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Dear Catster Member, April 19, 2011
Let Kitty Enjoy the Sunshine - Safely

As the weather warms up, everyone wants to be outdoors, including kitty. But keep in mind that spring is the season when cats are most vulnerable to predators, including bobcats, foxes, owls, hawks and coyotes. This doesn't mean you can't let your favorite feline enjoy the sunshine, though.

Here are six ways keep your cat safe while she enjoys the weather »

Help Prevent Hairballs

Help Prevent HairballsThanks to FURminator deShedding tools, you can prevent harmful hairballs in your pet. Receive a FREE Waterless Hair Care Spray plus FREE Shipping when you buy online! Shop Now! »

Poll Time!

Poll TimeIs your cat a sneaky predator when it comes to food, dirty clothes or other items around the house? What is your cat's favorite thing to steal? Take the Catster Poll »

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