basic tools, and the instructions include detailed plans with measurements for all the sewing steps. There’s also a video tutorial. This couch was designed for a large cat, but the directions explain how to customize the dimensions with ease.

11. Cat Exercise Wheel by DIY Projects

DIY Cat Exercise Wheel
Image Credit: diyprojects
Plywood, 3 24”x 48” sheets 1/8” STD hardwood, 1 52” 2” x 6” board, 1 12.5” x 2” x 8”, 3 rolls hockey tape, yoga mat, spray adhesive, hub bolts, 2 x 4 studs
Table saw, Dremel circle cutter, spiral cutter, orbital sander, clamps, drill with drill bits
Difficulty Level: Hard

Give your cat room a fitness boost with this DIY cat exercise wheel. Because of its size, you probably wouldn’t want this wheel in your living room, making it perfect for a dedicated cat space instead. This project is best for those with DIY experience, especially woodworking. It requires several power tools that the average part-time crafter probably doesn’t have at home. The video tutorial is long and detailed. This project will take some time and attention to detail, but athletic cats should enjoy the results.

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All these DIY cat room ideas can be implemented in most apartment and house environments. Whether you only have a small apartment space or an entire bedroom to dedicate to your cat, these ideas should get you motivated to create extra space for your cat that can help enhance their quality of life.

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