Photography by: Casey Elise Photography
Photography by: Casey Elise Photography

Make Mealtime Fun for Cats

In this article we bring you some of the best food toys and puzzles to keep your cat physically and mentally active.


It might be time to consider some enrichment when it comes to how you feed your cat. Cats are hardwired to hunt for prey, keeping them active both mentally and physically, but indoor cats typically have meals either served to them on a regular schedule, or they have access to food 24/7 with little activity involved. Outdoors, cats would eat multiple small meals throughout the day, and they would have to work for each one. With a little creativity, you can introduce some fun and games to your cat’s mealtime, helping to activate her brain and trim her waistline.

What’s in there?

Cats like to stick paws into small spaces or under things. They have a natural instinct to reach into cracks and crevices where small prey might be hiding. Outside, this could be under a rock or in a hollowed-out tree trunk. Inside, simulate this experience with puzzle toys or slow feeders that have compartments and small openings. Simply fill the feeder with a small portion of food or treats, and watch your cat reach in to claim the prize.

SlimCat Interactive  Cat Feeder from PetSafe;
SlimCat Interactive Cat Feeder from PetSafe;
Tiger Diner from  Pioneer Pet;
Tiger Diner from Pioneer Pet;

Time to play!

Another option to get kitty moving for her meal is to use a treat/food dispenser — smaller toys filled with food or treats. When cats play with the toy, batting it around or tossing it in the air as they would do with their prey, the food falls out a few pieces at a time as a reward. Most dispenser toys allow you to adjust the number and size of openings so you can set the difficulty level for your cat. Larger dispenser toys can be filled with a bigger portion of food to accommodate multiple cats. Smaller treat dispensers can be filled and hidden around the house so kitty will need to hunt to find her food.

Thin Kat Feeder from Aïkiou;
Thin Kat Feeder from Aïkiou;
Intellikat from BeOneBreed;
Intellikat from BeOneBreed;

Smarter than the average cat

Has your cat mastered basic puzzle toys and treat dispensers? Up the ante and give her a bigger challenge. Maybe she needs a more complicated puzzle toy, something with multiple compartments or parts she has to move to access the food. These toys engage a cat’s sense of curiosity and require the most work for the payoff. You can easily make your own food puzzle toys.

Food Tree from Catit;
Food Tree from Catit;
Indoor Hunting Feeder from Doc & Phoebe’s;
Indoor Hunting Feeder from Doc & Phoebe’s;

About the author:

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    I have a rescued cat who loves to play. I am considerable buying the above for a present.

    1. He will love it. My rescue cat has lots of interactive feeders now, I rotate them so he doesn’t t get bored with one, or it gets too easy for him. They even go to Cattery with him to make him feel more at home. He really enjoys the challenge of working for his food and treats. And watching him amuses us too. You won’t regret the decision to enrich your cats life with one of these. Be patient at first though… it may take a short while to get the hang of it.

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  4. Hi! We are so happy you used a photo of our handsome boy, Pumpkin (very top image)! Could you please do a minor update to the article and credit: Stray Cat Alliance AND he is up for adoption! Thank you so much for writing fun articles!

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