The Ragdoll Cat — All About This Fascinating Cat Breed

Why are Ragdoll cats known as “puppy cats”? How did they get their name and what is their life expectancy? Come learn more about the Ragdoll cat breed.

A Ragdoll cat.
A Ragdoll cat. Photography by Tetsu Yamazaki.

It’s easy to fall into the depths of a Ragdoll cat’s glowing, sapphirine eyes, but the real enchantment of these pointed cats with the silky medium-length coat is their gentle and affectionate personality. The Ragdoll cat has a reputation for being a lap cat par excellence, and many enjoy being carried around, cradled like a baby. Among the largest of the cat breeds, a Ragdoll’s weight ranges from 10 to 20 or more pounds, but this breed has a surprisingly small, soft voice.

People who are looking for a quiet, laid-back cat to fill their “empty nest,” travel with them in an RV or be their work-at-home companion will find the people-loving Ragdoll cat to be a good choice. Although he won’t mind snoozing the day away if you have to go off to work, he’ll want to be with you or near you when you’re at home.

Living with a Ragdoll cat

A Ragdoll cat.
Ragdoll cats love to stay at sofa level with their humans. Photography by Tetsu Yamazaki.
  1. Ragdolls like doing anything that involves being with their humans, including playing fetch, coming at a run when called and exploring the outdoors on a leash.
  2. Choose this breed if you’d like a cat who stays at ground or sofa level rather than climbing to the highest point in your home via the curtains.
  3. When it comes to grooming, the Ragdoll coat doesn’t mat easily, thanks to lack of an undercoat. Brush or comb it thoroughly a couple of times a week to keep it healthy, beautiful and tangle-free. Expect a Ragdoll cat coat to shed in spring and fall.
  4. Ragdolls who have access to an outdoor play area have been known to chase squirrels and hunt bugs. Those who go outdoors should be limited to a securely fenced area or taken out on a leash.
  5. Ragdolls do well in families with children who treat them gently. They are also known to buddy up with dogs — they are nicknamed “puppy cats” for good reason — as well as other cats.

What you should know about the breed

  1. The life span of a healthy Ragdoll cat is 15-plus years. One Ragdoll cat, named Rags, of course, lived to be 19 1⁄2 years old.
  2. Ragdolls can be prone to a common feline heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Fortunately, cats with the gene that causes the disease can be identified through a DNA test. This allows conscientious breeders to produce cats free of the condition.
  3. It’s not true that Ragdolls are resistant to pain. Like any cat, they can be hurt or feel discomfort.
  4. The best people for a Ragdoll cat will enjoy combing this cat’s gorgeous bunny-soft tresses. They adore having a cat in their lap and won’t mind constant Ragdoll supervision of their activities.

History of the Ragdoll cat

A Ragdoll cat.
The Ragdoll cat breeds traces its roots to the 1960s. Photography by Tetsu Yamazaki.
  1. The Ragdoll cat breed dates to the 1960s, when a California woman named Ann Baker bred a free-roaming white female cat with longish hair to a stray black-and-white male with white paws, or mittens. Their kittens — a solid black male, a bicolor sealpoint female and a longhaired brown male became the forebears of the Ragdolls, a name based on the cats’ tendency to loll in a lap or be carried around without resistance.
  2. The Cat Fanciers’ Association, The International Cat Association and the American Cat Fanciers Association recognize the Ragdoll.
  3. The Ragdoll cat is second only to the Exotic in popularity, according to the 2017 Cat Fanciers’ Association registration stats. In The International Cat Association, it ranks second following the Bengal.

More fun facts about the breed

  1. Ragdoll kittens are white at birth, but by the time they are 10 days old their points and patterns make an appearance.
  2. Similar to an old-style Polaroid photograph, coat color and length take time to fully develop, usually reaching peak display when the cat is 2 to 3 years old.
  3. They reach their full weight when approximately 4 years old.
  4. Ragdolls come in four patterns:
    1. Bi-color (white, plus a solid color, with both evenly distributed)
    2. Van (white with small spots of darker color at the top of the mask, on the ears and tail and occasionally on the body)
    3. Mitted (four white paws, a white chin and a white belly stripe)
    4. Colorpoint (classic pointed markings in solid, lynx, tortoiseshell or tortoiseshell and lynx, with no white on the coat).
  5. The patterns come in six colors:
    1. Seal
    2. Blue
    3. Chocolate
    4. Lilac
    5. Red
    6. Cream

Tell us: Do you have a Ragdoll cat? What do you love about this breed?

