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A note to Coopurr from Meowmmy

April 29th 2010 4:51 pm
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My Sweet Little Boy...

April 30 holds such a special place in my heart because that's the day our little family finally became one.

Looking back now, it seems like it was only yesterday that I brought you home, and I can still remember every single moment of that day. I remember seeing the hang tag on your kennel, "I'm waiting for my family to take me to my forever home." And I remember asking for your kennel tag that I still have.

I remember the girls taking you out of the kennel for the very last time. And I remember setting you loose on the floor to say good-bye to all the kitties who kept you company before I brought you home.

It seemed like everyone came in for one last fuss over you. You were their special little guy, but they were all so happy that you finally found a Mommy. Looking at you now, I can't believe that they named you "Teeny Tiny." But everyone played along and called you by your new name for the very first time -- Coopurr.

You were so good in the taxi ride from Manhattan back to Brooklyn where you were actually born. And I watched you the entire way, occasionally catching a peak of an eye or a twitch of that dark gray nose.

When I finally opened your carrier in the living room, you took a very quick look around and hopped right out. I knew at that moment that YOU knew you were finally home.

You sniffed and snooped and found your way to the bathroom -- even back then you were entranced by that room. You sniffed my shoes, then sat in your litter box, right on top of the clean, fresh sand.

But it was such a long road until we finally made it to that evening. Your older brother went to the Bridge only a month before...and two days later I spotted you on the shelter's website. I waited a week before I called, and I had my mind made up: If you were still there...I was going to meet you to find out if we were a match.

You were still there, and I couldn't figure out why. You were the cutest kitten -- a Russian Blue mix, nonetheless -- and yet no one had taken you home. I came to find out that night that you were on medical hold for some serious eye ulcers. But that didn't deter me one bit.

You were this tiny, chubby kitten with a winky-eye. And you had the skinniest tail I've ever seen. You were so tough, enduring so much pain, but you were also a fragile little baby who just wanted love.

That very first night, I fell for you -- even before you fell asleep on my foot. I was lost when our adoption counselor carried you from the kennel room to the private meeting area, and you burrowed your head in her shoulder when the dogs started to bark. I just wanted to hold you and tell you that everything was really going to be fine...

By the time our adoption counselor came back with the paperwork, you had nestled your little self in my arms. Ahem...little did I know THEN that you really hated to be held...

The month that followed brought me so much sadness -- grieving Felix, and listening to a million different opinions on whether I should actually sign the papers to make you mine. "Don't bring that herpes cat home!" "He's going to be nothing but one big medical bill!" "You just got done caring for a sick cat -- why would you do it again?"

Yet I kept going in to see you after work while we waited for some kind of progress on your eye. Healing wouldn't come until later...but you sealed the deal that one night when I put you back in your kennel, and stuck your paw through the cage. I said, "I'll be back soon..." and you wrapped your little paw around my index finger.

Little know how to wrap someone around your little paw. Literally!!! And it makes me laugh how you -- even as a little baby boy -- lobbied to win me over!

Finally, frustration just came to a head on everyone's behalf. The shelter just didn't have the resources to care for your eye, and they were talking about removing it. Our family vet advised that they not remove the eye until he had a chance to see you.

I was a wreck -- missing you every single second of the day. And looking at all of the brand-new cat layette that I bought you didn't help. It was like leaving a premie in the hospital and waiting for the second that the doctor gave the final OK.

And you knew you were meant to go home. You knew me when I came to visit, and you cried when I had to leave.

But on April 30, everything finally came together, and you came HOME.

You have helped me in more ways than your little self can even imagine. Having you here eased my tears over Felix, and helped me channel my grief into something positive.

Your little winky-eye even seemed to look better just a week after you were home. All you needed -- aside from a ton of meds and a contact lens -- was some peace, quiet...and lots of love.

You make me laugh like crazy with all of your little antics...from pulling the curtains down to destroying rolls of toilet paper to dragging a dripping Ro (covered with your kitty spit) into my bed with you every single night. And while it drives me nuts, you even make me smile when you chase the rake in your litter box.

