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Some thoughts from a kitty's perspective

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season of loss

July 13th 2015 3:26 pm
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When you care for a colony of feral kitties, there is so much reward. BUt there is so much sadness that goes with it. Wishing you could do more for them. Trying to keep them happy, comfy & safe. I have been doing this for over 4 years now, and they are a part of my little family. Some I have been able to place, and then there is the loss. The winter before this last one, Bunny & Baby-Cat dissapeared. THis was right after it got really cold. I hate to see one of my "Minions" hurt. I cannot do too much as they are not going to walk into a trap a second time after being fixed. I try to give Lysine, or extra canned food. A dry place to sleep for a while. The end of April. Fritz - a relatively newcomer that I think was an abandoned pet never came back. I was planning to trap him in May - I wanted to place him, he was friendly & liked to weave in my legs & talk to me. Maybe it was his hormones - who knows. About a month ago - the matriarc of them all - Fluff, has not been seen. She has gone on walkabout before, but not for this long, and well, for a feral - she is around 5 - sadly that is old for a feral. Which brings me to my biggest heartache = I have not seen my sweet Mini-Me since THursday. This was the fluffy orange boy that followed me everywhere - vibrated his tail when he saw me, gave me kisses & would hold my arm - he allowed me to brush him - heck I could look at his teeth & his nails. Actually I was planning to try & sweet talk The Dad into inviting him in. He stayed here almost all the time. He had his own lawn chair & pretty much lived in the yard. I am crushed. I just know something happened - I feel it. I am angry that I did not bring him in sooner - but with Maizy being sick & Felix - I was not totally ready for another inside cat. BUt I can't help but feel if I did, he would be ok. There is a mi read of things that could have happened, and I am hoping that whatever it was - he did not hurt. Maybe he just went exploring and is on his way back. I can only hope. I look out there every day for that fluffball. Now I am down to 6. From 13 at one point. I have placed 5 kittens through the years too. I always feel bad when one is gone from the colony - but this one....this one hurts down deep - I loved him like my other 4. My little Minners....(he was huge) Be safe - or Be at peace wherever you are sweet boy.



May 1st 2015 12:48 pm
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Today is my birthday!! I am 7 years old. Wow time flies! It is a really nice day today in Chicagoland. I have been watching the different birds stopping at the feeder. Momma got these big blocks that fit into a cage thing and hang on the planter pole mmmprobably about 10 feet from the back window. Alside from the usual sparrows, we get chickadees, Mr & Mrs Cardinal, nuthatches, house finches, red wing blackbird, woodpeckers, and lately twice a day a big ol bluejay has been stoppin by. I was actually a very good boy, and slept through the night by Mom. No pacing or yowling. I go to the vet this month, and will get my annual heart tests. So Mom is going to speak to her about my pacing at night. I heard mention about some canned tuna for my birthday treat, so I am happy! I hope everyone has a good May, and a Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommas out there - doesn't matter if your kids have 2 or 4 feet, you are still a Momma!

from Momma:
My Tiggie-baby, my soul kitty, my sweet, loveable, aggrivating fur ball. How has 7 years gone by already? I almost lost you when you were only a year old, and I know I am over protective since. So far, your heart is holding stable, and I pray all the time that you will be with me a good long time. I know that each year you get older, things can turn, but I only want to focus on every day, and how healthy you are right now. My wish is to have you for a very long least 20 years ok my boy? I love the way you say momma, and that you cannot wait to get on my shoulders. We have a special bond that I will treasure always. Happy birthday to my bouncy-trouncy, bouncy-trouncy fun fun fun fun fun, most wonderful Tiggie. And yes, you are the only one.



April 21st 2015 5:12 pm
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We had a beautiful gorgeous lovely day on Friday - it hit close to 80, Ahh the sunshine, feeling frisky. Saturday not bad, Sunday not bad, well the bottom dropped out. It is FREEZING. sigh. Momma did get her flower pots set up on the front porch, and got the screened porch cleaned off & sprayed all my pee spots. Whaaaat? It is also very windy. All the petals blew off the pretty tulips. :( Other than that really, not too much going on. The dryer may have bit the dust. Momma hopes The Dad can beat on it a bit & get it to cooperate. Especially since we must get the new driveway put in this year. Don't wanna, but it is a must. The concrete is so badly broken it is becoming a safety issue. On Sunday, we were outside a bit, and man the birdies were singing! Momma heard redwing blackbirds (a whole flock was in the tree by the alley) chickadees, robin, house finches, and another one that she cannot figure out. Momma has a bird app on her phone, but trying to decipher without seeing it will take forever. They were all singing at the same time. We call it Nature's Symphony. Silly, but it is beautiful. HAPPY EARTH DAY tomorrow! If everyone recycles just one or two things, what a difference we can make! So remember - reduce, reuse, recycle!! Smitty recycled his food the other day....he ate too fast, and well you know, then he ate it again before Momma could stop him. ewwww the ultimate recylce. Peace Out!