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72 thoughts on “The Ragdoll Cat — All About This Fascinating Cat Breed”

  1. My son was delivering car parts when a tiny, dirty white ball of fur walked up to him, and "asked" to be taken home. We had to wash off dirt and fleas to reveal a long, white cat with a botfly bite crater on his neck. Surgery cleaned & closed the wound, but he bit the cage coming out of anesthesia, and one incisor was removed, which gave him a permanent smirk on his face. Staff saw the orange highlights on his face and ears when we brought him back for a follow up, then declared him a Flame Tip Ragdoll ! Marvel is a very observant, precocious, sweet, temperamental, loyal, jealous, ravenous, photogenic, and demanding fur baby. He is an apex predator to his siblings, but his tabby sister Harley likes to frequently humble him into compliance. His Garfield brother gets enough of Marvel the Ragdoll on occasion to pin him down for a light bite around the neck to subdue him. It's like watching lions and tigers compare tactics in miniature. He loves his Daddy who found him, but attached to me because I'm always around after my retirement. Even though I grew up a "dog person", my wife introduced me to cats, and since then, I've become an admirer of the species in general. Our problem child Marvel may aggravate us all to some degree, but I'll always appreciate his determination, persistent affection, and short temper, wrapped all in one.

  2. I have had cats all my life. Mainly strays, then kittens became pets, to neighborhood feral colony. I brought them all home. Recently I was on a quest for a solid white cat. A friend had a gray and white tabby that birthed 4 kittens,two were white kittens. I went to pick one out and realized they had light markings on ears/face/tail. I was hoping I was getting a Ragdoll type kitten. My baby turned out to be more like the Snowshoe breed. Of course he is not from a breeder with papers, his coat pattern happened spontaneously. As an adult he has the white mitts to upper leg, black ears and tail, dark brown mask and sable/cream/light browns back blanket and blue eyes. Coat is short to medium length and silky. He is one of the best indoor cats I’ve ever had. The snowshoe and ragdoll have a similar background in development.

  3. Dennekka Sullivan

    I have a ragdoll cross who is all things mention and loves water. Markings are those of a tabby but loves cuddles and will let my niece pick her up and cuddle anything. She's about 3year old atm

  4. The Ragdoll cat is a large, long-haired breed that is known for its docile and affectionate temperament. This breed originated in England during the 1960s when Ann Baker began to selectively breed cats with blue eyes.

  5. I inherited a Ragdoll from my niece who is critically ill and could not take care of him anymore. He has a Garfield personality and we have had and are still having some challenges with behavior. Altjough he has scrath posts and boxes he prefers my $1600 rug. I also could not find a litter box big enough so he is using a large 7″ high storage container. He does like to climb and after some internet browsing I found a very large sturdy cat tower with a large enough top that accommodates him safely. He loves to play ball and has thrown it over 20′ across the room. Otherwise he prefers dog tug of war toys and has a couple of stuffed toy friends. He is beautiful and can be sweet sometimes. I really shouldn’t complain because he has pulled me out of sleep more than a few times when my sugar levels fell to 60 and lower. We are definitely a work in progress.

