Medium Control: For Cool Cats Only

Meet Watson, the kitty mascot of the Medium Control line. His best subject is sleeping!

Stephanie Harwin  |  Sep 5th 2012

Checking out all the cool cat-themed back-to-school supplies in stores almost makes me miss the days of heading back to classes … almost. But going back to school doesn’t have to be a drag when you set yourself apart from the pack with cat-inspired gear by the Medium Control.

The Duluth, Minnesota-based company was started by husband-and-wife team Kristy and Tommy, who launched the brand a decade ago out of a desire to produce modern screen-printed goods.

Their cat-inspired line stars Watson, a genial looking black cat who easily transforms from a smiley faced feline into a steely kung fu kitty. The wide-eyed mascot appears on comfy heathered tees, art prints, and coasters; also on decals for decking out your iPhone and laptop.

The hand-printed graphic also pops up on a wide range of sturdy canvas backpacks, messenger bags, and duffel bags, which are purrfect for toting around those heavy books on LOLcat theory. Better still, the couple are also animal lovers, who donate a portion from each sale to support our furry friends in need.

Visit the Medium Control to get better acquainted with Watson, and prepare to rise to the head of the class — at least when it comes to feline style.