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Because You Asked: MORE Texts from Mittens the Cat

A cat with a smartphone is nothing but trouble -- just ask his human!

 |  Mar 6th 2013  |   17 Contributions

Last month, we featured text messages between Mittens the text-happy feline and his human. We all know cats can act slightly (mostly) self-centered, right? Now give that egocentric fuzzle-butt a smart phone with an unlimited data plan and look out. It's bad enough cats try to control us when we're in the same room -- can you imagine their potential power if they could hassle us from afar? 

Inspired by Texts from Dog, here are more texts from Mittens the cat.

"Way to ignore my text. Rude."

"I really should have gone with that unlimited data plan."

"Could her texts bore me any more? I doubt it."

"Can I please have some privacy?" Bear by Flickr Creative Commons

"I should have gotten one of these a long time ago." Cat Playing With Touch Screen by Shutterstock

What kind of texts would your cat send? Tell us about them in the comments!

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