  6. 6 years ago, a chocolate ragdoll came into our lives, and we are constantly talking about him everyday. He is NOTHING like any cat we have had prior. We are NOT cat people, as one would know a cat person to be ( we both had cats for our children). But he had made us a ‘Bali’ person. Bali came to us with a Snowshoe, Panda, who was a truly spastic, wired and crazy kitten, and it was at that point we saw how unique Bali was. Both were about 12-14 weeks, but Bali was light years away in maturity, constantly reprimanding and ‘swatting’ Panda when she would either bounce off the furniture and walls, or if she ‘failed’ to cover the potty, he would smack her, and cover it himself. He LOVES to be held, but in the most weird of positions. He loves flat on his back in your arms, or upside down and being tossed a bit…I kid you not. He is the loudest purr-er we have ever heard of, he growls just like a dog at strangers…really, he does! He understands words and obeys better than a lot of kids. And so far, the ONLY thing that phases him, is the sound of foil being torn from the roll. He lays at your feet to sleep, unless you give him permission to sit alongside you in the chair, he takes walks with us, and talks up a fierce storm when one gets home from work. We are not cat people, but we adore our dog type cat who is a gorgeous mountain of silky chocolate fur and big green eyes. Sweet, mostly quiet ( except when he has something to say when you come home ), extremely clean and odorless friend. If you own one, you know. If you don’t, get one. Know that each one is unique and special, and no two cats of this breed are alike in traits. They will adapt to your needs, as long as you treat them well. They are extraordinary in sensitivity. They do not like solitude. They WANT to be around their human, and usually only one or two people. They adapt to families, but with a favorite. Bali reaches out and pats our face, arm, hand, and keeps it there. He stares at us for long periods of time, and you sense his love. Personally, I can’t say enough sweet, soft, and good things to say about the breed. And I really am not a cat person…just a ‘Bali’ person. lol…sorry for the novel!

  7. Well, I ended up with my Novio when the sketchy neighbors left him behind????. Sad that people could do that. I could tell they neglected him, left him alone for long periods, inside and out, and were probably pretty grabby with him (cats like to come to you on their terms, not be swooped up)
    Well, I was in love with this boy from the moment i set eyes on him outside! He would rub up next to me all lovey, and I just thought “hes mine!” Poor guys was covered in stickers, and it broke my heart. I thought he had a skin condition because he had so many scabs, but it was just being out in the brush for days at a time. I felt so sorry for him because I know they had to be painful.
    When the neighbors never came back, I was thrilled to have him.. I knew I needed to keep him in until he understood this was home. I have an indoor outdoor female kitty, and he liked coming in, but keeping him in was a real challenge! I have NEVER heard a cat meow as LOUD as he did!! And I’ve had some loud talkers!
    (My guess is that he could never get anyone’s attention)
    I thought for sure I was going to have to take him to a groomer for the stickers, but little by little, I would gently cut a few out while petting him, which he loved, and i eventually got them all out!
    Happy to say, a year later, he’s probably doubled in size, has a beautiful dark tan coat with an adorable dark seal point face and ears. I got him fixed and shots, and he loves his new home. He’s rarely out of sight. He and my dog are like the men of the house, and he lounges around me, wherever I go. He loves to be held, which my other cats never did, but he’s not a lapcat– yet. And he’s the fist cat I’ve had that doesn’t purr!! A couple of faint times, but he does kind of a whistle instead, lol.
    The biggest difference? That great big meow is now down to barely a whisper! Its cute cuz he knows he’s my Novio (boyfriend in spanish) and that I’m at his beck and call anytime to love and care for him.

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  10. My sister has been telling me about how bad she wants to have a ragdoll white kitten. That’s why I would like to buy a cute kitten for her upcoming birthday. Surprisingly, this type of cat prefers staying in sofas or ground rather than climbing to the highest area of my house.

  11. Our last ragdoll died at the age of 19+. Probably had cancer in his head or something… He had a good life, hr stayed indoors. Was very loving and calm cat :)

  12. I guess my boy doesn’t follow the norm because he doesn’t act like what you’re describing. I have papers, but like I say, a Rag on paper, not on temperament. I am so disappointed because I paid good money for everything you described and he’s nothing like it. :( But I love him regardless.

    1. We have a Ragdoll that will be 2 next month. He also doesn’t follow the norm. Not a lap cat, doesn’t like to be picked up or held, and not cuddly. He is so cute and I so want to hold him or have him sit on my lap, but he’s not into it at all. He pretty much follows me around the house though, which is a plus. We have a friend that brings his small dog to our house – trying to socialize him, but he just humps up in attack mode and growls (actually kink of funny to watch). I’m hoping when he gets a little older he might do better, still just a baby I guess. Please, if anyone has some tips to offer I would love to hear them.

