Hey Paris Hilton! You Didn’t Roll Out the Red Carpet for THIS Celebrikitty!


Hi guys! I have had a super-busy week. As you know I traveled to CaliFURnia with my PAWrents on Monday. Fur many PAWrents traveling with their kittychilds is a total nightmare! But if you do your homework and get your child used to the car, traveling can be a good experience. I SWEAR!

Let me teach you how to travel in diva mode.

Furst things furst, a lunch box fur the travel is very imPURtant. You don’t want to be scrambling all over your trunk fur feed your furchild. I like to have my snacks by my car seat. Even when you are on the road, you should try to feed your kitty at the same time you do it at home.

Once I heard a “pet expert” say that we travel safer in a kennel in the TRUNK! I say HECK NO — this diva don’t travel like a suitcase! Do you put your child purrson in the trunk? I don’t think so mister “expert.” Fur sure you need a car seat if you want to travel in style and fur have room to stretch and relax during the trip. ALWAYS wear your harness and be hooked to your car seat — safety is FURST!

Lucky fur you a healthy kitty doesn’t have to use the kitty box fur hours, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t provide a disposable kitty box fur the travel. I bet you don’t like to hold it in, right? Well, we neither. A diva like me has a special kitty box just fur traveling, and I do potty breaks at the same time that my PAWrents, and believe I GO every time.

On our way to Los Angeles we stopped at a Target because while I had all my food and snacks, my PAWrents didn’t. I snuck into the store illegally as I used to do in Arizona — good times! Also I got my lunch break in the car and got surprised by some kitty lovers.

One of the extra expenses you have to contemplate is the famous “pet fees” in hotels. But hey, you would have to pay fur a furbaby sitter anyways, right? Unless you have super good furriends or family to take care of your kids while you are on vacation. Since we are just tagging along with my daddy, we didn’t choose the hotel but we were lucky that is “pet furriendly.” We stayed at a Hilton hotel — and the “pet fee” was super high. $50! What’s up with that, Paris Hilton?

Even though the hotel room is nice, it’s lacking a mini bar! It’s not like I like to drink like the heiress, but I need it fur my canned food, guys!! I had to keep my canned food in the ice bucket, like a WINO! Shoot me now FUR REALS! Fifty dollars and I don’t even get a mini bar — not good!

Anyway, when your furkid arrives to a new place it’s important that you let him or her explore as much as they want. It’s VERY probable that they will end up hiding under the bed, so let them be there as long they want. The food, water, and kitty box need to be FAR from the door, because your furkid will feel nervous about all this new noises.

I also brought my grooming stuffs. My basics are: brush and comb, face brush (tooth brush), teeth wipes, eye brush and powder, fur wipes, PAWdicure kit, perfume, and a lint roller. I don’t think it’s excessive, because what if I get soft poop because of nerves? I totally need my wipes! And what if I lose a nail cap in the middle of the trip? I need to replace it right away. I can’t go thru life with a messed up PAWdicure. BTW the lint roller is fur me, too. I hate my outfits to get furry lol.

On another paw, it’s very impurrtant to bring toys fur your kids. Feather wands are a good idea fur play with them under the bed. Playing with your FURkid will make him or her feel more relaxed in the new environment. A diva like me, of course, also brings clothes and bows. Fur be safe I bring two extra outfits all the time, because you never know!

My momma also packed cleaning supplies, like dish washer fur clean our dishes, dispensable forks and spoons, paper towels, and multi-use wipes. I like to ride in style, so my stroller is a must while going on vacation. Purrsons really love to see me. I don’t have to say that I provoke MAYHEM in L.A. streets!

Overall, I give the Hilton a B+, because they had a great view fur me BUT the lack of a mini-bar was a purrblem! We moved to Extended Stay America fur a couple of days — the room was cheap, below 70 dollars a day — BUT the furchild fee was 25 dollars a DAY! Thank God we got some super discounts, so pretty much we only paid 25 fur a “pet fee.” I like this hotel because it had a full kitchen, so no purrblems with my food or washing my dishes. This hotel would be a purrfect option fur us if they changed their “pet fee” to be 25 fur all the days we were there. I give Extended Stay America a B, because the fee fur us it’s too high.

I had a great time in L.A. and everyPAWdy was super nice to me. I want to make it clear that I didn’t have an event there. Maybe when I get an agent I will! I want to thank Dawn and Amy Fairchild fur drive us around Los Angeles. They are the sweetest purrsons I have had the pleasure to meet — and Dawn let me fur-decorate her car! It was super cool to stroll around Rodeo Drive with the girls and hand over business cards of the rescue Helping Persian Cats. I truly admire everyPAWdy that volunteers in a rescue — they are angels on Earth!

Thanks a lot fur read my column today and don’t furget to follow me on Facebook, and check Twitter fur daily updates. Also, you can find me here on my Catster Purrfile, and to find an adoptable Purrsian near you, just go to my website and fall in love today!

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