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Art We Heart: Collage-O-Rama’s Cat Collages

These dandy cat prints by Collage-O-Rama are created on upcycled dictionary pages, resulting in art that is not only awesome but benefits the earth as well.

Liz Acosta  |  May 16th 2012

Walls looking a little bare? How about a dandy cat collage printed on old book pages to liven them up!

Created on the pages of books that are about to be tossed, Collage-O-Rama helps reduce stress on the environment while delighting us wtith dapper-dressed kitties in monocles and top hats.

The prints are all one of a kind and feature cats in various garb — there’s even a “Cat Sparrow” kitty!

Although we have to admit that “Madam For-tuna” is our favorite!

Via Pussies on Parade