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Some thoughts from a kitty's perspective

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A thought regarding home

January 29th 2010 8:31 am
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Thought I would give a try at this writing thing. Been thinking about how good it feels to be loved, and how good it feels to show that love to my favorite people. Today for no reason at all, I went up to Mom who was working, and jumped on her lap. She stopped working, and we had a few minutes of lovey time. I kneaded at her shoulder on her soft pink sweater, and she rubbed down my back and called me her baby. The more I kneaded, the more she laughed, and the louder I purred. So I decided to change my motto today. To purr is good, and home is a wonderful thing. I realize that when I sit on the screened porch and visit with the feral cats that come by to meow at me. We try to put some food out for them, but they are too scared to stay when there is a human around. I am lucky, I get to go back inside the warm house & knead on the fuzzy robe, or on one of my human family. Ah life is good.


uh oh

February 1st 2010 12:50 pm
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Now I've done it...I am in trouuuble. Is it my fault that all the good birds sit in front of the big picture window? I just don't know how Maizy does it, she can just flip the blinds out with her paw & slink behind them when they are closed. I try, really I do, but it is just so much easier to smash my head through them. Ok so I know I broke the last ones all up & Mom just put the brand new ones up at Thanksgiving, but what are they not catproof? And it is completely beside the point that I am trying to look out when it is dark and the birds are sleeping. OK and I know she leaves the small side window blind open, but it"S NOT THE SAME. Well, I broke not one but three slats...gulp. Mom was not happy. So...I gave her "the look" you kitties know what that is...."oo I love you, I am so very cute, I didn't really mean to do whatever I did, here I am purring, you know you wanna pet me, did I mention I love you?" look. Of COURSE it worked, and I overheard her telling Dad she was gonna get curtains that won't snag instead so I can look out. yippee chalk one up for the Tigster!


Am I old?

February 8th 2010 12:43 pm
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ok I found.....a black whisker!.... All of mine are white to go with my white muzzle. I see Mom looking inthe mirror & complaining about gray hairs and getting old, so I wonder if that means I am getting old? I don't even have my 2nd birthday yet for a couple months. hmm maybe they are handsome mancat whiskers? That I could believe because Mom tells me all the time that I am her handsome cute boy. Yes that's what I think. I shall have to use extra care when grooming it so it stays nice & shiny. Whew that was close! Off to watch for the snow that is coming. We are to get about a foot - not nearly as bad as the poor people to the East that got bombarded with snow taller than most cats I know! I feel bad for them, it must be hard to shovel that much. The Dad is always huffing here when we have some to shovel I cannot imagine that much! Meows to all... Mr Tigger with the mancat whisker


kinda sad

February 18th 2010 1:30 pm
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Things have been kinda sad around here. My Mom's aunt has the "c" word. Mom has been pretty upset and me & Maizy have been trying to do our best cute faces & I made sure to give Mom extra kneads in the morning. I wish I could just bite & claw this thing that makes her sad, but I can't. She says that aunty will fight but we don't know too much yet until next week, but I just feel helpless.


paper towels rule

February 20th 2010 1:28 pm
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I have to come clean on another addiction - paper towels. I cannot help myself - if there is a roll within my grabbing distance, it is TOAST. They are so grabby & you can kick them good with your back feet, and shred...oh I am an excellent shredder. I was on the screen porch, and with the clear plastic over the screens, it got pretty warm in there cuz it was sunny and I wanted to stay out for a long time. Well, Mom made the mistake of leaving a roll of towells on the patio table, and well.....let's just say that when she opened the door to let me in, I left her a pretty pile of snowflakes & confetti. And of course, I was sitting in the middle of all of it with "the face". MOL how could she be mad at that right? I cheered her up! So it gets better. The Dad took the roll (what was left of it) & set it in the basement to use for scrap wiping up since it was rather swiss cheesy looking. I decided that at 5am, I would bring that roll upstairs & finish it off right next to Mom's bed. I woke her to the soothing sounds of paper ripping instead of the stupid buzzy alarm clockie thing she uses. (I am so considerate, Maizy just does not get it). The best thing is that even though I made a mess, it seemed to cheer her up some more. hmmmmm what can I do next?


whew glad that is over!