      1. I have a 7 year old bicolor sealpoint ragdoll. When he was a kitten he did not act any different than any other kitten but as he grew older you could see he fits this description 99% reason for that number is because mine talks a lot, seems like i trained him to talk back without realizing because i talk to him all the time. My kitty is obsessed with me and and i am with him. So just keep bonding and wait until he grows up. Kittens love to play.

      2. Our ragdoll was also not a lap cat when he was younger. Now that he’s 8 he is finally starting to become more of a lap cat or maybe better described as a sit beside you on the couch cat. But everything has to be on his terms. However if you get the brush out he’ll love you forever.

      3. Dont count on it.
        Our rag doll female never would allow us to hold her.. Or would not dream of lap sitting. She does follow us around and is vterritorial and intolerante of any other animales in her space.

        1. My rag doll is exactly as described, she likes to be held like a baby and sleeps like that while being held loves our yorkie she enters her kennel to sleep with her. If my kids go out to play and leave her inside she cry’s. Like a dog waiting at the door when I get home and when I make coffee breakfast she sits at the kitchen island on the chair and watches me. She often comes to see us in the morning as soon as she hears voices.

      4. We have one and she Was like that for a long time. “Not a lap cat, doesn’t like to be picked up or held, and not cuddly. He is so cute and I so want to hold him or have him sit on my lap, but he’s not into it at all.“
        But after 3.5-4 years she started to jump on your lap and wants sit on and lays down next to you at Night.

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  14. I lost my baby boy..Pumpkin..almost 3 weeks ago and this is the worst hurt i have ever felt. I had a beautiful Himalaya n named took me 21/2 years to get over her. God put Pumpkin in my life for 4 years..angel..5 years. We had to send both of them to Heaven. The pain truly gets to be overwhelming..i dont know to get another one..both of my babies were snugglers..just sweet and precious. If anyone can help my heart feel better..i would love to hear.


      I know that you loved your cats individually just as much as if they were your own children. I love animals and have 2 children but I really am so very close to our animals it is heartbreaking when any have died. I believe god gave me my sons and also chose our pets for us, and indeed they were a unique individual in our family. I also believe that our pets will be in heaven with us and you can read about this from people life and death experiences. The thing I have noticed is that just like Hannah in the Bible, God added other children when she had to give Samuel up to be raised in the temple, God gave her more children. the thing is you miss your pets but they have gone on before,you, I am sure you have heared of or seen miracles even in animals health. There may be a pet who really needs you to open up and love them, as they love you. I will pray for you. Our cat went missing at Christmas, another was killed last year. I could see the dog grieving and thought my teenage boys(boys love cats) needed something else to love. I the most unusual way we now have a ragdoll cross several months old kitten , and he has won my heart. yes I thought no more pain but the fact is just as there are babies unwanted and unloved there are pets also. A lady told me it is good our cats crossed as he does not sleep all the time, but he really is a snulggler and he is swet like a puppy and maybe because he a boy sooky. god bless DEBORAH AUSTRALIA

  15. I have two beautiful mixed ragdolls by coincidence. I was so lucky that the two kitties I was adopting turned out to be such a wonderful breed. I have a pair of siblings, a boy and a girl and they are the joy in my life. Lap cats for sure, no allergy issues, loving, quiet and fluffy, at 14 and 12 lbs it is obvious they are mixed but they are not only gorgeous but adorable. Their personalities are fantastic, I bathe them oncel every two months or so and they sleep by my feet or under the blanket every night. They make me super happy and if you’re consedierong getting one, do. adopt don’t shop

  16. Hi,
    My sister has a Ragdoll. Her name is “Noni” ,she’s a beautiful 20 lb,20 year old with four white paws, white under the chin,belly,and a diamond on her forehead! Her cute voice never gets irritating, it gives you that feeling that you want to pick her up and hold her! She’ll sit next to her feeding plate for hours and wait patiently for her meal. I love her,but there are sometimes when I fear that I’m going to step on her because she will come up behind me while I’m doing something, and lay down! Lol! She is a joy to be sure, I’m going to miss her very much when she’s gone. Like I said, she’s 20 years old and has outlived many a feline. I think the reason she holds on, is, all the love we give her. That is important in their lifes longevity!

