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6 Best Cat Litters for Odor Control in Australia in 2024: Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

woman cleaning cat litter

6 Best Cat Litters for Odor Control in Australia in 2024: Reviews & Top Picks

woman cleaning cat litter Having cats means having a litter box (or two) situated in your home, and those can get smelly fast if you don’t stay on top of cleaning them out. That’s why getting cat litter with built-in odor control is a must! With odor control cat litter, your home smells fresher longer (even if you did forget to clean the litter box yesterday). But which cat litters work best for keeping smelly odors at bay?

There are plenty of cat litters to choose from in Australia, but today we’re looking at the six best cat litters for odor control. This list will give you all the details you need to make an informed decision about which cat litter to use. Plus, our Buyer’s Guide will give you a good idea of what you should be looking for in an odor control cat litter if none of the ones listed here seem right for you.

Ready to have your house smell better in no time? Then, read on!


A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Tidy Cats 24/7 Clumping Litter Tidy Cats 24/7 Clumping Litter
  • Triple protection against odours
  • Promises around-the-clock odour control
  • 99% dust-free
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Catsan Crystals Cat Litter Catsan Crystals Cat Litter
  • Lavender scent for freshness
  • Promises 4 weeks of use
  • Absorbs odours quickly
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Scoop Away Multi-Cat Scoop Away Multi-Cat
  • Prevents bacterial odours
  • Carbon for extra odour control
  • Fresh scent that’s activated by kitty paws
  • The 6 Best Cat Litters for Odor Control

    1. Tidy Cats 24/7 Clumping Litter – Best Overall

    Tidy Cats 24_7 Clumping Litter

    Weight: 35 kg
    Scent: Unscented
    Clumping: Yes

    The best cat litter for odor control in Australia is Tidy Cats 24/7 Clumping Litter, as it offers triple protection that wards off odors from urine, ammonia, and faeces. Promising to keep your home smelling fresh every hour of every day, this cat litter by Tidy Cats is perfect for households with multiple cats. And with the fast-clumping action that results in tighter clumps, cleaning out the litter box has never been easier! Tidy Cats is also 99% dust-free, so you (and your pets) can breathe easier.

    Though the cat litter is unscented, a couple of people complained that it still smelled artificial and slightly like chemicals. And one person stated the clumps fell apart when the litter box was being cleaned.

    • Triple protection against odors
    • Promises around-the-clock odor control
    • 99% dust-free
    • Litter may smell artificial
    • Clumps may break apart when cleaning

    2. Catsan Crystals Cat Litter – Best Value

    Catsan Crystals Cat Litter (1)

    Weight: 2 kg
    Scent: Lavender
    Clumping: Yes

    If you’re seeking the best cat litter for odor control for the money, look no further than Catsan Crystals. This clumping litter is made from silica gel crystals that absorb odors fast while providing a fresh lavender scent to keep your litter box and home smelling great. Each use offers up to 4 weeks of odor absorption, so you can stretch this litter out as well. It is recommended that you scoop at least once a day with this litter, though.

    When the crystals have reached max absorbency, urine will start gathering at the bottom of the cat litter tray, so you’ll have to keep an eye on that (crystals turn transparent when they’ve been maxed out on absorption).

    • Lavender scent for freshness
    • Promises 4 weeks of use
    • Absorbs odors quickly
    • Need to scoop every day
    • When crystals are maxed out, urine pools in litter box

    3. Scoop Away Multi-Cat – Premium Choice

    Scoop Away Multi-Cat (1)

    Weight: 34 kg
    Scent: Fresh
    Clumping: Yes

    This cat litter offers five times the odor control of other cat litters. How does it accomplish this? It not only eliminates urine and faeces odors but prevents bacterial odors as well. And the fresh scent of the litter is activated by your kitty’s paws each time your pet uses the litter box for further odor control. It also contains carbon to absorb even more odors, and because the litter clumps so tightly, there are no crumbles or breakaways left over to stink up the box. This is one cat litter that has you covered when it comes to foul odors!

    However, this cat litter is a bit pricier than others. It also advertises itself as low-dust, but a handful of pet owners said that wasn’t an entirely accurate description.

    • Prevents bacterial odors
    • Carbon for extra odor control
    • Fresh scent that’s activated by kitty paws
    • Pricier than other brands
    • Not as low-dust as advertised

    4. Catsan Clumping Clay Cat Litter

    Catsan Clumping Clay Cat Litter (1)

    Weight: 7 kg
    Scent: Unscented
    Clumping: Yes

    Made from Australian bentonite, this clumping clay litter from Catsan quickly absorbs moisture for fast and efficient odor control. Plus, it forms incredibly tight clumps that make cleaning out the litter box easier, which further helps ward off bad odors. And this brand claims their litter lasts longer than other clay litters, so odor control is continuous. This litter even works well in multi-cat homes!

    Some people complained that the clumping action wasn’t all that great, though, and said clumps fell apart while being scooped out. There were also a few complaints about this litter being tracked easily throughout the home, creating a mess.