February 26th 2010 11:37 am
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Thank goodness that my vet visit is over! I could not have anything to eat or drink from 10pm Wednesday night, and had to go into the vet's at 8:15 in the morning. They took me away in my carrier! Away from my Mom! It was pretty scary, but the people were very nice. Until they decided to check my behind glands & squish them. THAT WAS NOT FUN. Doctor told Mom to try & give me some fiber & that might help so they do not have to express them again. When the doctor brought me out in my carrier & set it on the counter, my back was turned, it was too scary to look out. But them Mom started to talk to me & call me with her special Tiggy name, and I turned right around & meowd "get me outa here!" At least I did not have to stay very long - I was home by 1pm. Even Maizy was pretty nice to me last night! I was so very tired, I slept & slept - I was even too tired to eat, until Mom brought out the wet food...mmmmm tasty. But at least I do not have to have another ultrasound for a whole year because my heart hasn't really changed. I am so happy about that & Mom was crying too she was so happy. Thank you to all my buds that purred for me, I appreciate it!! Meows, Tig



March 23rd 2010 3:43 pm
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Finally it is getting warmer! Mom even put a litter box out on the screened porch since I do not like to come inside to go, and I had a couple accidents out there. Anyways, there are lots more birds out, and I got to go for a walk already! Oh it was so nice to dig in the dirt on the side of the house. Our dirt has alot of sand in it so it never really freezes and I dug a pretty big hole & "marked" MY PROPERTY for the other cats that come around. We haven't seen a few of them lately, and we hope that nothing bad happened to them. We put food out by the alleyway, to try & help them. Mom got me some cat grass seeds, and she has them in a pot, so I can't wait - I love my salad! HAPPY SPRING TO ALL!!


Seeing double

March 31st 2010 6:23 pm
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Since it is so very nice out, I was hanging out on the screened porch, and what did I see? But a cat in the backyard that could be my twin! Mom wonders if he is from the same litter I was. We don't know if orangey tabbies run in litters or not. It is kind of sad, he is so scruffy & his fur is all beat-up tomcat. He does not look skinny - actually the other two ferals that hang around too do not look skinny either. When we called to him he ran away, but Mom is just not sure if she should start to put more food out or not. The thing that worries her, is that if they keep coming in the yard looking for food, that I might catch something when I go for a stroll on my leash in the yard. And with my heart condition, I sure don't need to get sick. Boy, I sure am lucky, cuz I get to go back inside and get tasty food and crunchy treats and toys & lovey time. My fur is all shiny & soft & clean. Best of all is that I have a family that loves me lots. And I know Maizy does too even if she hisses at me. She is all bluff anyways, and I am bigger than her. Although when I was at the doctor all day a few weeks ago, she was nice to me when I came home. I sure wish that all the kitties had homes, and boy I am so very glad that when Mom called out to me that day, I went running to her & found my forever home! Purrs, The Tigman


Poor Maizy

April 16th 2010 9:03 am
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Well, there is something weird going on with my sister Maizy. She has been acting very strange around the house. Slinking and stuff. I mean she has done that to sneak up on me a few times, but she is doing it walking to the food dish in the front room, and in the hallway and stuff. She hasn't told me what is wrong, but then again she really only talks to me once in a while. Usually she hisses or growls at me when I just walk by. Man she is so crabby. I just wanna have fun all the time, and like my namesake, I am very bouncy & trouncy & definitely fun fun fun! I guess I might bounce around and on top of her a little too much sometimes, so that is probably why she hollers at me. Sometimes she will play chase with me - that is fun. It has been really nice out the past few days, and Mom and my human big brother cleaned up the screened porch, and Mom even got the stinky wee I made out of the cement. So it smells nice out there. They fixed the table & chairs, and my human brother had some of his friends over for a bbq. They were all nice to me & petted me when I came out to say "what's up?" So I can sit on the nice chair cushion & look out the windows. Mom even put a little bird bath/fountain out so that the birds would hopefully stay out of her big ol rock fountain/pond. She said she was tired of cleaning bird poopies out of there, and it is deep enough that she has had to rescue a few birds that fell into the pond part. So far, they seem to like their personal fountain, and it is close enough so I can look at them drinking & fluttering around. Hopefully Mom can figure out this weekend what is making Maizy so upset, then maybe she won't grumble at me quite so much.


Let me ooouuuuuttt!

April 22nd 2010 3:45 pm
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OK - I am going stir crazy! The Dad decided to paint the screened porch & replace the screens with some kind of pet sturdy screens, because some of the kitties that have come by to visit ripped up the screen, and in a few spots, I got a little excited going after a moth or bug and made a few holes. He started it onTuesday afternoon, and did some painting yesterday. He says if it is warm enough tomorrow, he will start to put the new screen up. I HAVE NOT BEEN OUT THERE SINCE TUESDAY!!!! grrrrroooowl! Mom took me out for a walk on my harness Tuesday afternoon, and last night (boy it is really scary outside at night!) But I like to sit on the ledges, and on my chair & soak up the sun, and look at the birdies & the stupid squirrels. I hope it gets warm, because I do not know how much more this kitty can take! Mom even opened the window up & froze in her office, so I could get some air, but it is not the same. I keep crying to go out, but it doesn't seem to help. Sigh.....keeping my paws crossed for Friday!

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