Tabby Tuesday: Arts and Crafts Edition


Are you a tabby lover? I am! And not just because my handsome son, Pimp, is handsome tabby either. Some people think tabbies are just “ordinary” looking cats, but I say they are pretty and full of personality!

If your a tabby cat lover, some of these fun tabby items might just be for you!

Brown Tabby Suncatcher from livingglassart

Paisley Moon Cat Print from AliceinParis

Cat Hand-Painted Pebble Ring from ShebboDesign

Happy Tabby Cats Watercolor from elisatta

Sleepy Tabby Cats Pinback Buttons from hklinger

Beige Tabby Kitteh Plate from bogshaunproductions

Steampunk Gray Tabby Cat from freeheart1

Graceful Tabby Portrait from TanyaBond

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