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Colonel Meow Closes in on Global Domination by Entering the Guinness World Records

He uses the power of his fur, the longest on a cat.

 |  Aug 29th 2013  |   7 Contributions

A mix between a Himalayan and a Persian, Colonel Meow's illustrious coat holds many secrets. It is also the key to his quest for global domination.

His fur hides many many secrets.

Cat? Wookiee? Teddy bear? Not sure.

That's official now because as of today, Colonel Meow holds the Guinness World Record for longest fur on a cat. At two years old, the cat of constant consternation boasts strands of fur measuring up to 9 inches long. And lest you question the legitimacy of Colonel Meow's claim, please note that his fur was measured by three independent vets, who then sent their findings to Guinness World Records. Those three vets concluded what we all already know: Colonel Meow is the Greatest Cat of All Time.

Okay, it wasn't that exactly, but yup, Colonel Meow does hold the record for longest fur on a cat.

Colonel Meow's slaves -- I mean, human friends -- Marie Avey and Eric Rosario say they are constantly vacuuming up errant strands of the Colonel's mightiness. Vacuuming seems a little sacrilegious to me, those fools should be collecting that fur and spinning it into the fleece of gold it really is. I would wear a coat made of spun Colonel Meow fur. It would give me magical powers.

Anyway, it's about time we start practicing genuflecting to Colonel Meow. It's only a matter time until he's Master of the Unverse.

I'd congratulate him on his victory, but I fear the repercussions.

Story and photos via Guinness World Records 

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