Dog Poop Happens! But I’m Not Letting It Ruffle My Fur


Happy Valentine’s Week, everypawdy! Thanks fur joining me here fur a week of fashion and lots of LOVE!

I have some good news. My momma went to get her Tourist Visa and it went well, so that means that hopefully in three or four weeks I will get all my stuffs!! Yeii! Ufff, this move havent been as smooth as I would like, you know we thought we were going back and all anyways, dog poop happens!

In another paw, Im very excited because tomorrow (Saturday, February 18), I will be at ExpoGato organized by COAT, the group I support in my town!

It is an event fur find homes fur kitties, and you dont have a CLUE how hard it is to find purrsons that likes and understand us down here. Im going to be there with all my star power fur show everyPAWdy how MEGAULTRACUTE and SMART we are!!

I also want to give you a quick update of what has been done with your donations to COAT. They had a kitty that suffered a tail injury because some bad purrsons put firecrackers on his tail! His name is Bartolo and fur reals he is hot, but thats not the point lol ÔÇö the point is that thanks to your help they were able to pay fur the operation.

Bartolo had his tail amputated but is doing very well. We are praying that he gets a FURever home tomorrow!

Now are you ready fur my week in pics? Lets start!

Wednesday, February 8

On Wednesday finally we had cold weather again! Thank you, Jesus! Now I can rock the rest of my winter outfits lol.

Frankly I was very disappointed, I was dying thinking that I had to wait a YEAR fur wear them!

So I decided to wear this cool hat and the hoodie that my furriend Taffy and momma Tracey Stephen sent me fur Christmas! Fur reals I look totally MEGAPAWSOME!

Thursday, February 9

On Thursday I wore a superFAB blouse that my furriends Kodama, Sofia Bianca, and Tripoli sent me! OMG I LOVE Louisdog brand sooo much!!! Is totally FAB, hello furry sleeves? DIE!

I also open my last two packages from December; I know I was soooo behind on my lovebox mail! My fanfurriend Kadra sent me charm of my FACE fur my momma but of course I had to wear it myself, hello?? Me on my neck EGOCENTRISM TO THE ROOF! PURRFECT!

Also Susen and furchilds Lucas, Amelia, Kiya, Indiana, and Andy from Cicero, NY, sent me a beautiful card! Thanks a lot guys fur everything!!

Furday, February 10

On Furrday I got my Lovebox mail!! OMG guys, the purrson on the postal office said that a kitty cant have a PO BOX! Say what?? Anyways I hope she Google me and found out how impurrtant is that I get my stuffs!! She purrbably dont know that I cant go shopping anymore, but since she is a girl Im sure she will understand me sooner or later!

That day I wore a supercute sweater that my furriend Tony knit me fur my purrday last year!

Caturday, February 11

On Caturday I wore the sweater that my furriend Adrian Rowe and furchilds Cookie and Cleo sent me. I look sooooo good in lavender fur reals!!

Adrian knitted it and is totally girly, and on top of that I had the PURRFECT bow fur it, thanks to my furriend Jennifer Brown that sent me this flower bow all the way from Canada!!

Sunday, February 12

I went to Mass on Sunday and I even walked around inside the church, nobody said anything so I guess I have purrmission right?

I wore a very cute knitted red dress that I bought at TJ Maxx and a elephant bow ÔÇö sounds weird but is totally cute!

I also open a purrsent from my fanfurriend Linda Bohm that sent me a beautiful card, two lovely bows, and a SUPERCUTE handmade bracelet fur my momma! She has a Facebook page and 10 percent of the sales go to a furchild rescue! Yeii that’s SOOOO PAWSOME!

And more MEGAPAWSOME that she told me that will donate from this month to the end of March to my furriends at COAT fur help cats in Mexico!

Monday, February 13

On Monday I made brown look good and exciting! Do you know how hard is that? I wore a cute crochet dress to die fur, the neckline was very Victorian, LOVE IT!

I also opened Seamus’ purrsent fur Valentine’s, and wowow fur reals ÔÇö every girl wishes to have an admirer like him! Three dresses, a blouse, bows, picture frame, a card, treats, and a potholder fur my momma! Seamus is smart keeping the momma happy too lol. Does he have a great taste or what? Cant wait to wear the polkadot one!!

Tuesday, February 14

How purrfect was it that Valentine’s was on Tutu Tuesday? I wore a red top that says heartbreaker and a pink and red polkadot tutu that I bought at Nordstrom and a bow that says “Be mine!” Such a flirt I was that day lol!

Uncle Charlys got us flowers. Girls, he is single, 26 years old, and a shopaholic with great style like me!

I also opened a purrsent from another admirer. His name is Tigger and he is from Minnesota and lives with his momma Lynn Pihl. OMG Im soo lucky that all my admirers know exactly what I like!

He sent me two summer dresses ÔÇö very darling ÔÇö a card and a supercute pink and white polka dot cap! Thanks sooo much!!!

Guys, now enjoy my 2012 Valentine’s video! Thanks a lot to all my fans that sent me V-cards!!

(In a reader and can’t see the video? Click on the link in the sentence above. ÔÇö Eds.)

Thanks a lot to all my fanfurriends fur sent me so many Vday cards!! Love you all!

And we are done with my FAB week guys!

Remember this month is the last one fur get my 2012 calendar. I cant wait to send the donation to my furriends at Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue!!

Please dont furget to check out my Catster purrfile! Im also waiting fur you to join me at my Facebook fan page, where all the magic happens. Want to help me save Purrsians? Please visit my Purrsian Rescue page!

Remember to spread good vibes and positivity every day ÔÇö thats the BEST fashion accessory ever!


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