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tired..of all the malarkey

July 5th 2014 12:28 pm
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I hate to say it this way, but sometimes it seems like we all fought so hard to save Catster, but for what? I am sure more people have been leaving due to how bad things are acting up lately. I was trying every day, but now it is once or twice a week. I was actually stunned that I could sign in today. Course whether this will post or not remains to be seen. The new member part is even disabled, so new people cannot even join. Please oh please Catster, fix this soon. There are many of us that are standing loyal, but it is getting really frustrating. I can't see what our pals are doing, or if I can, I can't post anything. Pictures don't show up, it is sad really.

On other news, Tig had a dental cleaning Thursday. At first she thought a tooth might have to come out, but it did not. Tig's cardiologist wanted him on antibiotic for a few days before, and for after 6 days. But the clindamycin made him have really bad diarrehea. After cleaning him up twice, I did not give it to him yesterday, and told the vet's office today that I took him off it. So they feel since he didn't have an extraction it was ok. Plus I had a discussion about him getting the lump from the shot. The last time, she used one type of vaccine, and this time a different type, so then she says, "obviously he has a sensitivity to any injectables" NO KIDDING that is why I have been refusing shots. So she says she won;t give him any other shots, but since rabies is state required, she will give him steroids before the shot, and try the 3 year shot. My friends. I do NOT want him to have ANY shots anymore. He is 6 years old, and has gotten them each year. In order for a bat to get into my house, it would have to make it through 3 yes 3 different doors. I just don;t think it is worth the risk. I will ask about the titer, but what I am afraid of is that they will refuse to give him his echocardiogram if I don't. I have a year to battle this, but I am concerned. She has said that if the lump doesn;t go away in a month, it will come out. Last time it did, and it is a soft lump so I am hoping it will, as I don;t want him to go through a surgery. I have fought too hard to keep him healthy with his disease. So we shall see. I hope that all are having a nice summer, I am trying to pop in evevry few days, and sorry if I have missed special days for anyone - I know I have, but half the time I cannot post anywhere, let alone give gifties. So please know we luv you all. Be back in a few days to try again.


quick hello before another implosion

June 23rd 2014 6:50 pm
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Has anyone else been having issues with Catster? Some days I cannot log on, a couple times it would not even come up as a site. Today every time I was trying to answer mail, it keeps wanting me to log in. We are sitll here not going anywhere, and I do try every couple days or so. Just frustrating.

NOt sure if I mentioned this, but I am afraid to go to Smitty's page and then have to log in again. His lump was benign!! It was an inflamed nodule, that could have turned into something nasty, but it was ok.

Meantime, where Tig had his rabies shot, he got a lump AGAIN. This happened last time, which is why I put off having it, and I am now firm in the stance of NO MORE SHOTS. I feel it is a warning for him I must heed. He needs his teeth cleaned which is set for next week.

Felix does not have to have surgery right now to remove the pins. We are doing a watch & see with his other knee - it is a grade II. The Onsior seems to help, and if his front leg gets worse, she will take thermo imaging pics to see if they can pinpoint where the issue is. But that is in the future too.

Maizy is doing good. Smitty seems to be bullying her lately. He bites her butt, she screams, I intervene, end.

Oh This is exciting! THe Friday freebee? the calm coat? FELIX WON!!! I think it will help him so much. THe vet couldn't hear his heart very well last time as he was so scared, it was beating so fast. I worry that he will have a hear attack. I am so excited!
Gonna make the rounds here if I can. Be back again soon.


some good news finally!

May 22nd 2014 12:58 pm
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Had my checkup and echo today. Great news, my cardiologist says that I am stable! I had shown some improvement in 2012, and that has held through 2013 and now, my left ventricle shows as normal! So this means I have a very low risk of congestive heart failure or of getting a clot. Momma is so happy! I do have to get my teeth cleaned & maybe one taken out, but considering I am six and have not had top have it done before, that is pretty good. So within the next 2 weeks, Smitty has surgery, Felix must go back & maybe have surgery to take the pins out, and then my teeth. I wish we could see pictures, Momma has a nice picture of the newlyweds with their cake she was gonna post. The cake was cool, it was not frosted white, but 2 muted purple color boxes with flowers on them. The cake itself was white cake with raspberries & rose petal buttercream. It looked so elegant & Momma says it was yummy. I will pop back tomorrow and hopefully we can see pictures!


Happy Moewther's Day

May 11th 2014 7:06 pm
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Us Quartet kitties wanna wish all the kitty mommas and the mommas with human kids, a very wonderful Meowther's Day. And not forget the Nanas,grammies, and aunties & sisters too.

