Stinky Poo? The Solution: NOse Offense Product Review


Sometimes it hits me right when I walk in the door after a long day after the office. Sometimes it’s just after I wake up, right when I’m about to turn on my coffee pot for my much-needed morning brew. And sometimes it hits me in the middle of the day, at no specific time, but usually at precisely the moment when I’d least like it to.

One of the cats dropped a stink bomb in the litter box. The smell. The smell!

Anyone with cats knows what I’m talking about. How those tiny, cute, purring, snuggly things can produce something so offensive has always been beyond me, and I consider my two boys consummate professionals. Their timing is also impeccable.

If I smell it, I scoop it ASAP (I don’t want lingering poo in the air!), but that’s still not enough. The damage is done. The stink bomb has already been detonated, and only time will heal my nostrils.

But, wait! There’s good news! Someone actually created a product that gets rid of the icky smell. And it’s not air freshener that just covers up the stink with some “flowery” smell that smells just as bad (and is probably more toxic that your kitty’s stink bomb, really). It’s called NOse Offense for Pets, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever tried before.

It’s a non-aerosol product that you spray into the air — — and it somehow miraculously just gets rid of the smell. It’s actually odorless — no stink, no overpoweringly icky air freshener scent. And best of all, it’s totally green and nontoxic, so you don’t have to worry about the fumes harming you or your cats.

I didn’t believe it until I tried it, but NOse Offense seriously works. My two cats can unleash the most furious fury in their litter boxes, and I just waltz in, spritz a couple sprays of this stuff into the air, give it a few seconds and then breathe easy.

The molecules in the spray find the stink molecules in the air and kind of hug and squish them into nonexistence. That’s what I’m picturing, anyway; I’m sure there’s a much more technical explanation.

But whatever it is that happens, it works. And I’m comfortable using it in my home and around my kitties. And now I can brew my morning coffee and actually smell delicious coffee instead of, well, you know.

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