  17. Aloha, I got a small kitten from the Humane Society 5 years ago. I never would have imagined he would grow so big to end up 22 lbs. they say he’s Maine Coon mic but now I’m thinking he’s probably Ragdoll. My family thinks he’s fat but he does not over eat. He had a trauma, besides the back and forth at birth to foster care and HS. They roofed my house and the generators were so loud, I was at work, he developed this urinary problem, twice he got it. So vet put him on Prozac. It did take his fear away but all in all he’s a beautiful cat. Only loves mommy. Need to get him off prozac. Where can I send a picture so someone might know his mixed breed? I would be so thankful. Thank you, Carrie

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  19. We purchased our Ragdoll a year ago and can’t imagine our lives without her now. She’s so friendly and people focused. My husband works from home and they literally spend 24/7 with one another, including sleeping together. She is very routine focused and if we’re late going to bed, she waits for us at the door to our room. She’s hypoallergenic as well. My mother stayed with us for 6 weeks and although she has a sever allergy to cats, she never reacted to our cat. When she went home, she purchased her own Ragdoll within a week. This isn’t to say that there can still be people who react to this breed but the lack of undercoat probably helps a ton.
    We have noticed that she does shed more than we thought she would but it seems it’s more extreme in spring and fall. Super soft coat and amazing blue eyes that seem to talk to you when she wants something. Very vocal cat as well and has to be where everyone is.
    This breed is definitely meant to be indoor cats (all cats should be if it were up to me) as these cats are very trusting and seem a little ignorant to the ways of the world. They’d likely stand in the middle of the road and not know to get out of the way of a fast moving car.
    We’ll definitely be Ragdoll owners for many many years.

    1. Hi there! I must agree with you! Our Ragdoll spends all the time with us, he sleeps with us, he goes everywhere where we go. We love him sooo much! We used to be allergic to cats in the past, but we do not react to this cat at all. And the best thing – he loves hugs :-)

  20. I have a question… are ragdoll cats considered “high maintenance” or no? And can they live in small spaces? Not as small as an apartment, maybe a little bigger, but smaller than a two-story house? I’m trying to find out all the details on these cats from real owners…

    I live in a “somewhat” small house. Do these cats need a lot of space, and do they need other cats?

    1. Hi Laura

      I am a proud owner of a stunning bicolor ragdoll. She is honestly my bundle of joy. Although I have a small apartment my ragdoll doesn’t seem to mind. She does enjoy some time outside provided I’m by her side. Regarding high maintenance – you will need to provide a good brand of food for your ragdoll, this ensures that she gets all her nutrients resulting in the most beautiful fur coat. My ragdoll is my shadow, she follows me EVERYWHERE and requires constant love and affection!

    2. Hi- my husband and I have a Ragdoll and also a Maine Coon cross. We live in a 2 bedroom apt, our cats adapted to this, quite naturally. They enjoy 2 “cat trees” for climbing and scratching. We keep many toys around because they enjoy spontaneous playtime. The Ragdoll, true to breed, follows me into whatever room I’m in. They love attention and get along well together. The Ragdoll we acquired as a 3 month old and the Maine Coon cross we adopted first, as a 6-7 yr old. I think she considered the Ragdoll to be her baby , but lately there has been some role reversal. They are 5yrs and 11-12 years old now. Best of luck-very low maintanence-brush them both daily, so not shedding too much .

    3. Jennifer McMahan

      I have 3
      Ragdoll now.. And they are the only cat I’ll ever own from here out…their easy to keep and Love their people. My breeder says their like potatoe chips, cant have just I’ve had 3 in the last 20 years

  21. LunaWolvesN’Cats

    I have a 9 year old rag doll and all this information…

    Is FALSE
    He sheds all the time, everywhere
    He jumps on the highest places in my house
    He scratched me on the right foot when I was 3
    He only comes to me when I say ‘I’ll give you food!’

