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9 Best Low Dust Cat Litters in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

Dust litter box
Last Updated on November 29, 2023 by Catster Editorial Team

Dust litter boxOwning a pet comes with pros and cons, but for many, the advantages easily outweigh the cons. When considering the different aspects of having a cat, potential owners must always take litter boxes into account.

You will need to consider their placement, how to limit the smell, and how much dust they can produce and track around. Clumping cat litter is arguably the best type of bedding out there if you want to avoid problems with dust and dirt.

Getting the right kind of litter can help the cleanliness situation, but it can also aid people who suffer from symptoms of asthma or other breathing problems. Read on through our reviews to find the best cat litter for you and your furry friend.

A Glance at Our Top Picks in 2023

Best Overall
Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal
  • Odor-eliminating baking soda
  • Micro-granules
  • Made for multi-cat households
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Frisco Multi-Cat Unscented Frisco Multi-Cat Unscented
  • Budget-friendly option
  • De-dusting system
  • All-natural product
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Next Gen Pet Unscented Next Gen Pet Unscented
  • All-natural product
  • Natural deodorizing agents
  • Smells good and natural
  • Frisco Multi-Cat Fresh Scented Frisco Multi-Cat Fresh Scented
  • Eliminates strong odors
  • Low dust formula
  • Forms solid clumps for an easy clean
  • Arm & Hammer Naturals Scented Arm & Hammer Naturals Scented
  • Natural, plant-based formula
  • Low dust output
  • Works to trap and eliminate odors
  • The 9 Best Low Dust Cat Litters

    1.  Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Clumping Clay Cat Litter — Best Overall

    Arm & Hammer Litter Clump & Seal Multi-Cat Scented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

    Arm & Hammer has earned its spot as number-one on our list for best low dust cat litter. The company has accomplished this by becoming an odor elimination expert and formulating their litter to keep the area completely free of smells for seven days. Their blend of micro-granules is moisture-activated to effectively seal in the odors, while the baking soda in the mix destroys them on contact. This way, the product works to centralize and eliminate simultaneously.

    The formula they have used for the product produces an ultra-low amount of dust by having strong bonding and clumping formula. This strength equates to easier removal and would theoretically mean less tracking. However, this isn’t entirely true, and some have reported increased problems with tracking over the last several years in particular. It was created especially for multi-cat households, where any other cat litter wouldn’t be capable of providing the same odor protection.

    All in all, we think this is the best low dust cat litter of the year.

    • Odor-eliminating baking soda
    • Micro-granules hold any leftover odor
    • Made for multi-cat households
    • Ultra-clumping formula
    • Tracking can be a problem

    2.  Frisco Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter — Best Value

    Frisco Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

    When there is only one cat around, it is more challenging to notice irritating issues like pervasive odors or litter getting scattered everywhere. However, the team knows that it is a must to find the best low dust cat litter for the money when it comes to homes with more than one cat.

    This is why Frisco has made a formula with an engrained de-dusting system to limit any dust tempted to leave the box. It is natural as well, keeping it chemical-free for the kitties. The litter is hypoallergenic for those who need asthma or allergy relief from strong odors or floating dust.

    The all-natural clay forms solid clumps immediately to make it easy to scoop and remove without shifting a bunch of litter onto the floor. It still has tracking problems, but for many, this is outweighed by its odorless, clumping capabilities and affordable price.

    • Budget-friendly option
    • De-dusting system
    • All-natural product
    • Odorless
    • Tracking problems

    3. Next Gen Pet Unscented Clumping Wood Cat Litter — Premium Choice

    Next Gen Pet Products Pet Products Green Tea Unscented Clumping Wood Cat Litter

    Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter is an all-natural litter with a wood base made with green tea leaves. These help in a variety of ways, aiding to suppress bacterial growth in the box. The catechin is an astringent of the tea leaves, and it works as an effective deodorant and against the bacterial odor agents.

    Although this product is more expensive, it is typically longer lasting than other similar products, making it more worth the money. It yields around 333 clumps from cats and lasts between four to six weeks in a single-cat household. It is friendly to your cat’s paws and any sensitivities they might have.

