Moo's Musings: Kitties Need More Space on the Bed!

 |  May 5th 2011  |   27 Contributions

Hi everyone! Moo here. Mom said I could have a column on this blog from now on. Yay! We're going to call it "Moo's Musings," so whenever you see that you know it's me... MOO!

Today I have something very important to say: Us kitties need more space on the bed!

Does the end of this bed look comfortable?!

OK, maybe it does look just a little bit comfortable, but that's not the point. Hmph! What are those humans thinking hogging up the comfy pillows? They look like cat beds to me, don't you think?

So this is what I do to mom while she's sleeping: First, I settle in by her feet, like the good, angel of an innocent kitty that I am. (Wink, wink)

Then, when she's just about to fall asleep...

I get on the pillow and hug her head!

OMC, you guys. Mom is not going to be happy that I posted that crazy looking picture of her! But I had to, because I wanted to show you kitties exactly how to get the space you deserve on the bed.

Then, once you hug your human's head, they'll move over (of course), which means you win and get lots of prime spot on the pillow!

I win! I have half the pillow now!

P.S. Your mom or dad will pretend like this is annoying and they are not happy with the cat-on-pillow situation, but don't worry, they will actually think it's very cute.

Does this happen in your house? How much bed do your kitties get? Anyone else sleep with a cat on their head?

(Wondering who in the world Moo is? He's the new cat in town! Click there to see the post where introduced ourselves!)


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