Don’t Make Me Say It Again: Dressing Up Your Furchild Is NOT Abuse!


Editor’s note: Pet owners have a lot of ideas about dressing up cats and dogs, some of them contradictory. Today (Jan. 14) is Dress Up Your Pet Day, a good opportunity to republish this 2013 column from Luna the Fashion Kitty, who says it’s okay to dress up pets, so you could read and comment on it.

Hello everypawdy! How is the weather in your city? Here is cold as a polar bear’s butt! Anyway, I want to focus today’s column on why it’s good that we get used to wearing clothes. I often gets purrsons attacking me and my momma fur this, saying that it’s abuse and blah blah blah.

So here are my top five reasons on how fashion can change and even SAVE our life.

1. Cold weather

Purrsons always get worried when it’s too hot fur dogs and cats, but what about when is TOO COLD? Furchilds die, too. A nice warm sweater will be nicely appreciated by your kitty. Also dogs can make their walks safer if they wear a coat, fur example.

I know some of you will say, “Oh no, my furchild won’t tolerate that” — well, he would if you introduce him or her to clothes at an early age. Everypawdy knows that Tarzan wasn’t comfy in clothes, either. Also when a furchild is underweight, clothing can make their life a little bit easier. Fur example, take a look at Huesitos (little bones). He just got rescued by my furriends at COAT, and as you can see he is BONES!

Also, when Purrsians get rescued they are normally matted sooo bad that they need to get shaved. Can you imaging to spend the winter naked?

2. Self-mutilating behaviors

Sometimes furchilds scratch, lick, or chew themselves compulsively, like CRAZY. Then you will see fur disappear, often in strips along her back or stomach. This also can cause irritated areas called “hot spots”! This can happen to anyone FUR REALS!

Like my furriend Ella the Goffins Cockatoo, she is a severe plucker and mutilator, now rehabilitated thanks to fashion and love.

Her new momma started dressing her up fur stop her from hurting herself, and she looked adorbs while recovering! Everypawdy knows that I have a soft spot fur tutus.

Ella uses ponchos most of the time, and she is almost fully recovered thanks to fashion!

3. Special needs

Sometimes furchilds are born extra special, like my furriend Willow and her sister Lottus were born with special back legs. They have to wear superFAB leg warmers fur avoid getting ulcerations. Their momma worked really hard trying to figure out what was the best solution, and of course once again the solution was in fashion!

Of course, these divas don’t waste an opportunity fur taking fashion to the next level.

4. Destructive scratching

Well, purrsons call it “destructive” — we call it “claw-decor.” Whatever you call it, it is a big issue (fur some reason). There’s an innate need fur us to scratch, and let’s face it, not everypawdy have that self control! Okay, I confess I’m the worst! And that’s why I use Soft Paws. Soft Paws are super stylish and fashionable nail covers. I get a pawdiicure every four to six weeks, and I can scratch everywhere I want (my purrference is expensive stuff).

5. Humanize sympathy

Fashion is helping furchilds in need as well. How? Well, now rescues are using clothing with kitties and dogs to boost their adoptions. I know we are already MEGAULTRACUTE, but a hint of fashion humanizes us, and purrsons react to that.

In countries like Mexico, where cats are highly discriminated against, a kitty like me makes a big difference. I change minds and hearts about cats every day.

Next time you have something bad to say about fur-fashionistas, think twice!

Remember, there are many ways to help furchilds, like going to my website and choosing one of my Purrsians in need in your area and promoting him or her on your Facebook or Twitter. Or you can donate to a rescue!

If you want to help dogs and cats in Mexico, you can send me stuffs fur them to my love box at PO Box 756, Nogales, AZ 85628. Anything can help, old towels and blankets, food that your doggy or kitty doesn’t like, etc. Furkids here are not picky.

You can also donate through the link I have on my Facebook page.

I hope you guys enjoyed my column! Fur daily updates follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and you can find me on Catster, too.

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