ode to spring

April 9th 2015 3:55 pm
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Finally spring? are you here to stay? we have been getting little tastes of you, then the cold comes blaring back again. There are flowers poking their green little noses out of the ground. Momma finally saw a robin. And apparently one of the colony minions ambushed one while on our fence, and well, it was hanging there by it's foot and in the words of John Cleese "it's pushing up daisies" The Dad removed it from the fence. Maybe it just got it's foot caught & "left the building" but probably not.... Momma loves birds too, so it is hard when a cat does what it does - cat stuff. Especially when they all get fed and are like fat little goats. In other news.... Momma is so excited - there are some daffodils that have just been sprouting leaves only for years, and today Momma saw actual BUDS - real flowers! awesomeness! Things are ok round here. For another while we could not log on - there was a line across the home page. Does that happen to anyone else? We miss commenting on diaries so much. It feels so lonely this way. There hardly seems to be anyone left anymore.....but we are here for the long haul any how - even tho haven't been on too much lately. It got really damp recently, and poor Felix has been limping really bad. Momma got these glycoflex level 3 chewies for him to try. The thing is, no matter how much he must hurt some days, he is still cheerful to Momma. We got a new window shelf for the kitchen. Momma has to screw it onto the ledge though, cause she does NOT trust the velcro with Smitty's rather ahem muscley form of 14 lbs. I think she is getting another one so we can have them next to each other. The Dad took the plastic off the screen porch windows, so I can really sniff away. That is good & bad, cause that usually starts a whole spray/sniff/spray thing with me for week. Thank goodness for Natures Miracle. Oh and the red bottle is good for nothing she says. Gotta use the ultimate urine destroyer for cats. Momma says she should buy stock in that stuff. We did come across a couple of pee potions recipes to try, so maybe. Our birthdays will be rolling around soon. Time flies so quickly. I know that each year Momma is happy that I am still here & healthy, and also scared as I get older about my heart. One day at a time really - this is true for us all. Savor every day - even the rain is a gift. It rained pretty hard today, but now the birdies are chirping away. We even saw a blue jay on the seed block yesterday. I was chattering at him, but he ignored me..... Well take care my pals, talk soon!


your cat eats that?

February 9th 2015 3:44 pm
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I am playing along with Meeps game

I like a few laps of milk if Momma has cereal, and I like iceberg lettuce. If I could get away with it, I would eat corn husks, but Momma says NO!!! I love cat grass, but that is not really unusual- so I guess the lettuce is the odd one.

Hey buds - I miss you all!


poppin in

December 27th 2014 4:20 pm
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hey thanks from us all for any gifts from our pals. IT is pretty sad that here is Momma on a Saturday night, working. But it is that backed up. Had a good holiday. The human brother was here & they had ribs & shrimp. We got some nice treats to try. Momma says they are grain free & made in US - all I know is that they are YUMMMO. We was fightin over em. Maizy got into trouble today, cause Momma happened to turn in her office chair, which then faces the kitchen, and Maisy was on the counter, with HER HEAD IN THE COOKIE CONTAINER licking powedered sugar off a cookie. So trying hard not to laugh - she was scooted off the counter, cookie removed, and containers checked for seal. A few minutes later, Momma hears a thud, and there is Maiy now trying to bite the lid & pull it off! That girl likes her sweet stuff. So now the containers have a heavy weight on them so they cannot be opened. Man, that makes me look like an angel.....Happy New Year to All!!!


