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7 Best Cat Trees in Canada in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Kathryn Copeland

Last Updated on April 19, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Savannah cat sitting on a cat tree

7 Best Cat Trees in Canada in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Savannah cat sitting on a cat tree If you’re on the hunt for a brand-new cat tree but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! We know how important a good cat tree is for our beloved felines. There’s so much to think about beyond the price: size, sturdiness, and even attractiveness.

We looked at the best cat trees available in Canada, and our reviews should help you narrow your search. We hope that reading these reviews of the best cat trees will end up with you finding just the right one for you and your cat.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favourites of 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Feandrea Cat Tree Condo Feandrea Cat Tree Condo
  • Large and sturdy
  • Has a hammock
  • Includes hanging cat toys
  • Best Value
    Second place
    AmazonBasics Cat Condo AmazonBasics Cat Condo
  • Good price
  • Two sisal posts for scratching
  • Hanging plush ball for playtime
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Vesper Cat Tree Vesper Cat Tree
  • High perch and two enclosed condos
  • Cushions made with memory foam
  • 32” long sisal post for scratching
  • Pawz Road Cat Tree Pawz Road Cat Tree
  • Sturdy
  • Large perch with soft rim
  • Long sisal covered scratching post
  • AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree
  • Several platforms
  • Multiple sisal scratching posts
  • Two plush balls for playtime
  • The 7 Best Cat Trees in Canada

    1. Feandrea Cat Tree Condo — Best Overall

    FEANDREA 59.3 Inch Cat Tree

    Colour Dark grey
    Measurements 5 x 21 x 59 inches
    Weight 3 kg

    The best overall cat tree in Canada is the Feandrea Cat Tree Condo. It’s a large and sturdy cat tree that has a hammock, two beds, two perches, and an enclosed condo. It’s in an attractive dark grey and has 10 sisal posts (with a 3.4-inch diameter) that can all work as effective scratching posts. It also has a couple of hanging toys for your cat’s entertainment. It includes fittings that can be used to prevent the cat tree from toppling (but it is sturdy enough that you might not even need these).

    However, it is on the expensive side, and while it can work well for large cats, if you have a particularly big cat, they might find this tree a little too small.

    • Large and sturdy: 59 inches high
    • Has a hammock, two beds, perches, and an enclosed condo
    • Attractive dark grey with 10 sisal posts for scratching
    • Includes hanging cat toys
    • Has fittings to help prevent toppling
    • Expensive
    • Might be too small for large cats

    2. AmazonBasics Cat Condo — Best Value

    Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower

    Colour Dark grey
    Measurements 16 x 16 x 20 inches
    Weight 4 kg

    The best cat tree in Canada for the money is the AmazonBasics Cat Condo. It isn’t exactly a cat tree because it’s only 20 inches high, but it is elevated and makes a nice bed for a cat. It’s in a dark grey plush fabric with a hammock and has two sisal posts for scratching. It also has a plush hanging ball for your cat to play with.

    Unfortunately, while it might fit large cats, it’s probably better for small to medium-sized cats. Also, the sisal rope used for the scratching posts is a little thin and might not last that long.

    • Good price
    • Dark grey plush hammock
    • Two sisal posts for scratching
    • Hanging plush ball for playtime
    • Best for small to medium cats
    • Sisal rope is a little thin

    3. Vesper Cat Tree — Premium Choice

    Vesper Cat Furniture

    Colour Walnut and white
    Measurements 25.6 x 25.6 x 40.8 inches
    Weight 23.11 kg

    The best premium choice cat tree in Canada is the Vesper Cat Tree. It has a high perch, two enclosed cube-shaped condos, and several cushions made with memory foam. The cat condos also have an entrance on two sides, so your cat will always have an escape route. This product is made with high-quality MDF that looks like real walnut. This also means it looks good and is easy to clean. The foam pads can be machine washed, and it also has balls on a string for your cat to play with. Lastly, it has a long post (about 32 inches) covered in sisal rope that is perfect for cats that like to stretch while scratching.

    On the downside, it is quite expensive and not a tall cat tree. Also, the sisal rope doesn’t always stay put after cats regularly use it as a scratching post.

    • High perch and two enclosed condos with two entrances
    • Cushions made with memory foam — can be machine washed
    • Made with MDF that looks like real walnut — easy to clean
    • Balls on a string for playing with
    • 32” long sisal post for scratching
    • Expensive
    • Not that tall
    • Sisal rope might not stay attached

    4. Pawz Road Cat Tree

    PAWZ Road Cat Tree

    Colour Light grey
    Measurements 17.7 x 19.7 x 34 inches
    Weight 11 kg

    Pawz Road’s Cat Tree is a light grey plush cat tree that isn’t very tall but makes up for it by being quite sturdy. It has a relatively large perch with a cushy rim on the top and two cube-shaped condos. It has a hanging toy and a sisal-covered long scratching post, which will work well for cats that love to stretch while scratching.

