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Some thoughts from a kitty's perspective

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cystitis rears it's ugly head

September 11th 2015 10:38 am
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Hey all
2 weeks ago, Momma noticed I was licking myself "down there" alot and that I did not make much pee - when I tried to spray outside, it was dribbles & when I had a small accident inside, it was brownish. So of course our vet was on vacation that Friday. Momma was not taking chances, and before we had found a vet clinic not far that also takes emergencies as a walk in - kinda like urgent aid I guess. Well I was not blocked thank catness, but the dr was very nice and I got an antibiotic shot, and an anti=inflammatory shot. He also gave Momma some supplements that are calming and are kind of like kitty-mom milk colustrim. Starts with a z - I forget just now. I had idiopathic cystitis. Things are cleared up now, and that extra supplement seems to be helping some. I have not been pacing quite so much at night, and I sleep pretty much through the nite by Momma. We liked that clinic. Momma doesn't like that the waiting area is one big room with both kitties & doggies. We are starting to search for a new vet I think. Just not as happy as we should be where we are at. But anyways, I am doing ok - this is just something I will have to deal with I guess. Happy end of summer (Momma says boooo hisss) Although she likes fall - but not the winter cold.


the sounds of.....crickets chirping

August 14th 2015 4:07 pm
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I don't even think I can hear that around here anymore.....I sure hope things are closer to getting fixed....I miss everyone, and it is not so much fun when there is no news or anything.....

have a good weekend...


help the black kitties!

August 11th 2015 10:05 am
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I am also posting this through the other kits pages - sending out a plea to help a whole bunch of black kitties in trouble!

A vacated hoarder's home in the Chicago area was found to have close to 100 kitties in it - looks like most of them are black or tuxies. We all know it is so much harder for black kitties. (I have a special spot in my heart for a little black cat) Tree House Humane Society, Paws Chicago & Chicago Animal Control have been trapping the kitties, as they are boarding up the house today. Now they say they will not board it up until they are positive that there are no kits inside. Tree House has about 70 of the kits, but they are looking for foster help, adoption help, and surely monetary help.
Tree House is a very good place - they are big with TNR & they have a Community Cat placement too. The kitties look to be reasonably healthy as the man that had lived there was trying to feed them even after they foreclosed his house & now it is unhabitable. While I would love to foster, with 4 inside & a colony of 7, I cannot, but I will be sending some extra funds to help. (I am already a Member of Tree House & Paws)
The goal is to keep these lovely house panthers from being put down - as you know many ferals are. That is why they are awesome, cause they will take a feral group & place them in an area for rodent control or for barn cats. They are spaying/neutering/chipping & vaccinating all these babies. Please help if you are able! Here is their website


miracles and loss part 2 of 2

July 26th 2015 4:07 pm
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Part 2
I come here because you will understand. Those of you that are still around anyways. Yesterday, I was on my way to a friend's house for a birthday party with my Mom. I turned the corner, literally about a block from my house, and I saw her. My Mom whispered "it's one of ours isn't it" My wish to never see another one of my colony dead...was not to be. It was Scaredy. I could not-would not leave her there on the street. I walked over there with the lid from a case of paper & a towel. I picked her up and carried her home in the box lid. I talked to her the whole time, even though I knew she could not hear me. She was dead. I will not get into details, but to say it was head trauma that did it. God I hope it was quick, because I cannot say if it was painless. I dug a grave behind the garage, and placed her in there with the towel and fixed her paws so she looked to be sleeping. I petted her - I was never able to, as she was the most skittish. I told her how sorry I was and that she was loved and would never be hungry again. I finished burying her & placed a small cross of sticks over her grave. That was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. The Dad was not here- or he would have helped me. My Mom wanted to help me - but I said no - not only did I have to do this myself, but it would not have been good for her & I didn't want her to see Scaredy dead. I keep trying to push the image of that from my head and picture her as I last saw her waiting for dinner.
Let me tell you about her...
Scaredy was just that, very scared, very feral. She was a lovely dilute tortie with black feet & tail, and black tabby marks on her face. She looked like a fox, and had huge amber eyes. She always sat there looking at me with her head tilted.She had a tiny high pitched meow while waiting for her dinner. Finally not very long ago, she would take food from my hand. It was an accomplishment. In another life, she would have been a very sweet housecat. I want to think of her this way, and know she is at peace. I did my crying, and wanted to share with you - I know you all understand.

