13 Valentine Feline Fashions


Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

As Valentines Day gits closer and closer, the tenshun mounts. Will your valentine agree to “be mine”? Did yoo git her the rite gift? Will you overdo the nip and act like a googly eyed idiot in front of her? Do yoo have the purrfect kyoot owtfit to ware?

Well, I can’t reely help you on the ferst three, but I can help you scope out a kyoot owtfit for the BIG DAY. For this week’s Thursday Thirteen, I present 13 kyoot owtfits that are purrfect for Valentine’s Day. I garuntee they will help you win the heart of that speshul somewun.

This elegant dress is purrfect for the high class gerlcat who reely wants to make an impresshun on her date. The skert is made of see-thru netting, at once a purrvocative and classy look. The bodiss has little gold kerly Qs all over it and a red bootuneer at the nek completes the look.

via spoilurpets.com

The simple lines of this heart dress remind me of Awdrey Hepbern’s inimituble style. It has a squillion hearts all over it, wich makes it a good choice for Valentine’s Day. And it does dubble dooty as a harness:

via etsy

This charming dress feechers a black and red moteef, a vary mature look. Yet, it’s shiny skirt with Xs and Os sends a subliminul message to yer valentine: Kiss Me! Like the dress feechered above, it does dubble dooty as a harness:

via etsy

This kyoot pink dress is a casual style that’s purrfect for any date that includes a vigorous round of Thundering Herd of Elephants.

via PetFlys

Not big on the clothes thing (or just a naturalist by choice)? This festive collar will send the message of love to yer valentine while purrviding you with the freedom of movement you crave:

via Flickr

Both this formal red satin dress and the jaunty matching hat have reel live dimunds on them! So be careful if yoo ware it owt to dinner so that yoo don’t git mugged:

via The Sophisticated Cat

If yoo prefer waring yer hart on yer hart insted of on yer sleeve, this is the purrfect owtfit for you. It dubbles as a harness, yet it’s so kyoot you’d never know it was funkshunul, too! This is a Meow-Wear.com creation. Meow-Wear deezines all the kyoot owtfits for the werld famous feline fashun show at the Westchester (NY) Cat Show and the fun-razing fashun show at the Algonquin Hotel evry yeer that sellebrates Algonquin cat Matilda’s berthday.

via meow-wear.com

Heer’s anuther versatile owtfit that can take yoo from Spring thru Summer. And what attenshun to deetale! It has a curly hem, a ribbon and flower belt (wich can do dubble dooty as a toy!) and hot pink ribbing at the neck and sleeves. And you know whut hot pink meens! Yoo’ll be smokin’ hot in this dress!

via Pauline’s Fashions

If you want a kyoot owtfit that you can ware thruout the yeer after VD is over, check out this Hello Kitty creation. You’ll be pritty in pink for yer valentine, but you’ll also have the feline equivalent of a LBD* in this versatile piece:

via Etsy

Not one, not two, but THREE layers of ruffles form the skert of this kyoot dress! It has an elegant black bow that screams “Klassy Cat heer!” It comes with a matching hat and lead, in case you want to ware it as a harness:

via UrbanPup

Mancats, I didn’t furget you! Even though I’d be thrilled to ware any of the kyoot owtfits above, if you prefer sumthing more mancatly, look no further than the following items.

Ferst, an elegant red tie emblazoned with hearts – it’s understated yet elegant:

via knots and knives

You will be the envy of every mancat you see in this smashing red harness. The conservative pinstripes are offset by subtle lace trim. It’s garunteed to win the hart of any gerlcat you set yer sites on.

via etsy

This fabulous and mancatly owtfit coordinates with dress #3 above — in case yoo wunt to go matchy poo with yer valentine. (HINT: gerlcats LOVE the matchy poo thing!)

via Etsy

So I hope all you feline fashionistas are fired up and reddy to shop! With only about three weeks to the big day, yoo need to act fast!

* Little Black Dress

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