And you make me just giggle when you park yourself in front of the television, cross your chubby paws and just engross yourself in Dancing with the Stars...silly boy!

Your intelligence continues to amaze me. I love how you have to figure everything out -- right down to your curiosity over that red dot on your laser light. You can't just chase it. You have to inspect my hand and try to figure out where that red thing is coming from. And while that fascination with the automatic litter box drives me nuts, it also makes me laugh because I know you're trying to figure that out, too.

And I'll never forgot the night -- after weeks of my tossing and treating -- that you learned how to play fetch. I'm still so proud of you, Coop.

You just turn this stone-cold, weathered heart to a pile of mush every night when you jump on the couch, get into your little comfy position on your favorite blanket and suck that thumb.

But even more, I love those sandpapery kisses that you give whenever I ask for one.

I love you more than words can even express...and I love watching you grow and grow up every single day. You still have a way to go with the shyness, but I'm patient, and I have faith that you'll manage that.

I'm just so thankful that I have you in my life...and I'm so damn proud to be your Meowmmy.

Happy Gotcha Day, Stinker-Winker. I LOVE YOU!!!!



April 22nd 2010 5:22 pm
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Somecat hi-jacked my diary! Says his name was Carter. I don't know no cat named Carter. Such a poseur.

And I'm a GOOD kitty. Except when Meowm takes me to the V-E-T. Or asks those techie people to trim my nails. Or tries to give me liquid medication. I'm Meowmmy's little ANGEL.

Evil Carter. I don't know who he is yet...but when I find him...he's gonna get the Blue Paw to his wet nose! POW! Right in the kisser!

You better watch yourself, Carter. I'm on alert. And I'm comin' for you...



A note from Carter

April 19th 2010 4:39 pm
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Hi, Catsters --

My name is Carter. And I know you all love to read the ramblings of that little Coopurr dude. So I thought I'd hi-jack his account and introduce myself.

You see, Coopurr and I are sort of one in the same. Coopurr is that sweet little boy with the wimpy meow who kisses his mommy and plays fetch with that Ro Dent thing.

I am the Evil Cat who embodies Coopurr in both catitude and deed when that Mommy Lady tries to do things like...oh...trim Coopurr's nails or GIVE HIM that drippy, smelly MEDICATION FOR HIS COLD.

I'm not around very often, but when I am, it's just all about angst. Real. Cat. Angst.

I have them all believing that it's just Coopurr being really bad when I take over. No one has seemed to catch on to my wicked ways yet.

And I want to thank everyone for cheering Coopurr on for that lone hiss that he expelled at the Vet's office. That was actually ME. Carter.

And that Mommy Lady. She thinks it's so cute when "Coopurr" rips into that Ro Dent thingie. Do you know who's REALLY doing the "bunny kicks"? And does she even realize what the true purpose of those cute little "bunny kicks" is???

Hey, this was fun. I might have to hi-jack Coopurr's diary again!

So long...for now...


Back from the Vet: I've found my Voice

April 17th 2010 7:37 am
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So the Meowm was tricky this morning. She had her coffee...and then we just played with Ro, over and over and over...and then, do you know what that Lady did to me? Sneaky-Sneaky pic ked me up, covered my eyes and stuffed me into the carrier with RO!!!!


Not too happy right now. There were lots of those barking thingies in the V-E-T's office this morning. The Coop does not like those barking thingies. They were in the next room at the shelter and scared me and kept me up all night.

Meowm was also crying alittle bit because there was a lady there who had to send her kitty to the Bridge. That was very sad.

But eventually, they took me in. And guess what? I actually AM still growing. D our ounces since last month!

And it was all kinda OK til Dr. B pushed on my nose. They were all kinda laughing at me because I guess I made a silly face. Meowm said she wished she had a camera. Eveil Lady.

