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"It's my Gotcha Day and Birthday today, May 7, 2014. I'm 6 years old now! Here I am on Oct. 10/11. Thanks Rory & Family for this cool photo!"

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Age: 6 Years   Sex: Male
Thanks for this cool photo Pipo and Minko on my Birthday and Gotcha Day May 7, 2014!

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"Thanks for this cool photo Pipo and Minko on my Birthday and Gotcha Day May 7, 2014!"

Lemon and Lime summer drink colors!

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"Lemon and Lime summer drink colors!"

Do I hear someone upstairs?  Aug. 4, 2011

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"Do I hear someone upstairs? Aug. 4, 2011"


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"I'm just a little 1 year old boy, May 9, 2009, two days after Dad got me!"

At the Humane Society Before Dad Got Me so here I am approx. in March 2009.

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"At the Humane Society Before Dad Got Me so here I am approx. in March 2009."

A Humane Society posted photo April 2009. I

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"A Humane Society posted photo April 2009. I'm thinking, "What am I doing here...why did my first owners leave me here; what did I do except love them?"."

Is This What you Call "Mr. Smarty Pants"? That

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"Is This What you Call "Mr. Smarty Pants"? That's what Dad's friend says! It's me Oct. 14, 2011"

Oh I Am Humorous!

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"Oh I Am Humorous!"

Is This A Piano? Doesn

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"Is This A Piano? Doesn't it have any keys?"

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Tyson Boy, My Honey Boy, A Nice Little Boy

Gotcha Date:
May 7th 2009

May 7th 2008

Arrival Story:
A year ago today, it was May 7, 2009 and I brought home a new little boy! My Felix kitty died March 2, 2009. I often visited Pet Smart, and the Humane Society to look at all the kitties, and to keep them company. All through April of 2009 as early as April 1, I think, I first saw Tyson at Pet Smart. I would pet him and often he would lick my hand. One thing he did that lots of kitties seem to do there, is that when you give them attention and pet them, suddenly they turn to eat their dry food, as if they like to eat when they have company. (He is still that way. When I walk by him and if he is near the food bowls, he will start to eat out of the bowls again as if enjoying having someone near when he is eating!). I bought cat food at Pet Smart often and was glad whenever kitties got adopted. But all through April, Tyson was still there, and I wondered why no one wanted to adopt this nice kitty yet. He was by then, a year old. Being in little cages that long cannot be good for muscular hunters like cats are. I even got to hold him once when his cage was being cleaned. By early May, I felt inside that Felix must be saying to me that Tyson is left there this long because I'm the one who is supposed to adopt him. I had read that a former kitty will lead you to your new kitty. Since Tyson was already neutered, I could take him home quickly. I signed his adoption papers at the Humane Society on May 6 and brought him home May 7, 2009. I kept him separate from the rest of the kitties for his first 10 days with me in an upstairs bedroom. The door never shut properly but if you pulled it hard enough, the door stays shut. I spent time with him every night, and he even chewed off and swallowed the tail of a toy mouse, which scared me a little! Ginger kitty would babysit outside the door, playing with his paws under the door. On May 18, I was going upstairs and saw his door half open, and he was standing there staring at me. I guess Ginger pushed on the door, or he pulled it open. So cute. Like a good boy, he stayed in his room. Later that day would be when he would get to meet Serena, Tabatha, Ginger and Elsa and roam the house. When I did open the door to let him out to meet the other kitties, Ginger was the first to be with him. She liked him and went in his room with him. Elsa watched from a few feet away. He went down to the basement and when Serena went to the basement, he followed her and they kissed noses. But when walking by Tabatha, he got growled at! Tyson was his name at Pet Smart and since I had been calling him by his name for the whole month of April, I could not change it; that was his name and that was how I knew him. His adoption papers showed his birth date as May 7, 2008. I tell him he looks as cool as a vanilla ice cream, but he has a totally orange tail! When he sleeps stretched out long, I think of a white limousine. Unusual noises give him a start, makes him wary. He loves chasing Elsa and Ginger too. He can now nudge up to Tabatha. Even Serena runs back and forth with him sometimes, but he seems protective of her by watching over her, maybe because of her age. I noticed when Elsa and Ginger were new to the house, they didn't bother Felix nor did they fight with him; I thought it was because of his age too. Tyson has a favorite yellow fuzzy toy he carries around and sometimes I find it left on my bed when I come home from work! Sometimes he'll run like lightning from the laundry room to the TV room - and the reasons are that he is carrying his toy, or he's doing the running with Elsa, or he's just doing it to run! Elsa and Tyson get very mischievous when I come home from work, irritating each other, just because I came home and sometimes Ginger gets in on the act too! I often wonder if they are putting on some kind of a show! Also when I get home, that is the time Tyson likes to start chewing on some plants, I wonder why? Oh, I just got home! When I pick up the wet food bowls, or pick up cat food on the floor on my hands and knees, sometimes he comes to help, or so I thought. I wondered why he was so near when I was just cleaning up; then I realized he was watching the shadows I made. He likes to tap the bubbles in the water bowls when I fill them! He likes to sleep with me, his Dad, and so does Ginger. Elsa will for awhile, and then she goes to sleep nearby. Tabatha and Serena have their rare times of sleeping with me too. In his new home, Tyson gets to sleep on the bed like all cats are meant to do. Every time I go into the laundry room, Tyson runs in there with me (and eats the dry food when I'm there!). I've taken pictures of him in the dryer when the clothes have dried and he's even been in there when the clothes were just put in there wet! He's also been in the washer as I was filling it with dry clothes - he's quite inquisitive! Tyson wants my attention most often when I'm in the bathroom getting ready. That is when I get him to purr, because he does not purr much; I do hear his meow of surprise throughout the house now and then. When I brush my teeth, he sits on the chair watching. He has jumped on my shoulder a few times, claws holding on! As cute as looks when he is lovingly watching me, I move when I see him starting to crouch down to begin to pounce, and try to divert his attention! He loves me (or enjoys jumping up to a higher perch) but claws in your skin can bring a sting to your eyes! He likes to play and he's very cute, and quite studious. He will often just gaze at a situation, and think about it or just sit and study things calmly! He's my little boy, a Tyson boy - a nice little boy.

