Holy Crap! 5 Etsy Arts and Crafts Items Inspired by Cat Litter


When I’m lacking inspiration, I sometimes turn to Etsy where I’m guaranteed to find crazy cat-related items, like cat hair crafts, for example. When I was contemplating what to cover in my column this week, kitty litter came to mind. While I (thankfully) didn’t come across any items actually made of cat litter on Etsy (remember the classic SNL commercial for “Litter Critters?”), I did find some entrepreneurs who have turned crap into crafts that can be worn, displayed, or just admired for a good laugh.

1. Tuxedo Kitty with Bag of Litter

All right, you gotta start slow with these kinds of things, so for the faint of heart, why not go with a cute tuxedo kitty figurine, accompanied by a bag of litter?

This one-of-a-kind The Happy Acorn original is handmade out of wood and polymer clay, and I love how the smiling kitty matches the mug on the bag. I know you’re probably asking yourself, “Why do I need a clay cat with his own bag of litter?” My response is simply, “Why not?”

2. Box Time Ink Drawing

Do you have a kitty who is a bit of a kicker? While my cat Charlie can’t be bothered to cover up his business, my other cat, Priscilla, is obviously trying to dig her way out of the country (and as far away from Charlie as possible).

I’m a big fan of The Dancing Cat’s off-the-cuff kitty illustrations, including this hilarious look at what would happen if we applied traffic cones to litter box etiquette. Unfortunately, I’m sure pylons would do little to redirect the spray of clay, kinda like the time I maybe sort of grazed one while parallel parking on my driving test, but still passed anyway (oops).

3. Upcycled Cat Litter Tote Bags

I believe it was Macklemore who once said, “One man’s trash is another man’s cat litter tote.” … Errrrr, something like that. I’m all for reusing and recycling, and paws up to two Etsy sellers who figured out how to turn crap into cash with their take on the upcycled tote, made from real empty litter bags.

While I admire the sunny yellow hue of the Tidy Cats design, the allure of the Special Kitty cats and their steely gaze is undeniable.

4. Marcel DuCat’s “The Litter Box” Birthday Card

Stephanie Ora of She’s SO Creative used Marcel Duchamp’s controversial porcelain urinal art called “Fountain” as inspiration behind this litter box birthday greeting. It’s perfect for cat lovers and modern art enthusiasts alike.

My favorite part? Sticking with the litter theme, the inside of the card reads, “It’s your birthday, don’t take any crap.” Sound words and sage advice that would probably come straight from your cats themselves, if they could talk.

5. Miniature Kitty Litter Set

Back in May, I wrote a column on cute and cray cat rings that got a lot of attention for one particular design, depicting a tiny clay kitty alongside a litter box full of poop. While the verdict is still out on the wearability of an accessory that includes fake feces, I was similarly drawn to the hilarious miniature kitty litter set from Dream Petite Minis.

Big things in tiny form is almost always cute, and who wouldn’t want to add this slice of realness to their dollhouse or anywhere else you might display your miniatures? The litter box, which is scaled to the size of a quarter (!), is made of wood and also comes with sand and four droppings, expertly handcrafted out of clay. There’s some assembly required (you’ll have to pour the sand and arrange the turds), but as the seller notes, “the only thing missing is the smell!” Well, that and the cat, who is also not included.

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