But Dr. B said that everything seemed fine. Just a teensy-tiny bit of congestion in the one nostril. He thinks it's allergies, but he gave her an antibiotic just in case it's the very beginning of an Upper Respiratory. Dr. B didn't want to give me allergy meds because he said they might make me too groggy and stuff. (And Meowm is a firm believer in not over-medicating.)

And all was actually fine after the humiliation of the nose-pressing. Until...until...that evil Lady had to go and say, "While we're here, can you TRIM his NAILS?"

Well, GUESS WHAT, my fur-riends? I gave Meowm an extra special treat. At first, she couldn't even believe her ears...but she heard it AND the Vet Tech heard it...

Coopurr Anderson Hays Vanderbilt HISSED for the FURRY FURST TIME today!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Me! Go Me! Have a party! Go me, go me, GO ME!

Meowm didn't think I actually had it in me. MOL MOL MOL!

Now, I just have find out what this new medication thing is and find a way around it. I think it's watery. This could be tricky -- even for this slick cat.

Y'all have a pawesome weekend while I nap. It's been a long day already...

Purrs...and hisses...Oh, I LOVE TO HISS!


Gots the Sniffies...back to the vet...

April 16th 2010 11:58 am
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I'm very upset. I've been sneezing, and tomorrow...tomorrow...she's threateneing to take me back to the V-E-T at 9:15 a.m.!!!

I thought I wasn't supposed to go for another whole YEAR! I thought I was good to go! But nope!

Meowm says that it's probably jsut something called Allergies. She's been sneezing, too. But she said she just wants to make sure it's not something more serious. She said she has to worry about colds, too, since I'm a Herpes kitty.

I hate to go ANYWHERE. I jsut want to stay here, all snuggied up next to Meowm, on my soft blankies.

One cool thing, though...the last couple of days, she's been giving me extra Lysine cookies! Oh, those are SOOOOOO delish!!!

But I don't wanna go to the vet. Why? Oh...WHYYYYY?



A wurd to the Muh-thurrrr: CHEATER

April 10th 2010 7:07 am
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So, you all know that Meowm is my secretary. She helps me spell big words, responds to my p-mails and takes dictation on things like...oh...this DIARY...

And this month, we just totally ran outta Zealies. So, I decided that it would be a good thing for her to earn me some more by playing the breed game. I even allowed her to start at the basic level just to get her feet wet.

Now, I ask you -- how many jobs TELL you that it's OK to play GAMES while you're working? I try not to make this too rough on her. After all, someone does need to toss Ro when I fetch and open those pesky cans for me twice daily.

First of all, took her THREE WEEKS just to get me 25 Zealies. THREE WEEKS?

She actually told me that it was something she only did during commercials of her favorite shows and tossing Ro out as the first pitch! Can you believe that lady???

Then last night...she pulled the ultimate bad employee trick. She said, "Coopie, you know these breeds, come help me cheat!" CHEAT! She wanted my inate knowledge as a member of the Feline species to help HER earn MY Zealies!!!!!

The nerve of that lady! CHEATER! CHEATER! CHEATER!

Makes me wanna go to her Facebook page and click "DO NOT LIKE" on every one of her posts. (Can I do that?)

And she calls me lazy because I love a few good naps! You know, it's not like I can fire her or anything. I mean...she IS my Meowther. Who else would I bring soggy, wet Ro's to in the morning when she's trying to catch a few last minutes of sleep?

Well, CONCATULATIONS, lady. You just won me 25 Zealies. And Meowm, if you had a Catster page, I wouldn't give you ANY!



Coop Sez/Meowm Sez: Ix-nay all of THAT

April 6th 2010 7:03 pm
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It's that time again...are you ready for a new episode of "Coop Sez/Meowm Sez"?

Let's delve into the Question of the Week...
If you could have your cat be consistently good about one thing, what would it be?
* Staying off the counter
* Quit yowling at night
* Stop scratching furniture
* Playing nice with others
* Other (Leave a comment)


Coop Sez: Really? So I don't do anything that's, ahem...bad?

Meowm Sez: Oh, no, little boy. You don't jump the counters...anymore. You don't don't ruin my furniture...and you have no others to play nice with....