Rest in Peace my Scaredy kitty - and watch over the Minions and The Quartet.


miracles and loss part 1 of 2

July 26th 2015 3:23 pm
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From Tiggie's Momma
part 1
I separated this into 2 entries for reasons you will understand when you read part two. I was going to write this, and then the situation in part 2 happened, and I stall wanted to keep the happiness part of this post.
Minners is alive! About 5 days after he disappeared, The Dad had the smoker out to make some chicken. (yum) After we ate, he was putting it back in the garage & moving a the big straw bale that we use for bedding in the Minion's winter bins, when an orange cat flew under my truck. He called out as I was in the house.."is Tigger in there?" "of course!" "well then Mini-Me is under your truck!" I flew outside, and sure enough there he was. NOw it had been 5 days. In that time, I have had the garage open, I had gone in there calling him in case. I even left it open about a foot so he could come out. I did not think he was in there. I ran & got a can of wet food, and got on the ground & held some food in my hand to get him to eat. He kinda moved and I saw him favor his leg. He ate a 3oz can, but would not come out. The Dad took a long stick we have and gently, veerrry gently pushed him so he would come out. He finally did and was limping and went under our Subaru in the driveway. OK we figured he was better off outside under the car as it had been hot that day. I got some more food for him and a bowl of water & pushed it under the car so that he was eating. The next day he was still there, so I got him more food. After a bit, he went and hid under the neighbors deck, and stayed there all day till the next morning - he was dozing on his chair in the yard! I still do not know if he got hurt & hid in the garage, or got hurt in there. I feel awful that he was in there, but I checked so many times. I just thank heaven that he was found ok, and now is getting spoiled and being fattened up. We will see now if THe Dad can be persuaded to let him in. Although it may send Tigger over the edge - I am not sure. But one day at a time. My Minners is ok!


still waitin for Catster

July 15th 2015 3:08 pm
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I know it is a big job to switch everything. But it sure is hard waiting. I didn't think it could get even more desolate around here, but it seems like it has. We miss everyone so much. The pages do look a bit different to us - the way things are lined up, so that is a good sign. Our plus membership was extended to August, and I sure hope things are fixed by then. Or extended again. I just miss being able to talk to everyone, and now not only can't we comment, I know we cannot read any pawmails unless we click the box to see previous (thanks Shannara!) MOmma and The Dad are still really sad about MiniMe. The grumpy people next door had their garage door open all day, and it was quiet over there. Momma didn't think Minner went in there, but if he had, he definitely would have gotten out today. That is the same place Peanut got locked into a couple years ago for over a week - there is tons of mice in there for sure as it has a bunch of junk in there. It has been pretty cool weather here too - so he would have made it if he was stuck in there. He would be a bit worn out, but ok. And Momma called her special call that she uses for the Minions only. (we have our own one too) So far though, nothing. I guess we just have to think of the fact that he had as great a life as a feral can have & was loved very much. Sure doesn't hurt any less though. We had some bad storms the other day, and had no power. The pole in the back was sparking & then power. A tree fell on the house the block over, so we think it pulled the lines down. Our alley is even blocked from a tree. Momma worries about the maple in the yard on the other side neighbors. If it falls, it would take out our screened porch - or the office- yikes. But at least no one sleeps in that bedroom - so if the worst happened - no one would be hurt. O well - time to go see what Momma is putting in the ole food dish for dinner noms. purrs


season of loss

July 13th 2015 3:26 pm
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When you care for a colony of feral kitties, there is so much reward. BUt there is so much sadness that goes with it. Wishing you could do more for them. Trying to keep them happy, comfy & safe. I have been doing this for over 4 years now, and they are a part of my little family. Some I have been able to place, and then there is the loss. The winter before this last one, Bunny & Baby-Cat dissapeared. THis was right after it got really cold. I hate to see one of my "Minions" hurt. I cannot do too much as they are not going to walk into a trap a second time after being fixed. I try to give Lysine, or extra canned food. A dry place to sleep for a while. The end of April. Fritz - a relatively newcomer that I think was an abandoned pet never came back. I was planning to trap him in May - I wanted to place him, he was friendly & liked to weave in my legs & talk to me. Maybe it was his hormones - who knows. About a month ago - the matriarc of them all - Fluff, has not been seen. She has gone on walkabout before, but not for this long, and well, for a feral - she is around 5 - sadly that is old for a feral. Which brings me to my biggest heartache = I have not seen my sweet Mini-Me since THursday. This was the fluffy orange boy that followed me everywhere - vibrated his tail when he saw me, gave me kisses & would hold my arm - he allowed me to brush him - heck I could look at his teeth & his nails. Actually I was planning to try & sweet talk The Dad into inviting him in. He stayed here almost all the time. He had his own lawn chair & pretty much lived in the yard. I am crushed. I just know something happened - I feel it. I am angry that I did not bring him in sooner - but with Maizy being sick & Felix - I was not totally ready for another inside cat. BUt I can't help but feel if I did, he would be ok. There is a mi read of things that could have happened, and I am hoping that whatever it was - he did not hurt. Maybe he just went exploring and is on his way back. I can only hope. I look out there every day for that fluffball. Now I am down to 6. From 13 at one point. I have placed 5 kittens through the years too. I always feel bad when one is gone from the colony - but this one....this one hurts down deep - I loved him like my other 4. My little Minners....(he was huge) Be safe - or Be at peace wherever you are sweet boy.