    But my mum treats him too rough, poor mojo… :(

    1. meh to lazy to put my name here

      i have a 4 year old ragdoll is coat is different then other ragdolls. but he fits what you say he only sheds in spring or fall and comes when i call him. he dosent go very high.

    1. Look around your neighborhood. I have two beautiful rag doll little girls. They are now three months old and wonderful! I got them from my yard! I rescued four others from my yard that I took to the aspca! But these two followed me around my property since their eyes were open and they could walk!
      I do believe it has come to an end with the rag dolls, the barn cats have moved in to little black and white or all black.

      1. I wood like to know wood my 2 year old rag doll go if I got a baby rag doll it will be a mail and 7 weeks old but I don’t won’t to upset mt 2;year old can some one please help me

  22. I have a 1 year old Ragdoll named Milo. He is a chocolate bicoulour with a big foofy tail. I got him to help with my depression and panic attacks and he has helped tremendously. I can no longer imagine life without him.

  23. I’ve just brought a. Ragdoll kitten 9weeks old . got her back to mine let her out in my living room . she bolted off to hide .I can’t get her to come out .she not eaten or used litter tray she bin there a day and night .help what do I do ?

    1. Be patient. She will come out. You just need to go slow with this one. I would put her carrier next to where she is with a blanket in it and maybe she will find a safe spot there.

    2. I agree my 9 yr old Rag doll is very shy and scared of everything at first but after she doesn’t care and relaxes. Be patient they are amazing animals.

  24. I own a Ragdoll cat since 4 years now. I have heard a lot of people say, as is written on fora, that you better not let your Ragdoll outside or limited to a secured area.

    I never believed in ‘indoor cats’ and felt kind of sad to keep them emprisoned indoors, even knowing they are bred for specific purposes. I decided to let my Ragdoll roam free wherever & whenever he wants without supervision.

    Up until now nothing has happened, but a few ticks to remove. He befriended the neighbours former wild cat, learned a few tricks from each other. During spring/summer he is considerably more outside and only comes home to eat/sleep. During autumn/winter he prefers to be indoors and needs more social contact.

    He always comes home, is happy, healthy and relaxed (even at the vet’s).
    I prefer it like this instead of my Ragdoll becoming frustrated and unhappy indoors. In short, I believe he is having amazing outside days for an ‘indoor’-bred cat.

    1. Ragdolls are generally not an aggressive cat, and if any animal gets ahold of them, they don’t know how to fight. Being outside so much of the time, he will not live a good long life.

  25. I have had my rag doll cat since a kitten. she asks just like a dog. She greets you at the door and awakes me every a.m. early to be petted. She has always used her litter box. within the last few months she begged to be out side. I used to use a leash cause i didnt want her to runoff. Now she stays on the porch and right near the house. I only let her out when I am home . The other day I saw her poop in the yard I was surprised but said nothing. Thats fine. But saturday I cleaned her litter box . The monthly clean and wash . I didnt have a lot of litter for her and to late to go to store till next a.m. For the first time in she pooped in the guest bedroom in corner where my 2 year old grandson naps when he is over . I felt it had to do with the litter box so I got more next day. And she got in litter box when i put extra in . Now 2 days later she pooped in my husbands office very large . I dont knoiw why the change . My husband will not stand for this . Any subgestions ??

    1. You should NEVER use a spray bottle or a squirt gun on your cat! When you use this tactic you’re only teaching your cat to fear you! Instead try changing the litter to a texture or substance she would like better such as sand. Once she finds a litter she likes, she’ll go in it. If this doesn’t work, take her to the vet because she might have bowel problems.