    Unfortunately, while the perch can work for large cats, the cube-shaped condos might be a bit small. Also, for some owners, it might be a little difficult to assemble.

    • Plush light grey
    • Sturdy
    • Large perch with soft rim and two cube-shaped condos
    • Long sisal covered scratching post
    • Condos too small for larger cats
    • Some might find it difficult to assemble

    5. AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree

    AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree Tower

    Colour Beige
    Measurements 24 x 19 x 56 inches
    Weight 12.93 kg

    The AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree comes in beige and has several platforms, including one with a raised lip at the top. It has multiple sisal scratching posts and a cube-shaped condo with two entrances. It also has two separate plush balls on a string for fun.

    The main disadvantage of this cat tree is the elastic string for the balls. Several cats have had that elastic become wrapped around their tails or legs and had to be rescued by their owners. You might want to not attach these balls when you purchase this tree. Some cats also might find this tree a little wobbly.

    • Several platforms, condo, and a perch on top with a raised lip
    • Multiple sisal scratching posts
    • Cube-shaped condo with two entrances
    • Two plush balls for playtime
    • Elastic string for the toy might get caught on the cat’s tail or leg
    • Might be a little wobbly

    6. Armakat Classic Cat Tree

    Armarkat Classic Cat Tree

    Colour Beige
    Measurements 36 x 32 x 74 inches
    Weight 8. 94 kg

    The Armakat Classic Cat Tree is 74 inches tall. It has five perches, two tunnels, and a dangling ball. It also has multiple scratching posts with sisal, including one that lies horizontally on the base for those cats that like to scratch at floor level. It is also easy to assemble.

    However, it is rather expensive, and it tends to be a little wobbly. Also, the carpet that covers the plywood is a little on the thin side.

    • Tall tree at 74 inches
    • Five platforms, two tunnels, dangling ball
    • Easy to assemble
    • Expensive
    • Wobbly
    • Thin carpet

    7. Feandrea Cat Tree for Large Cats

    FEANDREA Cat Tree Tower

    Colour Light grey
    Measurements 23.6 x 15.7 x 33.1 inches
    Weight 10.9 kg

    The Feandrea Cat Tree for Large Cats is a somewhat short cat tree that has a large platform on top, with a soft rim and two square cat condos. It has two sisal scratching posts, and the top platform is big enough for the large cats out there. It comes with fastenings that can be attached to a wall to add to the stability, but it’s actually quite stable without it.

    Unfortunately, while the top platform is great for large cats, the two condos are on the small side. If your cat is an enthusiastic scratcher, the sisal posts might not withstand it for too long.

    • Large platform with a rim on top and two condos
    • Top platform good for big cats
    • Stable but also comes with fastenings for extra stability
    • Two condos not big enough for a large cat
    • Sisal posts might fall apart after a while

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    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Cat Tree

    Now that you’ve had the chance to review a few cat tree options, you probably have a much better idea of what you are looking for. But before you make your final decision, look at our brief guide because as there might be other factors and considerations that you need to make.

    Size of the Cat

    The size of your cat is a significant factor. Most cat trees seem to be geared for small cats, which is definitely an oversight on the part of the manufacturers. Many cats are too large for these cat trees, so always check your cat’s measurements in comparison to the cat tree that you’re interested in. Measure your cat’s typical sleeping surface rather than the length of your cat.


    The sturdiness of your cat tree is also essential. If the cat tree feels wobbly to your cat, they won’t be likely to use it. The taller the cat tree, the more likely it will wobble, so you’ll need to look at the base. The thicker and larger the base, the sturdier it will be. Double-check that the tree comes with fasteners that can be attached to the tree and the wall, which will help prevent it from falling over. Conversely, the shorter the tree, the more stable it will be.

    chocolate spotted Australian Mist cat sitting in front of another Australian mist cat in a cat tree
    Image Credit: Atsunori Kikuchi, Shutterstock


    Are you looking at a cat tree primarily for the height and sleeping surfaces, or should it also have the right kind of scratching post? If you don’t mind having separate scratching posts, you can focus on just the size, height, and other important features. But if you want a cat tree that also has the right-sized scratching post, be sure to read the reviews. You want a strong one that can hold up for a period of time and is the right length for your cat’s size.


    Sometimes the colour of the item will impact the price, though typically not by too much. However, a specific manufacturer’s cat tree in beige will typically be cheaper than the same cat tree in dark grey or black.

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    The Feandrea Cat Tree Condo is our pick for the best overall cat tree in Canada due to its sturdiness and multiple sleeping surfaces. We chose the AmazonBasics Cat Condo as the best value for its comfy hammock and excellent price. The premium choice goes to the Vesper Cat Tree as it’s attractive and has great memory foam cushions.

    Hopefully, the combination of our reviews and buyer’s guide has helped you to pick a cat tree that your cat will thank you for!

    Feature Image Credit: AJR photo, Shutterstock

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