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Toto the Tornado Kitten's Ordeal Is Now a Book

After tornadoes ravaged western Massachusetts last year, one of the storm's tiniest survivors was a kitten stuck in a tree.

 |  Jun 4th 2012  |   4 Contributions

When a series of tornadoes struck a path of destruction in western Massachusetts last year, a community was left broken, battered, and hopeless. Many people were homeless, injured, or searching for lost family members. Everyone was left feeling shocked and scared.

Toto's tough early start.

But out of the chaos rose one tiny voice that would serve as inspiration even in the din of tragedy. In Brimfield, a 6-ounce kitten was rescued from a tree after bring blown there by the storm. Hardly old enough to be on her own, she was placed with the Animal Rescue League of Boston, where the kitten had to be hand-fed every couple of hours. She was with the league for two months before Jonathan Hall, a volunteer EMT who gave his time in the tornadoes' aftermath, adopted her, and the kitten became known as Toto.

Toto poses with her book.

Almost exactly a year later, Toto is a happy, healthy kitty. Hall was so inspired by her story that he teamed up with an illustrator to write Toto the Tornado Kitten, a children's book about hope in the face of devastation. Hall and Toto tour schools, libraries, and events, sharing Toto's story of a little kitten who beat all odds.

We love it! Toto is so cute ... and, hey, Hall ain't so bad himself!

Via the New England Cable News; photos via the Toto the Tornado Kitten Facebook page


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