Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

 |  Aug 17th 2011  |   54 Contributions

Black Cat Appreciation Day
For some reason that I'll never understand, black cats are the last to get adopted. People think they're boring, plain, uninteresting.

Me? I think they are gorgeous, fabulous, handsome, full or personality and perfect! Which is why I'm excited that today is Black Cat Appreciation Day! A special day to celebrate these special kitties.

My next cat will be a black cat, I already know it. And I can't wait to find him one day.

In the meantime, here are some special black cats from our Catster community who are friends with Pimp and Moo! Do you have a black kitty? Do love black cats as much as I do? Do you want to be friends with Pimp and Moo? Let's celebrate them in the comments below! Party!

KARMA KITTY, a Catster beauty!
Jinx, handsome black cat extraordinaire.
Beautiful Emily!
Gorgeous Grace!
Perfect Pitch!
Rufus has real fluffitude!
Copy and Paste make the cut!
Ollie says hello!
Nacho - Not yo average kitty!
Sweet Sheldon. <3
The fabulous Miss Dinah!
Mojo has major mojo!
Turkey is cute enough to eat!
Totally Raven!
Ella striking a pose.
Snowball has such a wise face.
Isn't Greta the prettiest girl?

If you want your black kitty's picture featured here, please leave the link to their Catster page in the comments below and we'll add them in! Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!


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