Spring Fever Can Prove Fatal to Cats


As the weather warms up, everyone wants to be outdoors, including your cats. However, springtime is the season when cats are most vulnerable to predation.

The predators most likely to be a threat to your cats include cougars, bobcats, foxes, owls, eagles, hawks and coyotes. Later in the Spring, they’re also more likely to be sprayed by skunks when protective new mothers have their skunkettes in tow.

Warm Weather Workarounds

This doesn’t mean that you can’t let your cat enjoy the sunshine. Here are 6 alternatives that will keep your cat safe while she enjoys Spring:

  1. Erect cat fencing in your backyard. It will keep your cat out of harm’s way from all but flying predators. If you live in an area with a large eagle, hawk or owl population, consider limiting your cat to supervised outdoor visits.
  2. Leash-train your cat. It’s much easier if you start when your cat is young. Puppia Soft Harness and harness clothing tend to work the best for cats. Cats can’t wriggle out and they are less cumbersome to wear. We have 10 tips for harness training your cat here.
  3. Consider an outdoor enclosure for your cat like a Kritter Kondo.

  4. If you have single or double-hung windows, a cat veranda
    or windowbox/solarium is a purrfect way to provide your cat with a taste of the outdoors while remaining safe indoors. We’ve had several of these over the years, and the cats LOVE them. Installation is a snap.
  5. Did someone say “Catio”? Check out catiodesigns.com and catioshowcase.com for more info, including plans.
  6. A cat stroller can give your cat a taste of the outdoors within the safe confines of a stroller. Check out The Cat’s Meow’s series on pet strollers for more info.

[PHOTO CREDIT (top): Ani Carrington]

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