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Today was a horrible day!

December 11th 2008 9:40 pm
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I had to go to the vet today to get my teeth cleaned. Dad dropped me off at the vet this morning. I didn't complain too much on the way to the vet. I hate going there. The doctor and the people there are nice to me but I'd pass any day on going to that awful place. They told dad to pick me up after 2pm.

Meowmy went to pick me up this afternoon and the nice lady at the desk told her that she needed to clean me up a little since I had some blood on my face. Dr. Smith was out on a call....he does house calls for horses and cows too. Meowmy and the nice lady decided that they were going to wait for Dr. Smith to get back to the office since I was bleeding more than I should be. I had to have four molars pulled and some of them were pretty bad extractions so that is why I was bleeding. Meowmy just felt better if the doctor looked at me.

When he got back, they took me back into the back and cleaned me up while Dr. Smith came and talked to meowmy about what they had to do. I had some severely bad teeth with lots of tartar and my gums were infected. They removed two of my upper molars on each side of my mouth. He said those can be purrty bad to remove sometimes and mine were. He told meowmy that it would probably be better for me to stay the night at the vet and they would keep an eye on me and give me fluids. I was purrty out of it and scared. They were also going to give me some pain meds and watch me closely. He said that he will call meowmy tomorrow and give her an update on how I am doing. I will probably be going home tomorrow afternoon unless I start the bleeding again. When I do go home, I will be on antibiotics for three weeks...2 pills a day for three weeks. Yep, it was purrty bad.

I do not like the idea of staying here overnight. I wanted to go home and I know meowmy wanted to take me home. She was a little scared of the bleeding and felt better if I would have stayed the night. Dr. Smith knows what is best for me and meowmy trusts him. She felt terrible when she saw me because I was drooling blood and it looked like it was coming out my nose too but it wasn't was just where I had licked my upper lip by my nose.

I am purrty sleepy and am going to make the best of the night tonight. I am going to go to sleep. One good thing is that I don't have my siblings to bother me since I am not feeling good! I do miss meowmy and dad though. I'll update my diary tomorrow with updates on me. Purrrrrrr........



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