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hey all- yes it is I

October 2nd 2014 9:24 am
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Yes we are still here...Momma is sad we missed talk like a pirate day...I didn't get to be Capt Crookshanks la Tig arrggg. Honestly, Momma has been so swamped with work, being very, very behind on much of it. Then with our installation vehicle getting stolen we then had to change our home locks, just in case. Trying to remember everything in there for the insurance, figuring out how to get another truck - that part of our business has completely stalled without one. Backing up even more- Well it has been depressing and stressful. Then coming here - trying to either log in, or not being able to comment on other diaries...that is kinda depressing too. Don't get me wrong, I know the folks at I-5 are working on things, and patience is a virtue - Momma just doesn't have the patience lately to relog and relog in. We are all well though, and that is good. Please know our pals, that we do think about all of you ALL THE TIME. We are hoping soon to get back into the swing of things, the constant relogging in is really what is wearing thin. Unless it is just our computer? Anyhows - we will try to be back more once this mess all settles. Purrs to everyone - (and some arrghs and avast ye mateys) from the belated, but still wanna-be pirate Capt Crookshanks La Tig


holy moly

September 11th 2014 7:52 pm
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I have been trying & trying to get on here - just this morning Momma tried and re-entered our log in close to 20 times just to see anything, but got no where. Just thought we would try now. I want to thank everyone for all our gotcha gifties. It is so frustrating still to not be able to comment on a diary or say hello. We are still here waiting in the wings to PARTY!!! Some crummy things have occurred though. 2 weeks ago our installation work truck was stolen at a job site right in the afternoon! AND with an alarm on it! We had so much equipment and parts on that truck - basically most of our livelyhood. So now dealing with insurance trying to remember everything that was on it, and probably won't get very much for the truck. It was a good ol truck - had over 200K miles on it & it was still going. After the house being broken into a couple years ago, this was another blow. But Momma & The Dad keep saying that it is crummy, but there are those that have lost their whole home, so this is just a truck with stuff on it. Some days though, it is still sad..seems like you work so very hard, and this happens. Hoping to get back on to change to our "talk like a pirate" names in a day or two. Purrs to all, and I sure hope everyone is doing ok - we want to talk to everyone so bad, but as many times as we relog in, it won;t let us go to do anything.....keeping the faith though. purrs The Tigman


getting faster!

August 19th 2014 10:29 am
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I know it has been a while, but honestly Momma gets so frustrated when she comes here - it either won't load, or we cannot post in the forums. Sometimes we cannot read our pawmails. Imagine the suprise today, when we could post on the forums! Things seemed to go faster too. Still cannot post on diaries, but I think no one can. It is nice to see things getting resolved. It has sure been a trying time for all of us! I miss my pals! We have goody pictures, and want to post & stuff - but I guess patience is what gets the mouse right? I cannot open my mail today, but will try again later. Meow!


Still kickin!

August 14th 2014 6:39 pm
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We are still here! Whatever Momma had, it was a doozy. She was really sick for 2 weeks, and then had much exhaustion after that. While she was still sick, Nana got it too - which is scary as she is 72 and has other health issues. But we are all better now. We have tried here & there to pop in, but not always lucky. Just wanted to say howdy, and got some time tomorrow to try & poke around - see what everyone is up to (hopefully)


quick howdy do

July 24th 2014 3:51 pm
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Seems I have been a popular diary dude! thanks all for the wishes. Momma is sick with a nasty URI so we will be awol a few more days. thanks pals



July 20th 2014 8:02 pm
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Well thanks for the DDP - we can't seem to get to any one's diaries, unless Mom goes through the profile. We can read them, but cannot post. I imagine everyone else is dealing with the same. The Dad got a nasty URI, now Momma has it. Another week, and our human girl will be home. Even though she is a grown up, Momma has worried alot particularly this trip. You see she has been in Malaysia, and went to Singapore - all by herself. NOw she is a very strong independent woman, but when Momma heard about the plane crash on Thursday, even though she knew our girl wasn't remotely on it or even anywhere near the area. (she did fly into Kuala Lumur though) it was unsettling. Feeling so very bad for those lost & their families, it made Momma freak a bit. She sent an email right away, and our girl answered back fairly soon - which helped. We just know that we will all be glad when she is home from this adventure.
I hope things are fixed soon. We are missing out on so much & want to load pics up. but don't wanna bother trying right now. Keeping paws crossed. Otherwise, all is ok round here. Sending paws up to our pals!


it just keeps getting wierder

July 18th 2014 4:09 pm
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ok so today when we went to log in, it did not recognize my password. I have never changed it, so I had to go through that whole thing. Now when I went to try & read the comments on Tig's diary, it says the member has not started or has removed diary. This is just getting soooo frustrating. I thank anyone who has given us a giftei, but honestly I am so aggrivated to try & respond, because it either doesn't work, or I have to re-sign in 4 times. I guess I just don't know very much about computers & serviers & such, but it just seems like this is excessive to y'all even if I can't do much. we ARE here!!!