Without you all - I am sure all us kits & kids & dads would be completely at the world's mercy...Momma's make the world go round

be back this week - Momma gets 2 days off of work and she is playing computer hooky!


we lost our dear friend

May 7th 2014 12:54 pm
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I was sad to learn today that we lost our goody friend Smiley Cassanova Saturday. I feel so bad, as it seems so sudden. I will be back and Felix too to thank everyone for birthday gifties, but I am reaaly sad and want to say some purrs for Smiley's family.

We shall miss you our Smiley.


I am number one today!

May 1st 2014 8:19 am
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Yepppers, it is my big birthday today! I am 6 years old! Holy Cow Momma says, when did that happen? And that is really great for a kitty diagnosed with HCM at 1 year old. I will be going this month for my annual echo & checkup with my cardiologist. But we expect a good report, cause I am doing just great. I can steal Smitty's food before he even knows it, and I randomly smackety paw at will. My pacing & attempts to spray have even improved. Maybe I just had winter blues & cabin fever too. I like when the window can be opened. I think the plastic covering will be coming off the screened porch this weekend, which is my favorite thing. I like to sit on the ledge (the bottom half is a wall, the top half is screens) and survey MY yard. I will be having a dinner of shredded chicken & crab food, and a couple treats. I have been enjoying laying on Momma's purple robe all morning, so it is shaping up to be a good day.
Thank you to my sweet Kaci for the giftie & a Happy Birthday to her too!



April 29th 2014 9:32 am
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Well, our boy is now married. Momma says that it was beautiful and she only cried a little bit - especially at the mom/son dance, when he picked Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong and they spoke of many sweet things to each other. But there was much dancing, wonderful food and everyone looked beautiful. Momma & The Dad got up at 430am yesterday to take the newlyweds to O'Hare airport - bound for Maui. And lo and behold, our boy sent Momma a text when they got there with some pictures right away. So at some point this week, Momma would like to put a picture or two on my page to show the wedding. Now she has lots of work, and to take care of their black kitty, Jet. And Momma got good reports today from the doctor, so it is shaping up to be a good week.

ANd last but not least, a happy birthday to my little bro Smitty. Rock on dude, and you WILL give me a bite of your birthday tuna.....


Hey there hi there ho there!

April 13th 2014 3:42 pm
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We are here, enjoying the couple warm days, then it gets colder again. Spring is trying very hard to peek through. We will be here and there a bit over the next couple weeks, Our human boy is getting married in 2 weeks, and Momma is flitting around even more than usual. Mommma is excited and of course a little sad - how did he grow up so fast? Plus while the newlyweds are honeymooning she will be keeping an eye on his & almost new wife's little black kitty Jet. So yes, Momma has a grand-kitty.
Things are quiet - Momma started the study on behavior. We can't talk about it too much until it is over, but if anyone is still interested in participating, they may have another Chicago meeting. Let Momma know if you are. It is for multiple cat homes that are having some aggression issues.

ok well - happy spring to all!


mysterious & semi-Felix info

March 10th 2014 7:42 am
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Wow so today it seems we can write in our diary. They must have been working on something secret in the laboratory on Saturday, because we couldn't go to our account or post anything. So whew! I apparently have not been such a good boy, and sprayed on a basket of clean clothes this morning. Mom was NOT amused. I will be stuck wearing my Calming Collar all day today. Don't get me wrong, it has a mach pirate print on it, but I am not so thrilled. Momma thinks it is spring fever. Luckily The Dad doesn't know, and she can rewash before he finds out. He would really not be thrilled. She is also going to try the Bach calming remedy to see if that helps me.

The vet called this morning for Felix - Momma will put the info on his diary. Let's just say it is some overwhelming stuff, and we can use some thoughts.


It's March 4th - and we are still HERE!

March 4th 2014 9:27 am
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What a relief! I guess there was a teeny part of us that worried it was all a bad joke and that something would happen....but WAHOO! Perfect for celebrating FAT TUESDAY! & for us, Paczki Day! Nuttin like a huge fruit filled fried ball of dough to celebrate! The bakery was packed as usual, but somehow, even waiting there, everyone is in such a good mood, and chatting, it wasn't so bad. Momma has the zydeco music playing, and her plastic beads on & we are celebrating this as a day of happiness on so many levels. So to everyone, HAPPY HAPPY DAY!!! mmmmmmm donuts.....(and did you know, that they magically remove ALL of the calories just for today?) yeah right..... yay Catster!

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