May 1st 2015 12:48 pm
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Today is my birthday!! I am 7 years old. Wow time flies! It is a really nice day today in Chicagoland. I have been watching the different birds stopping at the feeder. Momma got these big blocks that fit into a cage thing and hang on the planter pole mmmprobably about 10 feet from the back window. Alside from the usual sparrows, we get chickadees, Mr & Mrs Cardinal, nuthatches, house finches, red wing blackbird, woodpeckers, and lately twice a day a big ol bluejay has been stoppin by. I was actually a very good boy, and slept through the night by Mom. No pacing or yowling. I go to the vet this month, and will get my annual heart tests. So Mom is going to speak to her about my pacing at night. I heard mention about some canned tuna for my birthday treat, so I am happy! I hope everyone has a good May, and a Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommas out there - doesn't matter if your kids have 2 or 4 feet, you are still a Momma!

from Momma:
My Tiggie-baby, my soul kitty, my sweet, loveable, aggrivating fur ball. How has 7 years gone by already? I almost lost you when you were only a year old, and I know I am over protective since. So far, your heart is holding stable, and I pray all the time that you will be with me a good long time. I know that each year you get older, things can turn, but I only want to focus on every day, and how healthy you are right now. My wish is to have you for a very long least 20 years ok my boy? I love the way you say momma, and that you cannot wait to get on my shoulders. We have a special bond that I will treasure always. Happy birthday to my bouncy-trouncy, bouncy-trouncy fun fun fun fun fun, most wonderful Tiggie. And yes, you are the only one.



April 21st 2015 5:12 pm
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We had a beautiful gorgeous lovely day on Friday - it hit close to 80, Ahh the sunshine, feeling frisky. Saturday not bad, Sunday not bad, well the bottom dropped out. It is FREEZING. sigh. Momma did get her flower pots set up on the front porch, and got the screened porch cleaned off & sprayed all my pee spots. Whaaaat? It is also very windy. All the petals blew off the pretty tulips. :( Other than that really, not too much going on. The dryer may have bit the dust. Momma hopes The Dad can beat on it a bit & get it to cooperate. Especially since we must get the new driveway put in this year. Don't wanna, but it is a must. The concrete is so badly broken it is becoming a safety issue. On Sunday, we were outside a bit, and man the birdies were singing! Momma heard redwing blackbirds (a whole flock was in the tree by the alley) chickadees, robin, house finches, and another one that she cannot figure out. Momma has a bird app on her phone, but trying to decipher without seeing it will take forever. They were all singing at the same time. We call it Nature's Symphony. Silly, but it is beautiful. HAPPY EARTH DAY tomorrow! If everyone recycles just one or two things, what a difference we can make! So remember - reduce, reuse, recycle!! Smitty recycled his food the other day....he ate too fast, and well you know, then he ate it again before Momma could stop him. ewwww the ultimate recylce. Peace Out!


ode to spring

April 9th 2015 3:55 pm
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Finally spring? are you here to stay? we have been getting little tastes of you, then the cold comes blaring back again. There are flowers poking their green little noses out of the ground. Momma finally saw a robin. And apparently one of the colony minions ambushed one while on our fence, and well, it was hanging there by it's foot and in the words of John Cleese "it's pushing up daisies" The Dad removed it from the fence. Maybe it just got it's foot caught & "left the building" but probably not.... Momma loves birds too, so it is hard when a cat does what it does - cat stuff. Especially when they all get fed and are like fat little goats. In other news.... Momma is so excited - there are some daffodils that have just been sprouting leaves only for years, and today Momma saw actual BUDS - real flowers! awesomeness! Things are ok round here. For another while we could not log on - there was a line across the home page. Does that happen to anyone else? We miss commenting on diaries so much. It feels so lonely this way. There hardly seems to be anyone left anymore.....but we are here for the long haul any how - even tho haven't been on too much lately. It got really damp recently, and poor Felix has been limping really bad. Momma got these glycoflex level 3 chewies for him to try. The thing is, no matter how much he must hurt some days, he is still cheerful to Momma. We got a new window shelf for the kitchen. Momma has to screw it onto the ledge though, cause she does NOT trust the velcro with Smitty's rather ahem muscley form of 14 lbs. I think she is getting another one so we can have them next to each other. The Dad took the plastic off the screen porch windows, so I can really sniff away. That is good & bad, cause that usually starts a whole spray/sniff/spray thing with me for week. Thank goodness for Natures Miracle. Oh and the red bottle is good for nothing she says. Gotta use the ultimate urine destroyer for cats. Momma says she should buy stock in that stuff. We did come across a couple of pee potions recipes to try, so maybe. Our birthdays will be rolling around soon. Time flies so quickly. I know that each year Momma is happy that I am still here & healthy, and also scared as I get older about my heart. One day at a time really - this is true for us all. Savor every day - even the rain is a gift. It rained pretty hard today, but now the birdies are chirping away. We even saw a blue jay on the seed block yesterday. I was chattering at him, but he ignored me..... Well take care my pals, talk soon!

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