July 12th 2014 10:38 am
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First I send condolences to our friend Chiquitita. Heard thru IBD kitties that she has passed away. You fought a good fight sweet girl.

I am stunned that I got on today. I had to log in 3 times, but hey. Maybe the idea is that "hey we didn't shut catster down, but we just won't do anything, and everyone will leave, then we are not the bad guys" That is what it seems like. Some days, I try & it just never connects.
Things are good anyways, the lump on Tig's leg is gone. His ear infeciton is almost cleared. The tech still asked me if I wanted a distemper shot for him. AAAAHHHHHRRRRG!!! Yet the vet says that his chart is clearly marked no unnecessary shots. I dunno my friends, but I think it may be time to start shopping around for a new vet. There is one that seems pretty good, but depending on Chicago traffic, it could be any where from 1/2 hour to an hour to get there. Felix's specialty place is about 45 minutes away, so it's not like I won't travel for my kitties, but....eesh. There are no other cat only vets near me then. They are all at least 40 minutes. THen I need to figure out if they use the traveling cardiologist. Tig has had her for 5 years. We have time to look, and maybe I will take Maizy or Smitty first as they are the healthiest of the 4. See what the other place is like. Hope all of your summer is good. We have been having cooler weather - not complaining, but alot of rain too. Wish we could send some over to California. The human sister is still in Malaysia exploring. Trying to get motivated to do some projects around here. Thank you for the wishes. I tried to log in for Tig's DDP but couldn't... patience grasshopper....patience.....; purrs!


tired..of all the malarkey

July 5th 2014 12:28 pm
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I hate to say it this way, but sometimes it seems like we all fought so hard to save Catster, but for what? I am sure more people have been leaving due to how bad things are acting up lately. I was trying every day, but now it is once or twice a week. I was actually stunned that I could sign in today. Course whether this will post or not remains to be seen. The new member part is even disabled, so new people cannot even join. Please oh please Catster, fix this soon. There are many of us that are standing loyal, but it is getting really frustrating. I can't see what our pals are doing, or if I can, I can't post anything. Pictures don't show up, it is sad really.

On other news, Tig had a dental cleaning Thursday. At first she thought a tooth might have to come out, but it did not. Tig's cardiologist wanted him on antibiotic for a few days before, and for after 6 days. But the clindamycin made him have really bad diarrehea. After cleaning him up twice, I did not give it to him yesterday, and told the vet's office today that I took him off it. So they feel since he didn't have an extraction it was ok. Plus I had a discussion about him getting the lump from the shot. The last time, she used one type of vaccine, and this time a different type, so then she says, "obviously he has a sensitivity to any injectables" NO KIDDING that is why I have been refusing shots. So she says she won;t give him any other shots, but since rabies is state required, she will give him steroids before the shot, and try the 3 year shot. My friends. I do NOT want him to have ANY shots anymore. He is 6 years old, and has gotten them each year. In order for a bat to get into my house, it would have to make it through 3 yes 3 different doors. I just don;t think it is worth the risk. I will ask about the titer, but what I am afraid of is that they will refuse to give him his echocardiogram if I don't. I have a year to battle this, but I am concerned. She has said that if the lump doesn;t go away in a month, it will come out. Last time it did, and it is a soft lump so I am hoping it will, as I don;t want him to go through a surgery. I have fought too hard to keep him healthy with his disease. So we shall see. I hope that all are having a nice summer, I am trying to pop in evevry few days, and sorry if I have missed special days for anyone - I know I have, but half the time I cannot post anywhere, let alone give gifties. So please know we luv you all. Be back in a few days to try again.


quick hello before another implosion

June 23rd 2014 6:50 pm
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Has anyone else been having issues with Catster? Some days I cannot log on, a couple times it would not even come up as a site. Today every time I was trying to answer mail, it keeps wanting me to log in. We are sitll here not going anywhere, and I do try every couple days or so. Just frustrating.

NOt sure if I mentioned this, but I am afraid to go to Smitty's page and then have to log in again. His lump was benign!! It was an inflamed nodule, that could have turned into something nasty, but it was ok.

Meantime, where Tig had his rabies shot, he got a lump AGAIN. This happened last time, which is why I put off having it, and I am now firm in the stance of NO MORE SHOTS. I feel it is a warning for him I must heed. He needs his teeth cleaned which is set for next week.

Felix does not have to have surgery right now to remove the pins. We are doing a watch & see with his other knee - it is a grade II. The Onsior seems to help, and if his front leg gets worse, she will take thermo imaging pics to see if they can pinpoint where the issue is. But that is in the future too.

Maizy is doing good. Smitty seems to be bullying her lately. He bites her butt, she screams, I intervene, end.

Oh This is exciting! THe Friday freebee? the calm coat? FELIX WON!!! I think it will help him so much. THe vet couldn't hear his heart very well last time as he was so scared, it was beating so fast. I worry that he will have a hear attack. I am so excited!
Gonna make the rounds here if I can. Be back again soon.

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