Moo's Musings: Maru Who? I'm the New Box Cat!

 |  May 12th 2011  |   11 Contributions

This is my first box ever. I was still outside here.

Hi, everyone! It's me again... Moo!

I have been watching my mom watch these videos of a cat named Maru and his box antics. I have to admit, Maru is a pretty good box cat. He can get into almost any box, but I think I can give him a run for his Friskies!

I have always liked boxes. Before mom brought me inside, I was outside. Someone dumped me, she thinks. We don't know why or what happened; I just showed up on her back porch one day. It all worked out, though, because now I live with her and have the best home!

That picture on the right is the first box she ever gave me. It's the box that started it all! You can see that me and Pimp have matching boxes. Pimp was showing me how boxes are done. He's a good big brother.

Once I got inside, I realized that there was almost always a new box to explore! We're lucky because mom likes to shop and order things online a lot, so the boxes just keep coming in!

Here I am in a long box. There is less space in it that my first box. I am getting more advanced.

Put up a paw and get comfortable!

I like boxes of all shapes and sizes!

The funny thing is, all of these boxes were pretty much "furniture" in our house at one point. Once I get in a box, it's mine and mom knows better than to throw it out. I hope all your mommies and daddies know that this is how it goes.

Boxes are furniture. Don't let them in the house if you don't want them to stay!

I sometimes think I'm Super Cat and that I can get in any box, so when mom bought a new iron, I just had to give that box a shot! (I'm 13 pounds, by the way. Bigger than her iron for sure!)

I'm in it, right? So I conquered this tiny box, too!

Are your kitties box freaks like this? How many boxes do you have in your house at any given time? Tell the truth!

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