You Guys, We Moved Back Into My Old House! And OMG How Hot Is My Next Door Neighbor?


Thanks God it’s FURday, and it’s time fur my column!

Guess what? We moved out from grandma’s! We are finally in our home. This is the furst home I ever had, and I TOTALLY remember the house like it was yesterday. When we lived here I didn’t have a scratching post so I used to scratch in this exact corner. Fur reals! I can still smell my scent.

I have so many memories in this house. I learned so many tricks right here. I remember that nobody believed my momma that I was learning stuff, she only knew that I was SUPERMEGASPECIAL. Want to see a video? I was about 6 months old, and excuse my momma, she talks super loud, maybe she thought I was deaf or something! I know, I was too cute fur words!

OMG guys, I almost fainted when I got reunited with my old closet. My momma designed it, and if you ask me, the doors need to be wider!

Also my neighbor Alex stopped by to say hi. His little brother was my kitty sitter. I posted this picture in my Facebook fan page and all the girls got wild ÔǪ I’m super confused because my other posts never got this much ATTENTIONS! Who is the cutest one here? ME! Just pointing out the obvious FUR REALS!

Anyways I spend my last Tutu Tuesday at grandma’s opening more purrday purrsents. I got this PAWsome gift from my fanfurriend Jayne and furchilds Mario and Chloe! Every single thing in the box is soooo thoughtful and PURRfect, thanks soooooo much guys. They even sent something fur my momma, fur be honest I almost hide it to tell her it was from me fur her coming purrday — but I couldn’t do it, DAMN you conscience! My fanfurriends live in Cleveland, Ohio, and I wonder how they maintain their fur-do with such a humid weather.

Holy kittens, guys! My furriend Savanah and Dubya sent me a MEGAULTRACUTE package. I didn’t want to open it. Just pose next to it all day FUR REALS!

LOVE EVERYTHING! OMG my furrst pair of jeans! The bows are to die fur, the card is too cute, and I can’t wait to wear all the stuffs. (Note to myself: Buy a cowgirl hat fur that Texas shirt.)

I also got the package from Posh Puppy Boutique that my furriends Anna, Martina-Rose, Jayne, Linda, Jake & Elwood, Lynn, Dennia, Kelly, and Ann Marie sent me fur my purrday!! How SUPERULTRASWEET are they to get together to buy me a purrfect gift? Awww my heart melt! They sent me a tutu and that is tutu PURRFECT with a sparkly bow and a Louisdog dress. I DIE fur that brand!

Then we went home and I opened two more purrsents, don’t hate me because I’m superlucky! Thanks so much to my furriend Wendy and furrchilds Hershey and Puff the magic kitty. I can’t wait to rock those outfits! The sign on shirt is SOOO RIGHT! Love when fashion has humor on it.

Finally I opened a purrsent from my furriend Donny, Rudy, Phoebe, and Momma Marcia! Donny has been sick lately so I’m super grateful they had time to send me this megaPAWsome card and catnip mouse that her momma makes! He said that her name is Sparkle. Isn’t that darling? His momma Marcia Van Osten has a shop at Etsy. You guys have to take a look, she makes the cutest mouses ever!

Honestly I need to learn to handle catnip responsibly …

You know, fur a model it’s always challenging to work in different locations. Even when I lived in that house when I was a kitten, it was hard to FOCUS.

I’m a PRO and I always manage to pull things off!

We are done fur this week, guys. I hope you enjoyed the column. You better be following me already on Facebook and Twitter fur daily updates and of course here on Catster. Did you hear that I was Cat of the Week here? Of course, in my mind I’M ALWAYS Cat of the Week LOL.

Don’t FURget to check out my Persians in need in your area.

Have a great weekend guys and take care!



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