Gasp and Die! My Mew Year’s Eve Dress Is to Die Fur


Happy Holidays! Can you believe that today is the last Furrday of the year? OMG, time flies fur sure! I hope everypawdy had an amazing Christmas and that you guys made your New Year’s resolutions!

I had a superPAWsome Christmas with my family, and Santa brought me tons of cute clothes that I will model fur you on my next column. Last week I was traveling and Im the best traveler ever fur reals, I do travel like the diva that I am with TONS of stuffs.

I packed at least 150 outfits because I need OPTIONS ÔÇö all my bows and accessories, Juicy Couture carrier, Hepper pod bed, Caboodle condo, Turbo Scratcher, scratch tower from Modern Cat, blow dryer, pawdicure stuff, furdo stuffs, etc. Excessive? I dont think so!

This Furrday column is going to be a little bit different because I want to include all my lovebox mail from last week. I do apologize fur not having my column ready last week, so sorry, but last week was crazy fur us. Anyways, since is a lot we will skip a few days.

Do you want to know my New Year’s resolutions? Well, you might have to wait fur my next column, because is bad luck to say it befure the years end! (Im not sure is true, but sounds logical to me lol).

Now let’s start with my life in pics!

Friday, December 16

On Furrday, Dec. 16, I wore a super warm and cheerful sweater and spent lots of time exploring the new office and the rest of the time inside a paper bag that my momma put on our desk because sometimes I just need a humility bath even when I dont do well with humility, but since we were on Advent I made an exception lol!

Saturday, December 17

On Caturday I wore my version of chic Elf! I want to thank my fanfurriends who sent me FAB cards, including Amy Bealer from Virginia, Laura Steff from Florida, and Anna Hendershot from Ohio! Ciao-Li and Weezer from Ohio sent this one.

Sunday, December 18

On my last Sunday Mass befure my vacay, I wanted to leave with a BANG! So I wore a red and black dress to die fur, plus the cute bow that Seamus sent me, because accessories are very impurrtant, take notes.

I also opened more lovebox mail. Thanks a lot to my fanfurriends who sent me super cute cards fur my holiday wall, including Marc, Josephine, Sexy and Prince from NY; Natalie and Dante the kitty from Ohio; and TC Purrsian from Ontario, Canada (who also sent me bling letters fur purrsonalize my stuff!). This one is from Susan, Carlos, and Tinker Bell from Florida.

Monday, December 19

My last day at the office befur my travel. I wore a sexy Santa Claws outfit with a sparkly gold bow. I know ÔÇö hot! Even when I was having a bad fur day, this winter coat is making me crazy!

OMG I got a gingerbread catnip man! My fanfurriends Zack and Zoey from the Catster community sent it to me. You don’t have any idea how hard is to model next to catnip! I made a Lunatoon about that. I also want to thank my furriend Duchess Clark, who sent me a super cool musical card all the way from north Canada!

Tuesday, December 20

On Tutu Tuesday my outfit was obviously holiday inspired!

I also got a purrsent from my furriend Kodama, his new baby sister Sofia Bianca, and his cousins Pony and Tripoli! They sent me a T-shirt that is soooo BEYOND!! I super L-O-V-E IT, guys!

Kodama is a Purrsian who was found as a stray in Taiwan, half dead fur reals. A rescue group flew him to the USA, and now he is super happy with his momma! They have a super cute furchild cafe and boutique called AnnaBee’s in Pacifica, Calif.

Thursday, December 22

Thursday was traveling day. The sun shades you see on the pic are a must fur me because I dont like to tan!

I travel on the front seat, but my airbag is off and my kitty box is on the floor. Give me some dry food and a water bottle and Im ready fur hours on the road, no purrblem! Here’s a video of me traveling.

Sunday, December 25

Sunday was baby Jesus’s purrday and I dressed super FAB fur go to Mass, where we sang Happy Purrday and I was the furrst one to visit him at home! Fur evidence, see my Lunatoon.

I also opened some purrsents! My furriends Imoe and Yogi and childpurrson Misako sent me a Yogi calendar, card, M&M’s (fur my momma, we cant eat chocolate), and two purrsonalized ornaments fur my tree! Poor Yogi. I don’t think she look like a ham. Well, maybe just a little bit, but a very yummy one!

I also got a purrsent from my furriend Gatita de Naranja. Aww, she made a hat and a catnip polkadot bag fur me that’s sooo cool! Everything is branded Purrberry, lol! I think Gatita de Naranja and my furriend Imoe have a business together.

Tuesday, December 27

This Tutu Tuesday was Chanel-inspired! Very chic! The card came from Tamar of I Have Cat and her furchilds Kip, Petie, and Haddie.

I opened a lot of lovebox mail that day. Aww, I love every single card fur reals, thanks a lot everypawdy! This one is from Jennifer Hedrick in Chicago. I also love the cards from Wendy and furchilds Scoodge and Kite from Ontario, Canada; Toni Pashia and furchilds from South Carolina; Jeanie Graves from Missouri; and Cheryl and her 7 furchilds from Pennsylvania.

Wednesday, December 28

Today I wore a very comfy and cute outfit that my furriend Savanah sent me. I have been complaining about the bad lighting at grandma’s and here Im testing some wacko idea that my momma had … CATastrophe!

Want to finish this column giving special thanks to my furriend Kate Benjamin from Modern Cat, who wrote a fab article about my calendar!

As you guys know, 100 percent of the purrfits are going to Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue. I havent raised enough money yet, so if you guys can, share the link!

We are still in holiday dangers alert. If you furgot, check the following Lunatoon about toxic holiday plants and share it with all your furriends.

I want to end this post with a BANG, since this is the last column of the year, and what is more BANG than looking totally ULTRAMEGASUPERPAWSOME?

Gasp and die!

See you next year, everypawdy!!! Dont furget to check out my Catster purrfile and join me at my Facebook fan page fur daily updates! But most impurrtant, please visit my Purrsian Rescue page at my website!


P.S. Still feel like smiling? Check my latest Lunatoon!

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