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Catster's First Queen too!

January 26th 2012 4:30 pm
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Oh I am so surprised, thank you so much for this special honor, I just recived this from The Ba-Bez, this is what they sent to me,

From The Ba-Bez Babes (Foggy Lily and Megan): To you, Presley: We bestow the honourary-title of being a "Ba-Bez Catster Queen": Why, you may ask? ~ because we think you rock, you are a much loved loyal and cherished friend xoxoxox

Oh thank you Ba-Bez, first a Devine Diva and now a Queen, it doesn't get any better than this, Presley runs though the house screaming to the top of her lungs, oh I am so happy, thank you for the forever crown too ~

Love Paris ~


Devine Diva's

January 26th 2012 5:58 am
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Oh my like Sonny we are swamped with so many who want to be a Diva, but then can you blame the beautiful girls? Presley and I are so glad to have so many girls that want to be Diva's too, she has the list, so far she will not let me see it but I am gonna get it one way or another
*giggles* keep the names coming or we will pick one, remember there will be a "Diva" named once a week, love all of you, going to get that list!

Hugs Paris ♥


Our Gotcha Day

January 16th 2012 1:29 pm
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I had the bestest time, thank all of you so much, we love all of you and like Presley said if we have overlooked anyone pawlease let us know.

I cannot believe Presley actually told the truth about keeping dadcat up last night, I figured she would put all the blame on me, it's just something she is good at, she spills things, get's into things and steals money and pencils what? Does she thing she is gonna write a check? Geesh she is so silly I cannot believe she is my sisfur, I'm the "good child" she is the "mean child" *falls over laughing* oh boy when she reads this it will be on, well that's what momcat say's but we know she doesn't mean it she loves us to pieces, well it's almost dinner time and I want to get off the computer before Presley get's to read this.....hahahahahahaha...Presley,

Love Paris ~



January 2nd 2012 11:18 am
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Hey Presley here comes Charley the chipmunk, he is walking up to the french doors in the kitchen....oh if I could just go out and play with him we could have so much fun, look at his little feet they have snow all over them, oh Presley he is so cute...stop hissing at him!! he is gonna get scared and that's not nice, you know what momcat calls you.........."her mean child" *giggles* oh but she does know you girl! Gotta run I want to watch Charley some more ~

Love Paris ~


Hi Everyone!!

December 31st 2011 2:36 pm
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Happy New year!! We love all of you,

Love Paris ~


So Many Prezzies!!

December 16th 2011 3:25 am
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Thank you my love for so many things you sent to me for Christmas, momcat said to thank your momcat for the delicious fudge! You are such a wonderfur boyfuriend and I love you with all my kitty heart

Hugs & Kisses Paris ♥



December 4th 2011 8:13 am
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Oh how happy I was to see I am COTM in the Russian Blues Lounge, this is totally pawsome!! my good furiends Dante and Bugsy ROCK!!! They are the best, here it is Christmas time and I get this furtasitc honor!!! It is so nice to have such good furiends like you guys.

My boyfuriend Tate is so proud of me too, he is da best and I love him so much, this is gonna be a very festive month for me.

No wonder momcat calls us "Diva's" just maybe she knew way before we did just how much we would be loved and just how much fun we would have on Catster, thank you so much for the pawsome honor Russian Blues Lounge, sends kisses to all of her kool and pawsome furiends~

Love Paris ♥


Important Message!

November 24th 2011 5:46 am
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Love Paris ♥


Something Wonderful!

November 10th 2011 6:05 pm
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I just had to share my news with you, if you remember last week I ask you to pray for my Paris, she went to the vet for allergies and an ear infection, we are happy to report to you that Paris is doing great, that's what the POP will do for you,in God's word He said "If two or more agree, it shall be done" well there were alot more than two and I am proud to say God has healed my Paris and now she will not have to take predisone shots, oh the Lord is so good to us, just put your faith in Him and nothing is impossible.

Let's all remember to keep our good furiend Teddy Bearz in our prayers, he is a real sweetheart and we love him so much, this is why we love Catsterland there are so many who come together and pray for our sick babies besides they are our pawsome furiends, I can just imagine my sweet Angel Sonny Bono up in Heaven, I just know he has all the Angels purring and praying for Teddy Bearz and and all the sick animals, he was a real sweetheart too, keep us in your prayers and we will do the same, God Bless You,

Love Paris & Momcat


Thank you

November 9th 2011 5:41 am
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I had a wonderful day yesterday being COTD! I think I have thanked everyone for all their pawsome gifts, pmails and comments, momcat will be checking to make sure if she missed anyone please let her know. It's so nice being loved by so many, our momcat always say's if you want furiends you have to be a furiend and that is so true, we love all of you, oh I want to thank all of you for the kool pix you made me too, momcat has a special folder she keeps those in, have a wonderful day and be kind to each other,

Love Paris ♥

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