Tyson's birthdate is May 7, 2008. I got him May 7, 2009! From his adoption papers his intake date at the Humane Society was March 18, 2009 at 3:47 pm. Soon I would meet him at Pet Smart April 1, 2009. On his papers, Tyson was a returned adoption due to allergies. Which is sad. He was advertised with the following. Tyson was abandoned by his owner and taken to the Humane Society so he could find a new home. He is only 10 months old. Come in and make Tyson's dream of a forever home come true. (Then I came along. Soon I just couldn't resist having Tyson!).

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Nice Little Tyson Boy

Birthday and Gotcha Day - May 7, 2014

May 7th 2014 8:16 am
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Meow, I cannot believe I'm 6 years old today already!

And that my Dad got me 5 years ago today; I've been with him that long now; time sure flies. I'm not such a little boy like I used to be!

I like to sit on Dad's lap when he's at the computer; in my own way I might be suggesting to him to feed me, though I don't need as much food as I want to have!

After he gets ready for work in the morning I lead Dad to my food bowl. I actually run ahead of him, and stop at my bowl, even though he has fed us all wet food about half-hour before he gets ready for work.

We kitties love to be pampered.

Thank you Rory for the nice Birthday/Gotcha Day photo you made for me today!

I love the gifties, thank you very much, from:

The family of Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy and more!

The family of MILO BLUE EYES DB# 73A, Smokey Joe Angel Dreamboat #9, SAM Dreamboat In Training #23 and MALLEE DG# 22.

The family of Mugsy, Taffy (forever loved) ADB#30 and Texas.

Now I'll check my food bowl for a Birthday Cake!

Love Tyson, xo


Hallowe'en Skeletons

November 7th 2013 8:59 am
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I'm so sorry I could not send out many of those skeletons for Hallowe'en.

You are all very kind to send me so many of them. Thanks very much!

They are pretty scary but because they are dancing I began to think they are cuter than you would think!

I did not dress up for Hallowe'en because I thought I was already wearing a pretty original costume with my white coat, and my funny totally orange tail.

Hope you all got some salmon goodies in your trick or treat bags!

Love Tyson


Pirate Flags and Screen Shots

September 20th 2013 4:37 pm
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Thanks to all my friends for the pirate flags! My whole family thanks you too. I guess the free flags lasted a whole day, and we missed out on giving any.

Another thing I found out is people, such a my Dad, can't keep up to date on things, only us kitties can (with our food, grooming, sleeping, bathing ourselves - we never are out of date on anything)!

Because he just opened one of my pawmails he missed and he found two nice screen shots from Cesar, of when I was Diary of the Day way back on May 9! I'm so humiliated that he's going to put them on my page now; he's embarrassed too.

But how can I face all of you again. I'm gonna have a nap - and sleep it off!

Thanks Cesar! (Catster #755980)

Love Tyson xo

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