OMC! My Mom Took Me to the Flea Market Instead of the Mall – Furrtunately, I Didn’t Get Any Fleas!


Happy 2012, guys! OMG is sooo exciting to start a new year. Im dying fur know if this year we wont have any wars or mean stuff caused by purrsons! What I mean is Im expecting everPAWdy to get along ÔÇö at least we should try to be our best version well, in my specific case, how can I get more FAB? SUPERMEGAHARD to achieve, but Im going to try!

Fur this year I just want to help as many Purrsians I can and build relationships with Purrsian Rescues everywhere. I will keep bringing positive vibes and smiles to all my fanfurriends, and the rest of my wishes will come along sooner or later Im sure.

Im still in Mexico at grandma’s house, and besides the lack of good lighting fur my photo shoots, Im having a very good time.

Now let’s start with my week in pics!

Wednesday, December 28

On Wednesday I wore an outfit that Santa brought me! Fur be honest I was totally shocked that Santa had such a good taste, I mean wearing the same outfit 24/7 365 days a year should cloud your fashion taste fur sure.

I opened a purrsent from my furriend Wendy Krintenbrink and furchilds Hershey and Puff. Such a thoughtful purrsent ÔÇö they hand made ornaments fur my tree! Also they sent me a card, toys and my furrst pajamas!

In another paw, my furriends Catopia Rescue in Tempe, Arizona, sent me this super cute shirt, bows to match, and a FAB card! I just found out that they got all their paper done in the state and now they are officially a kitty rescue! Yeii, that’s great news!! They want to do a lot of trap-neuter-return! MEGAPAWSOME! ConCATulations, guys!

* I also got a FAB card from my furriends Jayne Morehouse, Mario, and Chloe, who live in Ohio! The wig on that kitty is BANANAS!!

Friday, December 30

On Furrday I thought I was going to the mall but my momma took me to the flea market! The crowd went wild ÔÇö you dont see kitties like me here but I need to be honest, some of the fashions strolling around were SCARY! See my Lunatoon below and another Lunatoon here.

Saturday, December 31

On the last day of the year I dressed fur impress fur sure in red and black, very classic, with my version of a fascinator.

We had a full house, and I deserve a medal fur listening all night long to the karaoke screams.

Sunday, January 1

WARNING! On Sunday I was sooo tired from all the partying that I spent the day naked!

Not sure if was the right way to start the year lol.

Monday, January 2

On Monday was organization operation! I set up my dressing station at grandma’s, in case you didnt believe me when I say that I packed A LOT of stuffs.

I wore a cupcake cute dress, very light because guess what?!? It got HOT! Im super mad, because I have TONS of winter clothes that I havent worn yet!

Tuesday, January 3

On Tutu Tuesday I opened my last two lovebox packages!

My furriend Lynn sent me a SUPERPAWSOME cutout card and chicken tatas treats, OMG super delicious fur reals!

Also my fanfurriend Trish Stivers and furchild Sparkle sent me a super cute card. Sparkle said that she is a very good hunter and invite me to hunt in the furrest, but as you know I just hunt fur sales!!

Wednesday, January 4

On Wednesday I wore a shirt that say Reality TV star and a demi skirt. I was feeling goofy that day.

I want to thank ALL MY FANS that made my 2011 so special and full of love. Thanks fur joining me every day on facebook and here in Catster and help me to spread the word of homeless purrsians around the world.

We are still selling my 2012 Calendar! As you guys know, 100 percent of the purrfits are going to Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue. If you want to know more about the PAWsome work they do, take a look at this video of a few of their adoption stories of 2011!

Please dont furget to check out my Catster purrfile!! Fur daily updates and fashion, join me at my Facebook fan page! But most impurrtant, please visit my Purrsian Rescue page at my website!

See you next week with more fashion!


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