    • Absorbs odor and moisture fast
    • Claims to last longer than other clay litters
    • Clumping may not be as excellent as promised
    • Easily tracked

    5. Applaws Nature’s Calling Cat Litter

    Applaws Nature's Calling Cat Litter (1)

    Weight: 6 kg
    Scent: Unscented
    Clumping: Yes

    Want a cat litter that’s excellent for odor control but is also better for the environment? Then Applaws cat litter is the pick for you. Made from walnut shell linings and fibrous materials, the components of this litter are all-natural and biodegradable. And these fibrous materials are great at absorbing urine, faeces, and ammonia odors for quick odor control. Plus, this litter clumps within 15 minutes of being used, so you can scoop out your litter box sooner rather than later, preventing odors even more.

    Unfortunately, this probably won’t be the cat litter of choice for households that contain people with nut allergies. There was also a complaint or two about the litter getting stuck to the bottom of the litter box, so watch out for that.

    • Good for environment
    • Absorbs urine, faeces, and ammonia odors
    • Clumps
    • Probably not best for those with nut allergies
    • Might stick to bottom of litter box

    6. Breeders Choice 99% Recycled Paper Cat Litter

    Breeders Choice 99% Recycled Paper Cat Litter (1)

    Weight: 2 kg
    Scent: Unscented
    Clumping: No

    This cat litter by Breeder’s Choice is also better for the environment since it’s made from recycled paper. However, it isn’t clumping, which could be a negative for some. These paper pellets are highly absorbent, though, trapping moisture and odors fast for excellent all-natural odor control. This litter also says it’s low-dust and low-tracking, so you can breathe easier while keeping your home cleaner.

    Some people did have difficulty figuring out which of the pellets to scoop from the box when cleaning it since this litter doesn’t clump. And there were comments about pellets getting stuck in pets’ paws, so keep an eye on that.

    • Better for environment
    • Super absorbent
    • Not clumping
    • Pellets can get stuck in kitty’s paws

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    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Cat Litter for Odor Control

    No matter what you’re purchasing, there are always a few components or specifications you should look for to find the best product, and odor control cat litter is no different. Here’s what to look for when trying to find the best odor control cat litter for you and your cat.

    cat in a litter box
    Image Credit: Lilia Solonari, Shutterstock

    Clumping vs. Non-Clumping

    The majority of cat litters are clumping, which certainly makes for easier clean-ups. But non-clumping cat litters can sometimes be better at odor control (though not always!). Clumping litter can sometimes break apart or crumble to pieces, making it difficult to get all the used litter out of the box. And non-clumping litter can mean you have to replace the entirety of the litter each time you clean out the litter box. You’ll need to decide whether you want convenience or not.

    Scented or Unscented

    Getting an excellent cat litter for odor control doesn’t necessarily mean you need a litter that’s scented. Unscented litters work just as well at keeping your home fresh. They may also be better for both you and your favourite feline if one or both of you are sensitive to artificial smells or chemicals. Sometimes, the scent of litter can be almost as off-putting as the litter odors you’re trying to control in the first place.

    metal scoop on cat litter
    Image Credit: Pam Walker, Shutterstock


    Bentonite is the most commonly used material in cat litter, with silica gels close behind. But if environmental friendliness is important to you, then you can find cat litters that are natural and biodegradable (such as the walnut and paper ones on this list). Some of these more environmentally friendly litters might do a bit less well at controlling odors, but many can be flushed and provide low dust and low tracking. So, it could equal out. Just remember that cats prefer litter that’s close in texture to sand or dirt, so pick a litter your pet will actually use.

    Odor Control

    Some cat litter will only contain odor control for urine and faeces, while others will also go after bacterial odors. Some might add in carbon, charcoal, or baking soda to help absorb odors better. If you’re specifically looking for a cat litter for odor control, you want to choose the litter that tackles odors from the most angles.

    cat lying beside litter box
    Image By: Svetlana Rey, Shutterstock


    If you have many cats in the house, it’s usually best to get a cat litter labelled “multi-cat”. These litters are specifically designed to handle the odors that come with more than one cat using a litter box, so will work better for you. Also, remember to have more than one litter box in your home if you have more than one cat; this, too, will help in controlling nasty odors!


    Price is always an important component of anything we buy. Luckily, cat litter comes in a wide range of prices, making it simpler to find one that fits your needs and budget.

    cat looking at crystal cat litter
    Image Credit: Axel Bueckert, Shutterstock


    It’s always smart to check out reviews from other cat parents to see how well a litter works at controlling odors. Just because a brand claims to be great at something, it doesn’t always mean it necessarily is. You can easily search reviews from other pet owners online to see how well a cat litter actually works.

    divider-catclaw1 Final Verdict

    The best overall cat litter for odor control in Australia is Tidy Cats 24/7, as it offers triple protection that lasts all day. The best value is Catsans Crystals litter as it’s a bit cheaper than other brands and promises 4 weeks of odor absorption per use. If you’re looking for a premium choice, Scoop Away Multi-Cat offers five times the odor protection of other cat litter for just a bit more cost-wise.

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