  26. I found a squirt gun works better than a spray bottle. You can find them at any $1.00 store. W/a spray bottle you have to pump it a couple of times for it to work. The squirt gun responds on demand. All my two cats need is for me to point the gun at them and they run.
    Remember to empty the water regularly or the gun will mold. Now that they are older (3 & 5) I almost never use it any more. But I keep it on the kitchen counter. Good luck. MARG…

  27. I have a beautiful cat that fits the description of a ragdoll and looks like the pictures of them I got her from a family that said they got her at our local homeless pet place. She is beautiful; 4 white paws, silky coat, beautiful blue eyes, and a scarelessly audible purr. She follows me everywhere. Unfortunately she will run at me and bite me several times a week. I can’t figure out why. She gets a little antsy and I can see it coming and I close her out of my work rooms. But I love to have her around and so she manages to sneak a bite. She does love to play with a feather on a string, but frankly it wears me out quickly. Her bites draw blood and I treat the bite. No infections for me. It is a quick little bite and she runs away because she know I will either spray her or rattle my noise bottle.
    I sure wish I could stop her from this. Any clues?

    1. This isn’t real aggression, it’s PLAY aggression. Your cat is an energetic balloon, and if you don’t let that excitement out she’ll pop! By this I mean that if you don’t play with her on the daily basis when you come home, she’ll simply use all of that bottled up energy on you in a ‘playful’ manner in the form of a quick little bite or scratch. Next time when you come home, grab a laser pointer and let her chase it around for 5-10 minutes a day and she’ll be your little angle for the rest of the day.

    2. Our cat behaves the same way when he doesn’t get enough attention or has been cooped up inside too long. It’s definitely play based and can be easily managed as Rainbow_Littie says. My husband insists on giving our cat a solid 10 mins of being held upside down back rubs and pats and active love first thing in the morning. If, for any reason, this is missed, we certainly pay the price in cat nips. The other thing that can set him off very occasionally if is if he is over handled by too many unfamiliar visitors in a short space of time. This seems defensive so he can get away. My son’s strategy for when Casper gets too playful is to immediately put the cat on his shoulder and carry him around. The distraction of the new view together with the human bond seems to work a treat.

  28. My mink coat ragdoll is the most beautiful cat among three but she knows it she does not like to be held will hardly let you pet her and is very aloof I adore her because she’s very intelligent and follows me everywhere but I miss having an affectionate cat

    1. Hey, can someone answer the ques. About this breed not like being held etc not affectionate. However, does follow her from room to room. I have same problem, also she doesn’t purr. I also miss the affection my persian gave me. Please help. Why is she like this?

  29. I purchased a Ragdoll at 8 weeks old. He is just beautiful with an actual white mustache. So cool! I already had a 5 yr old Tuxedo cat, medium length fur. I thought maybe a friend for her as we had just lost our Siamese. Well, they do not get along. He is always wanting to play and jump on her back. (yes, he is neutered and she spayed) He is a big size cat and very smart. He even blocks the stairs when she wants to go up or down. She is not a happy cat anymore and I feel terrible for her. Will he outgrow this? He is now 1-1/2 yrs old. I am almost ready to get rid of him. What should I do?

  30. I fostered a Sealpoint Ragdoll from the age of 17. He lived to be 21 until he succumbed to kidney disease. A wonderful boy who was Best friends with all my other cats. My Bombay still mourns him after seven months.

  31. I have a cat, pretty sure she is a tabby, since she has tabby markings, but she has the personality of a ragdoll cat. She prefers low and medium heights to the tallest heights she could climb, is the most tolerant cat (once someone held her by supporting her paws and letting her feet and body dangle, and she didn’t mind. She is a shadow;will follow you anywhere. The facts on this could be a perfect description of my cat, Socks, if it wasn’t for the fact she looks like a maine coon x tabby mix. Could she be part ragdoll?

  32. I bought my ragdoll as a kitten from a reputable breeder. He is now a 15 1/2 year old senior cat. He is so soft and beautiful and the best pet I ever had. He is an indoor cat and loves being with his people. When he crosses the Rainbow Bridge, I will definitely get another ragdoll kitty….maybe two next time.

