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June 30th 2011 4:30 am
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How was I suppose to know by smacking my sisfur it would get me DDP! How kool is dat? I was just getting back at her for all the times she smacked me. Oh boy now she is mad, huffing and puffing around da house, I fink it's funny *giggles*, Thank you diary gal fur did special honor, I really do appreciate it, I am gonna have some fun today as always here in Casterland, Paris runs down the hall to get her cell to call her man Tate, I am one happy girl today!

Love HOt Paris ♥


Still Waiting !

June 29th 2011 9:53 am
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Yes we are still waiting to see what momcat finds, she is so silly, it's just our toyz.

I just got into some trouble, yes me can you imagine dat? Presley was in her cube, she came out and I hissed at her, dadcat said Paris dat is not nice, momcat scolded me too, gee ya know some days I just like to rumble wiff her, now I'm mad at all of them, I am not gonna let them pet me today fur dat.....meanies! Gonna go sleep by myself and dream of my handsome Tate ~

A Mad Paris ~


I Think I'm in Trouble

June 23rd 2011 8:32 am
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My dadcat was out in the yard, I was sitting at the french doors in the kitchen, can you believe I growled and hissed at him, walks away so ashamed, my dadcat loves us so much I don't know what got into me, I will have to go make up wiff him, tip toes through the house to find dadcat so I can give him lovins, momcat laughed so hard she had tears in her eyes, hey lady it's not funny now I am in big trouble. So ashamed of myself,will let you know how it turns out, keep your paws crossed.

A very Ashamed Paris ~


From Me To You

June 18th 2011 1:33 pm
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Happy Father's Day to every Father on Catster, like Presley said we have a special gift for our Dadcat because he is so very special to us and loves us so much,

Hugs & Purrs Paris ♥


Thank You

June 10th 2011 9:54 am
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I just wanted to thank all of you for all my wonderful gifts yesterday, thank you for the pmails and comments too,but most of all thanks for being such a good furiend to me, I love all of you, I have thanked all of you individually but if I have missed anyone please let me know, I just want you to know how grateful I am for everything, all of you have a furtastic week-end,

Love, Paris ♥



June 9th 2011 4:40 am
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Thank you diary gal, this sure surprized me, momcat didn't know what to think when she saw my beautiful face in the spotlight,
Presley and I are doing the Bono Boogie, we are gonna have such a fun day as usual here in Catsterland,

Hugs & Purrs Paris ♥


Please Pray!

June 5th 2011 3:09 pm
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Yes please pray wiff us so that Xena Princess Warrior will be all better and we can play, smiles at Presley and whispers to her tells her she thinks she is a pawsome sisfur, Paris hangs on to Presley's paw as they pray, both look up to Heaven because they know Sonny is praying up a storm ~

Love Paris ~


Trouble With Rosies !!!

June 1st 2011 7:20 am
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I an having trouble seeing my rosies, also when you click on the gifts on the Community page it takes you back to the gifts, also the "Secret Admirer" rosie does not exist, if you are having the same problem please write to HQ and let them know, when they take the free Share the Love Heart off I wish they would put a free pawprint on and leave it furever. Sometimes our money is short and we can't afford rosies this would really help everyone out, we would still buy rosies too, please let HQ know about this, they don't know the problems if we don't speak up, thanks, all of you have a great day.

Hugs Paris


My Turn !!!

May 26th 2011 5:21 pm
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Presley likes to tease Charley while I have been watching the Robin in the tree right outside she and her babies are so cute, it is so nice to see the daddy come with worms to feed them, when it rains it is kinda sad they get wet, momcat told dadcat she could put something over them but she knows they would leave at least the mommy would and the babies wouldn't have a mommy and daddy anymore so she said she wouldn't bother them.
My beef is with Sammy the Squirrel, oh does he ever get on your nerves, he runs right up to the french doors in the kitchen and we touch noses, *rolls eyes* stomps feet and walks away, I cannot take him anymore he is a total nuisance, I am gonna have Tate take care of him you watch and see.
We can't wait until the sale, Presley and I have been surfing the net looking for more new toyz, dadcat say's we have too many but he is a softie and will give in and buy more, the other day he went to PetSmart to buy our food and came back with not only food but more new toyz...oh no here comes Sammy the Squirrel again, Paris reaches for her cell to call Tate,

Love Paris ♥


Thank You For a Wonderfur Birthday ♥

May 17th 2011 6:06 am
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I want to thank everyone for all my gifts and comments I recieved yesterday for my 3rd birthday,

Tate & Family, Balloons
Tate, Birthday Cake
Tate, Red Heart
Tink, Blue Bird
Milo, Smokey Joe and Family, Pinwheel
Birthday & Gotcha Club, my beautiful picture
Momcat & Dadcat, Birthday Cake
Anna & Family, Balloons
Kibbles & Francis, Share the Love Heart
Platelicker & Family, Share the Love Heart
Bugsy & Family, Cupcake
Mustang Sally, Birthday Hat
Riley & Skippy, Rose
DJ, Pink Ribbon
Blue Bobbie Ba-Bez & Family, Birthday Hat
Soc, Birthday Hat
Da Tabbies, Share the Love Heart
Daytona, Share the Love Heart
Gunnar T,Miss Muppet Forever Loved & Peekaboo, Rose
The Family of Blizzard AKA The Catfather, Share the Love Heart
Emily, Share the Love Heart
Big Harry & Family, Blue Bird
Mia Fielder, Tulips
Pigeon, Blue Bird
Wanda, Norman & Family, Flower
Pebbles, Tulips
Queen Tallulah & Family, Tulips
Pooters, Ladybug
Tyson, Share the Love Heart

and last but not least my oh so furtastic boyfuriend Tate gave me a beautiful Red Heart everyday starting the first of May, he is pawsome, I had a beautiful birthday, thank all of you so much, we love Catster and all our furiends ~

Hugs, Paris ♥

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