Cat Allergies?! OMG, Stop Whining and Take a Pill!


Today I decided to talk about cat allergies because my whole life I have encountered purrsons who say, “OMG I’M SOOO ALLERGIC.” About 10 purrcent of the purrsons are allergic to us cats, but don’t blame us — blame your crappy oversensitive immune system!

I have a furriend who takes an allergies pill every morning, because his wife told him “The furkids are not going anywhere.” That’s a smart woman.

UnFURtunately, I have seen sooo many furchilds surrendered to a shelter because the fiance is allergic or the child is allergic, etc. In another paw, my daddy seems to be somewhat allergic nowadays, you know, with red eyes and a runny nose. Of course, I blame the season (pretty reasonable), but the truth is we don’t really know. Sometimes purrsons just assume that WE are the problem.

Once one of my momma’s cousins told her, “UGGHH! I see your cat pictures and I get allergies.”

Who is not familiar with Kim Kardashian’s kitty fiasco? I mean, furst she TOTALLY wants her kitty to be like ME, then she probably release that her fur style doesn’t “look good” in her FURever black outfits. LOL! I mean she went to the doc and find out that she was allergic to us and then she CHOOSE not to take the allergies vaccines, because she said “I just CLEAN my system” or something stupid like that. Fur the record, I always saw her make up PURRfect during the show. I never saw her sneezing or with red eyes … just saying!

So let’s say you are allergic to OUR BEAUTIFUL AND MAJESTIC selves — what would you do? Would you give up your furchild or would you hate us FURever? There are some stuffs you can do to fur help your allergies.

1. Furchild monthly or biweekly bathing

Since the majority of purrsons are allergic to the dander (not our fur), bathing really helps reduce the amount of allergen.

2. Kitty wipes

These are pawsome between baths and also remove dirt and dander. I love them and they are totally safe fur us.

3. Clean and clean and clean

Kitty dander gets everywhere. So you need to vacuum floors, rugs, carpets, mop the floors, and clean furniture regularly. Get a vacuum with a HEPA filter, and if you have allergies you shouldn’t have carpets or rugs at all!

4. Clear the air

You can install a central air cleaner and also filters on the vents themselves. I know that sounds expensive but you can buy a mobile air purifier at Home Depot!

5. Allergies medicine

Over the counter you can find many stuffs available, from antihistamines like Claritin to decongestants like Allegra-D.

I know that some of you will say well some purrsons are just TOO allergic –they have ASTHMA, fur god’s sake. And that’s why I interviewed my furriend Amy Brito Delgado. She is not only a MEGAULTRASUPERKITTY-LOVER, she also has asthma. Her pawrents are the best, and right now they have 10 kitties at home. Here is my mini-interview.

Me: Amy, what kind of allergies do you have?

Amy: I am allergic to cat hair, dust, and grass. I am also asthmatic. My first asthma crisis was when I was 6 months old.

Me: What happened after you discovered that you were allergic to us?

Amy: Doctors advised my parents to expose me to allergens as much as possible so I could grow out of them and my body learned to deal with them with time. My parents have always had tons of cats at home, so it wasn’t a question whether or not they were getting rid of them, they weren’t. And I’m glad because I LOVE cats and loved growing up with a bunch of pets around.

Me: What do you do fur treat your allergies?

Amy: If they are really bad and I can’t stop sneezing, I just take an allergy pill (loratadine 10 mg) and have my inhaler in hand.

Me: Have you ever imagined your life without a furchild?

Amy: No. No way. I would rather have my asthma, my inhalers, and my furchild Baco then having none. I wouldn’t change Baco for anything — that’s the reason I have taken him with me wherever I’ve moved for school because I love him and he is my partner in life.

I’m pretty sure the kitties and the allergies that came with them had an impurrtant role in making Amy the super smart and strong woman that she is today! Right now she is studying her master’s in Medical Health Physics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and her college thesis was dedicated to her lovely furchild Baco =)

Conclusion: It’s never a good reason fur not have a kitty in your life… case closed!

Thanks a lot fur reading my column today, and I hope all this info helps you somehow. Don’t furget that I’m in Facebook and Twitter all week, also you can be my furriend here in Catster! Last but not least, check out my website fur find homeless purrsians in your area. Have a safe and great weekend everypawdy!

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