  33. We had a beautiful rag doll and as a kitten we trained him to go on a leash as we wintered in Florida. While walking him around our hayfield on leash, he stuck his paw down a small hole and pulled out a chipmunk. We were all shocked. Another time while walking Beau along the driveway he jumped up into the air and snagged a humming bird. I got it away from him. These events were hints as to what was coming. While in Florida he discovered lizards, bugs etc. and became so upset that we wouldn’t let him off leash to hunt he licked all the fur off his tummy. When we got home and took him to the vet , he told us that Beau had a highly developed hunting instinct and that we could make him miserable by keeping him indoors or let him out to go hunting. We opted to let him out. He became an amazing hunter—completely self taught—and since we live in the country he caught mice, , voles and even a weasel! He ate his prey after bringing it home to show us and he was very proud. We never left him out at night and he was with us for 12 1/2 years. He just disappeared and we will never know what happened. We still miss him but he had a happy life. While breeders tell you that a cat has specific tendencies, there is always the exception.

  34. that is so great, cats are very smart,,, how long do the rag dolls live??? I would love to have one my self, I would like to rescue cats,, , I had a maincoon adopted .. was my best friend,, so very smart, brain cancer took her,,, hurts..

    1. I have 2 Ragdolls Both came from breeders. I got my female when she was 2 1/2 years old (as a retired breeder. This is a good option if you do not want a kitten) I got my male as a kitten (3 months) and he “picked ” me! I had gone to the breeders for a ” look see” to check out 2 male kittens. Korey walked up my arm and perched himself on my shoulder. The decision was made. I worried about introducing him to Kaylie (now 3 yrs old) but she took the decision out of my hands
      On night two, she woke me up and insisted I go downstairs with her. The poor kitten was calling her and when I opened the door, she ran in and consoled him. She still mothers him. Good luck on your quest. I would never get another cat that wasn’t a Ragdoll.

    2. to bethy, my vet tells me that ragdolls are a breed that can outlive many other catbreeds we’ve found our crystal is great for friends with allergies as being a crossbreed her fur is still think and soft but shorter than a purebred ragdoll and she molts a little all year round I agree with other comments that I would get another ragdoll as they have such a unique personality that they are not as independent and stand offish as other cats crystal craves attention and is like an old mother hen fussing over not only us (her humans) but also our 2 Bengal cross males Puss Puss is 3yo & simba is 6 mths & crystal mothers them as well
      she can at times be very like a snobby diva but is always there when we need her
      just be careful with them being outside as they have a curiosity to the point that they don’t understand danger also they love water
      we have the 2 breeds that love water- bengals and ragdolls lol
      crystal has had showers with us since she was a kitten & if we bath her it has to be running water so she thinks its a shower and the water temp has to be just right so she wont fuss she also is obsessed with her brush & we had to get a dog brush as the cat ones were too small she will drag it to us and is happy to sit for hours on a lap to be brushed and patted ragdolls are extremely patient and can be very chatty & love to communicate with their family we found so be prepared to have your cat want to “train” you as they believe they are more intelligent than humans and know what they want so will annoy you and not shut up til they get it they are playful ( our cats play fetch with us like a dog) and affectionate but can be a one human cat similar to dogs and can get upset about other animals or humans getting attention over them
      I highly recommend a ragdoll or Bengal as they are intelligent, patient, playful but so gentle affectionate and loving the best and most loyal companion and friend you could ever have
      they are also great for autistic kids and elderly people as they are so patient and we have found our 3 to be wonderful therapy animals as they are so intuitive and connected to their humans on a spiritual/instive level and can read your body language etc to understand whats happening
      I cant recommend another breed more highly than the 2 breeds we have

  35. we have a ragdoll x birman 6yo girl and she was the best Christmas present I ever got my kids (now 15-24)
    I went to a reputable breeder in our area and bought her as id researched they were a great breed as therapy aimals & my now 16yo son has severe anxiety and aspergers plus I have depression & PTSD for 3 years
    Crystal is so intuitive that she knows 2 days before we show symptoms when we are coming down sick plus can sense when we are feeling emotionally/mentally anxious or upset & will become like a nurse or motherhen personality fussing around us
    she has helped my son to stop having panic attacks as she senses his anxiety & sits with him to calm him
    my 15yo daughter has coeliac disease & I suffer with colitis & when we get severe pain crystal knows & will stay to comfort us gently curled up against us
    She does have a bit of a diva attitude at times which I think is the birman side but is the most loving and intelligent cat ive ever owned in my 46 years
    she is like our guardian angel & we feel so blessed she chose us to be her family

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