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November 8th 2011 4:10 am
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Thank you HQ, this is the bestest day ever! I am gonna have so much fun today wiff all my furiends, I have a question, does anyone know how to change the photo of me on the homepage? I want it to be my main pic, me sitting on my pink blankie, don't get me wrong I love my Thanksgiving pic but it only shows half of my purrty face, if you know please tell me, thank you,

Hugs Paris ♥


Lady Bug???

November 4th 2011 5:56 pm
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That's not what I would call her, she is in our kitchen up by the skylight and of course out of my reach, I'm am getting really mad at her, she knows I want to play but she won't come down. If she ever does she has had it just because she has teased me so much and she knows I have an ear infection! Geez!! I told Presley we shouldn't take the car out the other night when it was raining but no she wouldn't listen so we got wet and I get sick and now I have to put up with this silly lady bug, what's a girl to do!!Gonna go see if she has decided to come down or not,I sit on the bar and watch her Grrrrrrrr!!

Hugs Paris ~

Skylight in our kitchen


So Much Fun

October 25th 2011 5:46 pm
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Just wanted all of you to know I have had a pawsome day, thank you for all your gifts,comments and pmails, thank you Big Harry for my beautiful picture. Being a DDP is so much fun and I love all of your comments but most of all I love your furiendship, thanks for being my furiend,

Hugs Paris ♥


OMC I'm a DDP !

October 25th 2011 4:32 am
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Thank you Diary Gal! Oh no, now everyone will see my silly nickname, *hides head under covers* but I must say it is pretty pawsome being a DDP!, we love Catster and all our furiends, they are the bestest in the world!! Think I will go tease Presley, she usually chases me in the morning but THIS morning I will be the one chasing HER! Everyone have a pawsome day!

Hugs Paris ♥


New Nickname!

October 18th 2011 12:11 pm
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Momcat has been calling me "Roo Roo" and guess what I answer her to, I thought my name was Paris but momcat gives us "special" names. She say's that when I jump it's really high like a kangaroo, that's where it came from, no matter what she say's my name is Paris and that's final, She promised later we could watch a movie that has a kangaroo in it, don't know if I want to see it or not. I just may be jumping reallllllly high after that, wish me luck!

Hugs Paris ~


Birthday Time!!!!!

October 14th 2011 4:21 pm
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Yay! Tomorrow Oct 15th is my boyfuriend Tate's birthday, please come and celebrate with us, we are gonna have so much fun,everyone knows him as the Cuppycake King, he's my King no matter what I love him with all my ♥. Hope to see all of you tomorrow, it is gonna be a fun day ~

Love Paris ~


Prayers Needed!

October 8th 2011 3:46 pm
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My boyfuriend Tate, his doggie sisfur Mable is very sick with her kidneys, come on Catster this is where we join paws and form a purrayer circle so big it goes all over the world including Heaven, Mable needs us and this is our job so let's show some love and purray really hard for her, please stop by her page and leave some kind words for her mom, she is very upset over this, she is one of the nicest humans we know she would do anything for anytbody, let's show some love, I know my Angel brofur Sonny Bono is on it right now,he has alot of faith so if you hear loud noises coming from the sky it will be him and the Angels purraying and shoutin. This is what Cater is all about we stick together and purray for each other, I really appreciate you helping us, thank you so much.

Love Paris ♥



September 29th 2011 4:48 am
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My handsome boyfuriend Tate is COTD!!!!! Yay! we are so happy, he really deserves it, we love all our furiends but when one of our boyfuriends get's such an honor WOW, now Presley and I are doing the Bono Boogie, this is such a nice day to wake up and find your boyfuriend in the go Tate, we will have to have a big pawty tonight,I've got my credit card in my paw, Presley and I are going shopping for a new dress, come on Presley let's get out of here before they wake up,maybe we can be back with the car before it is missed, runs to the car giggling all the way!!

A Very Happy
Paris ♥


My Turn Thank you

September 2nd 2011 6:00 pm
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Not only have we been playing with the katnip bubbles but momcat made me a new page today, she loves to do that, can't wait until Halloween to see what she comes up with, that silly Presley, I don't know who she thinks she is kidding she will not sleep tonight, momcat wraps her in a baby blanket all the time and rocks her, she is a big ham, not me, nobody wraps me up and rocks me no way,the only one that wraps me up is my man Tate and that is in his big strong paws oh how I love him, makes my fur stand up just thinking of him, as Sonny would say, Meowza!!! Oh here she comes it's on now, gotta run will talk to ya tomorrow ~

Love Paris ♥


Thank you

August 24th 2011 10:18 am
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I want to say thank you to all the comments emails and gifts I recieved yesterday as DDP! I have thanked everyone for all the congrats and gifts but if for some reason I have missed someone please let me know, I'm kinda woosy today I went out on the town with my man Tate last night we had shrimp and tuna plus a few cocktails, my furiend Elsa told me to get the shrimp and tuna and she was right it was delicious. I am always thankful for all your furiendship and prezzies, we love Catster so muchI just wish they would give us at least 50 rosettes a month instead of 30, if you agree leave a comment on my page, I love all of you,

Hugs Paris ♥

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