Meowry Catmas

December 16th 2014 2:50 pm
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Hey all - busy, hectic, whirlwind
these words describe things around here lately. Momma has too much list, and not enough time. For some reason too she is waay behind on everything (including purchasing me gifties) so this will be short. (and she is the kind that has shopping done before turkeyday)
We luvs all our pals and our soon to be pals. Hope that the holidays, whichever you may celebrate bring you all peace and joy in your heart. May the new year bring us all a fresh start and some funds would be nice too. Just in case we aren't able to get back on here before the big day. We think of you all the time, and hopefully, soon will be able to get back here more regularly. Things have just gotten too big to deal with, and Momma needs help, but cannot hire another office person. So it will be work all night a few days - THe Dad has hardly even been home due to working so much. Anymeow
We have been having a ton of fun this year - The Dad did not have time to go & get a humungus tree, so Momma & human sister went to Menards and found a nice little balsam for $24 bucks, and decorated it with the "northwoods" ornaments. That stuff usually goes on a tree in the basement, but Momma said let's mix it up & go with what is easeir than all the other individual wrapped ones, etc. So in an hour they were done. Now the tree skirt for this looks like birch bark and has a couple moose on it. IT. SLIDES. ALOT. So I can tear through the kitchen around the corner and hit that thing & whoosh! slide. Every morning, Momma has to un crunkle it & fix it nice. Just for me to crunkle it up again. We don't even have our stocking up, but Momma whispered that we will still get a lil somethin. Wishing everyone the Merriest Greetings a kitty can wish - enjoy the magic of the season. The Tigman



December 3rd 2014 2:20 pm
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Thanks to my friends for all of our gifties. Momma could not sign in the couple times she tried before the holiday, and yesterday too. Turkapalooza went off without a hitch. Tons of turkey as usual, and while I didn't want any - Maizy & Felix snarfed some. Smitty never likes anything but kitty food. The human sister was home, and her pal from Canada came in to celebrate with us. She has not been here for a couple years, and to Momma & The Dad, she is like an adopted daughter, so it was great fun. I like her too, she also has a kitty, and she knows how to give a good chin scratch. There was also another friend that came, who would have spent Thanksgiving completely alone, as he really has no family. So of course - welcome arms! So Momma was happy feeding the kids (even though they are all around 30, they r still kids) They were each here almost a week. So now things have quieted down. Time to take the Christmas things out. I have been pretty good, considering all the hullaballoo around here. We want to say that we are so thankful for all of our friends, and we are so happy to know you. Here's to hoping things steadily improve round here, so we can get back to party fun time!
Stay cozy my friends! (it is COLD here - we had 18 degrees! brrr!)
Luvs, a Tiggie trying very hard to be good for Santa


gobble gobble

November 19th 2014 4:37 pm
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So it seems that the new year may bring a new & improved Catster! Whew, that is really good news, cuz it has been so tuff to stay patient. It has gotten SOOO COOLD round here. It was like 16 the other day! I wanted out real bad, so Momma said ok fine ya chucklehead, and opened the door. I was in & out in probably 2.5 seconds. My toesies was cold! I must have had a can of food or two that did not like my tummy. I ate it, but I was sick several times that same day. The next day I had a different can, and the same thing. It is a good brand, FussieCat. Momma thinks my bladder inflammation was flaring up (I had a couple accidents - sorry Momma) She gave the last 2 of those cans to the minions, and boy did they enjoy that. Perhaps it was the mussels in there. I don't know. Momma has been cleaning in the basement to prepare for turkey day. She cannot figure out where all the junk comes from. We have been thinking much about all of our friends, and we do pop in and out. Human sister will be back from her Michigan job. (she did not like it much) and she got a job with the DuPage Forest Preserve. It is just what she enjoys, and right now it is part time, but since she is still taking some classes online, it works. And she told Momma she will help go through some stuff & put it on ebay or craigslist to sell. Have a blessed holiday, and luv you all.



October 25th 2014 10:02 am
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It's almost that time! Actually, Momma has had the decorations up since OCtober 1st, and she says she is ready to take them down, she is tired of them. LUckily that Turkey day is a month away. Lots to do. This weekend they are getting tile for the backsplash in the kitchen. Somehow it seems like it is always the month before, when stuff gets done.....It is to be a beautiful weekend here in Chi-Town, so MOmma says maybe one last dinner on the screened porch, and bbq chicken. Chicken? Ruffy, I will have a bite for you! Human sister will be home next week to celebrate her birthday. Then Mommas is the week after. Aside from that stuff, just been enjoying watching the leaves fall, and sniffing the fall air. There is a certain smell of the leaves & sunshine in the fall. Those of you that are in the warm climes don't get to sniff this, but it really does have a "fall" smell in the air. Kind of like wet moss and grass, and sweet. There is a Yankee candle that smells much like it. And the crunchy leaves. I love to stomp through them when I go out on my leash. I saw a BIG possum the other night when The Dad had me outside. I kinda followed him as he ambled around the yard. The Dad said it was funny, like I wasn't sure what the heck that thing was. Well Momma is off to do a few errands, then she will be putting some new tiles on the bar counter in the basement & painting. So I will say hello in a few days! Miss you all!

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