    It is made without any chemicals and doesn’t have silica dust that so often causes respiratory problems for cat owners. However, although the powder isn’t silica, there is more dust than most buyers prefer in a more expensive product, since the product breaks down over time. The remaining litter, after boxes are cleaned, is compostable.

    • All-natural product
    • Compostable litter after use
    • Smells good and natural
    • Natural deodorizing agents
    • Expensive product
    • Breaks down to fine dust

    4. Frisco Multi-Cat Fresh Scented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

    Frisco Multi-Cat Fresh Scented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

    Another quality product by Frisco offered at a reasonable price. The company has created another option for multi-cat households that generates a fresh scent. It is made with a similar natural clay formula meant to control the odors, so no one will even know cats are around unless they choose to show themselves. The granules are filled with a clean smell, so every time a cat jumps in or out, airy perfume is released.

    The litter is hard clumping, so it is easier to scoop and remove without making any mess. It has a dirt-like texture to feel soft and familiar to a cat. However, this litter can stick to your cat’s paws and get tracked throughout the house.

    • Eliminates strong odors
    • Low dust formula
    • Forms solid clumps for an easy clean
    • Fresh scent formula
    • Tracking problems because it sticks to paws

    5. Arm & Hammer Naturals Scented Clumping Corn Cat Litter

    Arm & Hammer Litter Naturals Scented Clumping Corn Cat Litter, 9-lb bag

    Naturals Scented Clumping Corn Cat Litter by Arm & Hammer is made with different ingredients than most cat litters currently on the market. Instead of a clay compound, it is made out of natural plant-based ingredients.

    Corn fibers make up the bulk of the recipe, along with baking soda and mineral oil. This combination effectively reduces the amount of dust and has been shown to absorb as much as 50% more liquid to clump together firmly.

    It also locks offensive odors in tightly to keep the area smelling fresh and clean, as well as aid in a quick clean-up process. The smell of the actual litter is strong enough to mask any odors that escape, but some find it too offensive and strong. Overall, it is a low-dust recipe that keeps everyone breathing easy.

    • Natural, plant-based formula
    • Works to trap and eliminate odors
    • Absorbs up to 50% more than typical clay litters
    • Low dust output for easy breathing
    • Very strong smell

    6. Premium Choice Carefree Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

    Premium Choice Carefree Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

    Premium Choice uses a more typical formula when looking through this lineup of cat litters. It features clay particles that bond together quickly when activated with moisture from the cat. The priority of the product is for strong clumping action to save on cost, as only the clumps will be tossed and not useful litter particles.

    They don’t crumble either, keeping the litter box truly clean and smelling fresher for longer. The clumping also reduces the amount of dust produced during use. Part of this is because it is heavier than other litters, making it more difficult to kick up dust or get caught in paws and tracked around. Some people appreciate this aspect, while others find it unattractive.

    It is formulated without chemical additives and any fragrances for humans or felines sensitive to perfumes. It is so strong that it professes to be perfect for homes with multiple cats.

    • High clumping capacity
    • No fragrance for sensitive cats and humans
    • Low-dust fragrance
    • No chemical additives
    • Heavier formula

    7. sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Wheat Cat Litter

    sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Wheat Cat Litter

    One of the most notable aspects to sWheat kitty litter is that it doesn’t contain any silica dust, sodium bentonite, or other harmful chemicals but is made from 100% wheat. Because of this, it comes with a veterinarian recommendation for use with kittens and cats who have recently undergone surgeries.

    The current formula is a newer one, improved from the sWheat Scoop Cat Litter. The company claims that it is better at eliminating odors and that it clumps faster and firmer than before. This is another cat litter made for high-traffic boxes or homes with more than one cat.

    The litter stays fresh for longer because it absorbs more liquid faster than many other litters on the market. It is the starches in the wheat that allow it to bind so quickly and are the reason this cat litter can be called all-natural and eco-friendly. Be prepared for a different manner of clumping and a different smell than most other cat litters, though. Some people love it, while others can’t stand it.

    • Improved formula for better performance
    • Veterinarian approved for post-surgery and kittens
    • All-natural, eco-friendly wheat ingredients
    • Made for multi-cat homes
    • Chemically responds and smells different to other clay cat litters

    8. Boxiecat Premium Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

    Boxiecat Premium Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

    The Boxiecat team knows that no cat owner wants to have to dig to the bottom of the box to reach the encrusted clumps and dig them out. It is a hassle, makes a mess, and wastes kitty litter.

