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Search for "Wet Dog," and Google Nose Lets You Smell One

A new web-search tool transmits smells.

 |  Apr 1st 2013  |   10 Contributions

Today Google released its Google Nose in Beta. It's a new search tool that allows users to search for smells. We don't really understand it -- computers are intense these days -- but it seems to work. 

For example, we searched for "wet dog," clicked the "smell" button, and were instructed to bring our nose as close to the screen as possible and press enter. The smell transmitted.

I had just given my dog a bath, and he was sitting in my lap, and I swear to God, my screen smelled just like my dog. I was stunned. 

Next I searched for "unattended litter box" -- because why not? -- and transmitted the smell. It was uncanny -- a perfect, albeit disgusting, olfactory marvel. You're aware that scent calls up powerful memories. This one reminded me that my litter box, next to me on the desk, was an unholy mess. 

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