Coop Sez: So, I'm Meowmmy's Little Angel...

Meowm Sez: Until you get to that BOX!

Coop Sez: Hey...whoah, Meowther...a cat's gotta poop --

Mewom Sez: A cat's gotta POOP. But a cat don't need to be digging to France in search of Napolean's ARM. You get in that box, and you dig...and dig...and dig...and DIIIIIIG...and then you DIIIIIG SOME MORE...

Coop Sez: And then...I --

Mewom Sez: AND leave a TRAIL of blue crystals behind you all over the floor and play it like, "I'm sooooo cooooooooool..." and walk away...AND chill like the little Prince I've created...and hear the rake, scraping gently across the crytals...and YOU GO BACK TO THE BOX...and you watch it...and then you just JUMP BACK IN...and SCRATCH AND DIG AND SCRATCH AND DIG AND SCRATH AND DIG...and then...YOU SET THE SENSOR OFF AGAIN...and you keep replayign this scenario for hours...and NOTHING STOPS YOU. Not. Even. RO. And the litter on the floor just keeps accumulating because I can't keep up with the sweeper...IN SPITE OF THE FACT that there is a HOOD that I paid thirty bucks for on that BOX...And I cannot -- CANNOT -- discourage you from going potty in the I wait, daily, for you to just grow out of this obsession...but for now it's a neverending cycle that I am growing ever-impatient to end...and I WORRY that you are going to hurt yourself on that RAKE!

Coop Sez: OK. But that's the ONLY THING that I do??? Good luck with that. Next caller?




April 4th 2010 8:26 am
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OK. The Secretary (AKA Meowmmy) just checked her e-mail. And lo and behold...I'm a DIARY PICK AGAIN!

I think it was the Plumber entry. A Plumber. That's what I want to be when I grow up!

So...let's have some fun with this.

What do MEW want to be when MEW grow up?

Post your dreams in the comments.

Happy Easter and PURRRRRS,


When I Grow Up...

April 3rd 2010 7:04 pm
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...I want to be a plumber.

Yes, a Plumber.

I just...the toilet...I can't get enough. It's turned into an obsession. Meowm actually waits for me to come to the bathroom now before she flushes. If I don't realize she's in there, she calls for me.

I love to watch it flush. And one day, when I'm a Big Boy, I'm gonna be allowed to put my paws in it and chase it all down the drain.

And if that's not enough...I LOVE my automatic litter box! I have to watch that, too.

Now, when I go potty, I scratch and scratch. (Meowm says at the rate that I dig, I'll be in France in no time!)

But then...about twenty minutes after I leave the box, it starts making noises...noises that lure a cat back to watch.

And I have to go investigate!

And do you know what? Just like the with the toilet, everything just magically disappears! I'm tellin''s entrancing! Meowm thinks I go in there all the time just to scratch and make the rake move so that I can wtch it!

Add my fascination with dripping water and the shower...ROTO-ROOTER, I AM YOUR BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Pawesome Fur-riends

April 3rd 2010 6:16 am
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I just want to say that I'm one lucky duck to have such PAWESOME fur-riends on Catster. And I want to thank each and every one of you for the comments, the treats and the good wishes.

I wish all of that back to each and every one of you. I was so suprised to see how many furs actually read my silly ramblings, and Meowm and I were both so touched by the outpouring of concats yesterday.

And we really ap-purr-eciate all of the kind words that everyone sent along for my brofur, Felix. We know he's not alone at the Bridge. (Plus, we're pretty sure that Granner visits him quite a bit there....)

We also want to give a special shout out to my "only children" group, "I'm No Longer Alone." We're a small group, but a tight bunch of kitten-cats. You guys never ever miss a birthday or holiday...and you're always there when things aren't so happy. And we have some really fun MOLs along the way. I heart you guys!

For now, though, stay tuned. We'll be back with a new episode of "Coop Sez/Meowm Sez." I think it's time to explore the Question of the Week again.

Coop and Meowmmy

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