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A complete guide to cat food and treats: wet, dry, raw and cooked.

Cat food is a contentious topic among pet parents, and the subject of many a debate here on Catster with good reason – we only want the best for our cats. A healthy cat is a happy cat, and our cat food section is here to help you make informed decisions about the canned food you pick up at the store or the meals you prepare from scratch at home. Learn the components of a healthy diet, get advice on the steps to take if your cat weighs more than she should, and learn about common ingestible hazards and poisons.

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How to Help an Overweight Cat

Look at your food's calorie content, not just at fat content. High calorie foods, which all dry foods are, will not help your cat's weight at all. To lose weight, limit the amount of calories your cat eats every day. It is suggested to eat about 20 calories per pound of ideal body weight. It is important to lose the weight slowly. Losing weight too fast can cause serious health problems. Canned and RAW foods can help you lose the extra weight. You can find out the calorie content of canned and dry foods online. There was a post in the Catster forums sometime ago about a feline who lost 8 lbs on a Fancy Feast-only diet. Dry food is not good for cats at all, though some may disagree. If you must feed some dry, feed a good quality one and make it a small portion of your daily meal. Feed more canned so that your cat is not hungry from not enough dry food.

Karen L., owner of a a Domestic Shorthair

Proper Cat Food Amounts

When you stand above your cat, he should have a nice "shape." If you have to press your fingers into his sides to feel his ribs, he's overweight. If his ribs stick out, he's too skinny. Personally, I free feed my cats (Purina One). None of the three are overweight. In the wild, animals are not fed at certain times. They 'graze' all day, eating food when they find and/or hunt and kill it. Mine also get 1/2 can of wet food a day. If your cat gets good yearly check-ups and is healthy and active, then I wouldn't worry. His hunger may be boredom and he may need a little extra playtime and socialization with you.

Joy W., owner of a Maine Coon mix

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