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How to Change Kitty Litter Brands

There are two reasons why you might want to change the brand or type of litter you're currently using: because you don't like it, or because your kitten doesn't like it.

You'll know why you don't like your kitty's litter: maybe it stinks of “deodorizing crystals” and you have allergies or chemical sensitivities (or you just don't like the smell). Maybe it doesn't work very well and starts smelling like urine after a few days, no matter how often you clean the box. Maybe you want to try a more environmentally friendly product. But how do you know if your kitten dislikes her litter? Here are some signs to look for:

  • Putting only two feet in the box and bracing the other two feet on the lip of the box

  • Not digging or covering her waste

  • Shaking her feet when she steps out of the box

  • Scratching the floor or carpet just outside the box

  • Eliminating right next to the box

If you see your kitten exhibiting any of these signs of litter dislike, you must figure out what she doesn't like about her current litter and what kind might work better for her before she gets in the habit of eliminating in the wrong places. This is going to be a process of trial and error. Put another litter box next to the one she's currently using and put a different type of litter in that box. If she uses the other litter, you know which one she likes best. Leave both boxes in place until she gets used to using the new litter, then discard the old litter and fill that box with the new litter.

If your kitten doesn't like the new litter, either, then you'll have to try another product. Keep doing this until you find one your kitten likes better.

If, on the other hand, you want to change kitty litter brands for your own reasons, you'll have to take it slow. Start by adding a little of the new litter into the box containing the current brand, and over the course of about a week, gradually increase the new brand while decreasing the old. Keep in mind that mixing types of litter, such as clumping clay and pine pellets, may decrease the effectiveness of both brands, so stay on top of that litter box cleaning.

If your kitten begins avoiding the litter box at any time during this transitioning process, add more of the old brand back in and change the percentage of old and new brands more gradually.

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