Havana Brown. Photography by ©Hemis | Alamy Stock Photo

13 Reasons to Meet the Heavenly Havana Brown

What is it like to live with a Havana Brown cat? Are Havana Brown cats good with kids?

If chocolate delights are what tickle your fancy, then you won’t be able to ignore the decadent Havana Brown. Luscious on the outside, smooth on the inside, she’s ready to win your heart.

1. Not quite from Havana

Havana Brown
Havana Brown. Photography by ©Nynke van Holten | Getty Images

It’s kind of a funny story: The Havana Brown actually originated in England and became a North American import back in the 1950s. Breeders crossed seal point Siamese and chocolate point Siamese with Russian Blues and domestic black shorthairs in an effort to create pure chocolates — and they succeeded. The Havana Brown is known for her rich, warm-toned coat, which leans toward tobacco brown with mahogany undertones and feels like mink.

2. What’s in a name?

According to rumor, she was dubbed the Havana Brown due to her coat color, which resembles the dressing of a fine Cuban cigar. Thus, she was named after Cuba’s capital: Havana.

3. Going for green

Emerald eyes were one of the goals when the Brits were working to create the Havana Brown. The greener, the better.

4. A lighter version

Though clearly brown based on their name, Lilac Havanas, which are pink-gray in color, exist and are known simply as Havanas. Chances are you won’t see them frequently, as they are only recognized by one organization in the United States — The International Cat Association (TICA).

5. Model looks

Prominent whisker pads give the Havana Brown a high-cheekboned look akin to that seen on models strutting on the runway. Meanwhile, those wide-set, round-tipped ears create an always-attentive look.

6. Love me!

She loves acting as your shadow and following her humans around. Not to mention her lust for human interaction. The Havana Brown requires loads of tender love and care (and high quantities of playtime) from her humans; if you can’t give her that, she’s likely not the breed for you.

Havana Brown Kittens
Havana Brown Kittens. Photography by ©Hemis | Alamy Stock Photo

7. Paw talk

The Havana Brown is crazy curious and uses her paws to investigate the environment around her. Even sweeter? She’s known for comforting her human companions by pawing them gently to show affection. Insert crying emoji face here!

8. A rare gem

The Havana Brown is one of the rarest cat breeds in the world, with less than 1,000 in existence.

9. A friend to all

While human companionship for the Havana Brown is a 100 percent necessity, fellow animal companionship isn’t as important — but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t adore it! Introduce her to a cat or dog, and she’ll be zooming around the house with them in no time.

10. A nice nap

The Havana Brown is also a big fan of napping. Her sleeping
partner of choice? Her favorite human! The question is: Will you make the cut?

11. Kid-friendly kitty

The Havana Brown is such a social gal that anyone who pays her a bit of attention will quickly win her affection — children included! Supply children with puzzle toys and treats when they play with your chocolate charmer so that her mind is stimulated (she’s a brainy one), while she receives a high dose of attention.

12. Let’s chat

Thanks to her Siamese ancestry, the Havana Brown loves to vocalize her thoughts whenever she has the chance. But be forewarned: She insists on having the last word!

13. Fun fact

The Havana Brown is often described as a Chocolate Delight by fanciers who can’t get enough of her lustrous coat color and delicious disposition!

Thumbnail: ©Hemis | Alamy Stock Photo

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