    Instead, the company has created an award-winning and vet-recommended formula made with clumping clay. It immediately forms flat-topped clumps at the top of the box and stays there, stopping it from soaking down any further.

    Since the clumps form hard, it keeps the smell down and maintains the overall freshness of the kitty litter for longer. The only problem is that it can create a mess on the top instead of allowing it to soak in, and the cats themselves may get messy and stinky without proper usage.

    This product made in the U.S.A. boasts an ultra-low dust yield to fit in well with those who suffer from allergies. But it is also one of the more expensive products on the list.

    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Vet recommended
    • Creates messy pee puddles
    • Expensive product

    9. Weruva  Fresh Scented Clumping Wood Cat Litter

    Weruva Classic Fresh Scented Clumping Wood Cat Litter

    Weruva has made a different type of cat litter. Instead of having micro-granules that can get caught in a cat’s toes and tracked around the house, it comes in small pellets that are soft enough to still be gentle on the cat’s paws.

    The ingredients don’t include any clay or grain, which means it has a low micro-dust content. It is made with hinoki wood, also called Japanese Cyprus, and green tea. Green tea leaves contain antioxidant properties, inhibit bacterial growth, and prevent odors from growing out from the box.

    Due to the texture and size of the pellets, they manage to stick to a cat’s fur more than squish between their toes. This tendency may be a problem if you have an especially long-haired cat or one that is lower to the ground. Since it is made differently, it clumps differently. Scoopers should beware of clumps that may fall apart.

    • All-natural ingredients
    • Unscented
    • Soft on kitty paws
    • Doesn’t clump well
    • Pellets can stick to fur and spread

    Buyer’s Guide: Finding the Best Low Dust Cat Litter

    There are a surprising number of factors to consider when looking into buying the best dust-free cat litter for your cat. Even once all of these have been thought of and carefully accounted for, it still doesn’t even mean that your cat will like it! However, it is best to give it your best shot instead of having bags of litter stack up around you and your feline friends. Here are the top six aspects to take into account when choosing a new litter.

    Odor Control

    No one likes the stink that a bathroom can generate, even if it is a smaller one for your cats. Be sure to look into the odor control of each product you are considering, as well as how previous customers rated this specific aspect.

    Keep in mind that some people are going to be more sensitive to smell than others. If you are one of them, put finding a quality odor-control litter at the top of the list.

    Scented Litter

    Finding a litter with a scent can go either way for people on the hunt for the perfect cat litter. If you or your cat are sensitive to perfumes or perfume-like scents, be careful when investing in a litter that claims to have a specific scent. It may be too strong.

    Dust Quantity

    Dust is a significant aspect, no matter your sensitivities. Breathing in the dust from pouring, scooping, or cleaning cat litter is not a healthy thing for anyone, regardless if you have allergies or respiratory problems. Find kitty litters with low-dust formulas and preferably those that don’t use silica or sodium bentonite.

    Dust Litter
    Image Credit: Lermont51,Shutterstock (1)

    Clumping Capacity

    The speed and efficiency at which a litter clumps together helps reduce both the litter waste and the smell. When the granules bind together faster, it locks in the odor before it can work its way up and away from the box.

    Then, when you go to scoop it, you want the clumps to stick together fast. If they fall apart, it means more cleaning of the entire box because it will have left foul-smelling chunks behind.

    Cat Preference

    Don’t forget to consider your cat and their preferences in all of this, especially if you have a finicky kitty. Think about their sensitivities to smells and textures. Try to find a litter that won’t offend them, or you won’t have much luck when you want them to use it.

    Price Points

    Lastly, consider the price and the longevity of the litters you decide to try out. The longer they last, the more they are worth it.

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    With all the different products out there to try and the many different aspects to think of when you do, it can be overwhelming. The best overall product on this list, the Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Clumping Clay Cat Litter, is a great place to start your search.

    If you specifically need something to fit a budget but don’t want to take a great bathroom experience away from your cat, try Frisco Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter. Or try them both and test which one is best for you and your furry friend!

    Featured Image Credit: chatchawarn loetsupan, Pexels

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