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Rihards Donskis Creates Cosmically Sweet Cat Art

The digital works by this Latvia-based artist are out-of-this-world adorable.

 |  Nov 16th 2012  |   3 Contributions

Leonardo da Vinci once wisely observed, "The smallest feline is a masterpiece."

This is one of our favorites.

Great or small; orange, black, or white (or all three); purebred, mixed, feral, or domestic -- each cat really is a work of art (and biological engineering). From their amazing ears to their tightrope balance to their perfectly adorable faces, cats are an inspiration. They've been providing creative impetus to artists throughout the centuries, starting with the ancient Egyptians, who saw otherworldly power in their bright green eyes. They've been immortalized in both literary and visual art, creeping into their own subculture of Internet humor. When the apocalypse happens and aliens dig through our remains, they'll wonder what these creatures were who seemed to rule us.

What a pretty loaf.

A classic cat pose.

For Latvia-based artist Rihards Donskis, the cuteness of cats inspires lush, cosmic imagery, which evokes the ethereal side of cats. Looking at Donskis' images, it's easy to imagine the cats within them padding quietly through outer space on delicate paws, as hushed as an autumn breeze. The artwork is also just indulgently cute, playing up the wide-eyed look of kitty concentration that brings us to our knees every time.

So cute ... we just want to nuzzle that little face.

His work really captures the sense of running your fingers through softy kitty fur.

Those eyes!

Check out Donskis' website for more images, and like his Facebook page for updates (and to find some smartphone cases featuring his adorable art).

Via Cuded, images via Donskis' Facebook page


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