11 Cute Cat Swag Items That Cost Less Than $50


If you love cats, at some point you start getting cat stuff as gifts. Cat birthday cards! A mug that looks eerily similar to your cat! (Just me?) And then you have two options: Rebuff these generous gifts while muttering something like, “Just because I have Knickers and Miss Flouncy doesn’t mean I’m a CAT PERSON” (you miserable monster). Or, you stop resisting and just embrace the Internet’s abundance of cat-themed goods with an open heart and wallet.

Key word: wallet. Frontin’ with your cat swag can be expensive. I’m looking at you, $1,145 designer cat clutch and $575 kitty flats. Do these companies not realize we have catnip and clumping litter to buy?! (If you already own a $665 cat tote bag, stop reading now and mail me some $50 bills.)

In the spirit of affording both cuteness AND cat food, I’ve found a handful of cat-themed items that cost less than $50. These ain’t no tacky knick-knacks, either. They meet my rigorous standards for adorableness and affordability. That said, the question of whether anyone actually needs a cat-patterned mini-skirt is up for debate.

Here we go:

Set of 2 cat mugs, $14

I bought these squee-worthy mugs from World Market and have zero regrets. I suggest you do the same. They’re big and dishwasher-safe too, as all drinkware should be.

For your...catpuccino?
For your … catpuccino?

Cat purse, $40

I’ll admit that this li’l guy from Modcloth is more form than function, but it’s a pretty darn cute way to carry your phone and lip gloss. Note: This is not a bag FOR your cat. Your cat already has a purse: its mouth.

Bonus: slight witchy vibes.

Cat mini-skirt, $45

My boyfriend thought I was excited about a mini-skirt to put ON my cat. No no no. This one is for you, when you’re up in Da Club or wherever Rihanna is hanging out these days. Overpriced shots, flashing lights, skintight poly/lycra? Check. Or just wear it on a first date as an instant litmus test.

Cats are a neutral, right?
DEFinitely business attire. If you work at a cat cafe.

Ice cream cat poster, $20

Technically this 11-by-14-inch poster from Land of Nod is “for children,” but I see no reason for kids to get all the cute stuff. Especially as it combines cats and ice cream, two of the best things ever. (Thought exercise: If a white cat is vanilla, is a calico Neapolitan? Or peanut butter fudge chunk? Just wondering.)


For the young at heart.
For the young at heart.

Cat coffee t-shirt, $20

In keeping with the cats-and-all-things-delicious theme, I present this tee by fabulous cat illustrator Gemma Correll. (Bonus: magnets and pins with delightful sayings such as my personal motto, “Cat hair on everything is the new black.”) My cat knows from experience to tread lightly ’til Mom is fully caffeinated.

Death before decaf.
Death before decaf.

Origami-inspired cat necklace, $37

Think of a stained, ratty Garfield t-shirt. Now think of the opposite of that: this 18-karat gold-plated necklace. You lovers of geometric designs, origami, or straight up minimalism will dig it. Just helping you keep it classy.

Tasteful and elegant or whatever.

A Pusheen cat hoodie, $49.80

Even if you don’t know the name “Pusheen,” chances are you’ll recognize the charming cartoon cat, known for eating snacks, dressing up in costumes, and generally being plump and heartwarming. This unisex Pusheen hoodie not only has a kitty face on the hood, but also A TAIL attached to the back. Ya know, just for kicks.


Quirky cat postcards, $1

Stella Marrs is the queen of weird, irreverent postcards, and lucky for us, 16 of hers are cat-themed. I’m just waiting for more of my friends to get married so I can give them the one that says, “No more nights in the alley.”

Save your fork; there's pie!
Keep your fork; there’s pie!

Cat Sticker Club, $3.50

The only thing better than getting a cute cat sticker in the mail is getting one every month via Cat Sticker Club. (Full disclosure: My friend Kelly started it.) And you can feel good about your new water bottle bling (or laptop bling, or whatever bling) because some of the profits go toward rescues and shelters. Aww!

Cat pizza? What will they think of next?
Cat pizza? What will they think of next?

Cat watercolor, $18-$35

If you listen to Joni Mitchell and put wildflowers in your hair — or you just enjoy the hippie/boho aesthetic — you pretty much need this watercolor.

Running barefoot through fields is optional.
Running barefoot through a field is optional.

Cat socks, $11

You knew some cat socks would be in here, didn’t you? I’m not sure what “pussyfooting” means, but you’ll be doing it in style.


Well, there you have it: some inexpensive, tempting cat swag. I’m pretty sure Knickers and Miss Flouncy would approve.

About the author:Β Holly Richmond likes all things bright, sparkly, and cat-related. Her cat Cleocatra encourages online shopping binges because it means more empty boxes to play in.

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