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6 Places Your Cat Will Love to Sleep

Cats like to feel warm and comfortable. Here are some places cats like to sleep

Susan Logan McCracken  |  Feb 25th 2020

A cat cycles through this general routine several times each day: hunt (play), eat, eliminate, groom, sleep. Create this cycle for cats two to three times each day for healthy eating and sleeping habits. Cats relax quickly after an energy outburst, so play with them before a meal. After a satisfying hunt and chase, let them feel like they caught their prey by feeding them. Afterward, cats will typically use the litter box, groom themselves and find a place to snooze.

Cats like to feel warm and comfortable. Here are some places cats like to sleep:

Your lap. Some cats will climb onto your lap while you’re on the couch watching TV or reading a book. For lap cats, your warm lap may be a favorite napping spot.

High perches. Most cats like to be up high, like on a cat tree, bookshelf, back of the couch, window perch or some other spot where they can watch what goes on in their world. These perches help cats feel safe enough to sleep as they should, so provide these vertical spaces where possible in your home.

Under a blanket. Some cats like to burrow under a soft blanket or comforter, so a comfy throw over a sofa or loveseat may be just the thing for your home.

Enclosed spaces. Some cats like to squeeze into baskets, paper bags and boxes to snooze, because it helps them feel secure. Provide these or a pet tunnel, soft carrier or enclosed cat bed.

Warm spots. Most cats are drawn to warm spots. During the day, some cats find the sunniest spots in the house to take their catnaps. Some cat beds contain fillers you can warm up in the microwave for cats with arthritis or those felines who just want to be warm.

Your bed or theirs. Some cats will snuggle up with you in your bed, while others lounge on a cat bed or cat tree nearby.

Learning your cats’ sleeping preferences and providing plenty of playtime will help your cats get the rest they need.

Top photograph: ©AnnaRise | Getty Images

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