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Good Things Come in Threes!

February 27th 2011 7:08 am
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So the saying goes...I think today will be one of those days!
The first good thing to happen today...Mom went outside to feed "Hunter" a stray that visits our house. While she was outside, she saw and heard geese! A big flock of them heading North! A great sign that spring really is on the way.
The second good thing was that I am a Diary Pick today. Woo hoo! Very exciting and always a thrill!
The third good thing didn't happen yet, but I think it will. Mom is going out today and has promised to stop at know what that means...good things always come in a Petco bag! For those of you who gave fashion advice in my previous diary entry...Mom has promised to keep those comments in mind while she shops. She is going to look for a bow tie for me!
Have a great day my friends! Purrs, Skylar


My Classy Gray Suit! It Suits Me!

February 22nd 2011 6:30 pm
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My friend Teddy Bearz today wrote a diary entry and mentioned several handsome tuxedo cats! Yes...they are adorable indeed! Then my friendZachery wrote about me not having a subcategory. Rusty loves it when we say he is a "Buff" Tiger stripe. He thinks it means that he has muscles and 6 pack abs! My sister Skittles is a Calico! It's true...I don't have a subCATegory. Zachery said I should be "Classy Gray Suit".

I have to agree with him. I don't have a fancy tuxedo, but I don't really have any formal occasions to go to either. Maybe I can borrow one if I am ever invited somewhere special. My classy gray suit is perfect for trips to the vet and eating dinner with the family. It is wash and wear (I have been in the tub a few times with it on). Food stains wash right off! I can sleep in it and it never wrinkles. I can get on the floor and play with Mom or my little sisters and I have yet to wear any holes in it! And Mom never has to use the lint roller over me to pick up extra cat hair like she does with her own clothes.

I am not one to usually accesorize but it can be brighten up with a collar, a tie, or even a hat! I tried on the red scarf at Christmas and I must say it looked pretty good. I have tried on the purple collar and the pink jeweled one and they both go well with my classy gray suit!

Yes...I live in a family of orange cats. More than once I have asked Mom if I am adopted because I don't look at all like the rest of my family (will save that for another entry). But I do like my classy gray suit! It suits me just fine!

Thanks Zachery, I like my new subCATegory!
Purrs, Skylar


Things That Go Bump in the Night!

February 19th 2011 7:42 pm
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So we had our heatwave for all of two days her in NEPA! Woo hoo it was 65 on Friday! Today it was 25 Brrrr! And dropping to 15 overnight! Hey 911! Officer, someone stole our warm weather! Make them bring it back....Now!
If it wasn't bad enough that it got cold. It got windy last night and today and tonight. Hence the title... Things That Go Bump in the Night"!
Last night we could hear all kinds of things rolling around outside...soda cans, trash cans, bottles, cardboard boxes. Then there was the banging. We have an awning that sometimes lifts when the wind hits it a ceratin lifted...several times! The garage on the corner has guttering that was brought loose by ice....that was banging! The shed in the alley has a metal roof that lifts up on one corner....that was banging! Plus we have trees all through the neighborhood and the wind would gust through them and make this roaring, moaning noise. We cats were all on the alert last night. We should have taken turns staying up and letting the others sleep. But I think we all stayed up all night! Today, even though it was windy...all we wanted to do was sleep. We would eat, use the box, go back to sleep, get up, eat and repeat. I think because Mom was awake and not bothered by the wind he felt a little safer. Or...we thought it was her turn to guard the house. We guarded all night while she slept...its her turn to return the favor!
That's it for now...I'm going back to bed! Purrs, Skylar


She Said Yes!

February 11th 2011 8:19 pm
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This afternoon I asked a special someone to be my Valentine. Her name is Nellie and she said YES! I am bouncing around the house all happy and excited. If I could hum or whistle I would probably be doing that too; but alas I must rely on purring and playing and just being extra happy! We actually have alot in common. We both like milk jug rings and twist ties, both like to be brushed, and we like to eat fancy feast. I have also opened several bags of dry cat food when Mom has brought them home from the store before she was able to put them away. This is a skill that Nellie has as well. Purssonality wise, I think we are both easy going, mellow cats, that enjoy life to its fullest every day. Oh, did I of her nicknames is cutie pie (Mom calls me that sometimes too!) I'm so happy that Nellie said yes. What a great day! Purrs, Skylar


It Was Right Before My Eyes

February 11th 2011 9:54 am
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So yes, the other day I wrote about looking for a valentine and having this goofy crush on a kitty with extra toes who really didn't even know I existed. What was I thinking? I guess it's kinda like all those girls with their Beiber Fever! My buddy, Luke, got me to thinking 'bout what a valentine should be or mean to me. Thanks!
For me, I think I want a valentine that I know or can get to know better. I 'd like to have someone to be my valentine that posts things once in a while so I see how they are doing and in return they might visit my page and leave comments too. I'm still young so I don't think I am ready for a serious girlfriend or to get married or anything like that. This would be first Valentine (if you don't count Mommy who will always have my heart)!
Which leads me to my final thoughts. I'm going to be brave and ask a girl if we can be valentines! A real girl kitty! She's been here all along, and, like a silly; I missed it. She was right here in front of me and I missed it! A very pretty girl, she likes to brighten up stormy days with rainbows, she's updates her page with cute pictures and neat diary entries, she comes to visit my page too. She lives miles away, but we are as close as a pawmail away. She has always been very kind and I always thought she was such a cutie. I hope she doesn't think I am a goof. I hope she says yes! Cross your paws! I'll let you know later..Purrs, Skylar


Too Shy for a Valentine

February 9th 2011 7:19 pm
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So Valentine's Day is right around the corner and alot of my buddies are naming their sweethearts. Ahhh... love and romance fills the air. (Sighs) I'd like to ask a certain girl to be my valentine; but everytime I get on her page...I just freeze and can't speak. I don't think she has a valentine. But I don't know if she wants a valentine either. She is really cute...she has this gorgeous fur and pretty eyes and even extra toes. I sent her a rose the other day, but I chickened out and didn't sign my name. She doesn't have a diary and I get all nervous trying to comment on her photos. She has such a nice fluffy tail! Oh the agony...should I ask her?...what if she says "no"?...what if she has a sweetie already? She's three years older than me...does that matter? Oh...she probably doesn't even know I exist...but she is so cute! Oh what's a boy to do? Maybe I'm to shy to have a Valentine... Purrs, Skylar


Five More Things!

February 7th 2011 7:36 pm
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I have been tagged again, this time by my friend Bailey Love. Name five things that the humans do that annoy me. I really am mellow, so it will be a stretch to find five more things; but I'll give it a try.

1. It annoys me when Mom is running late in the morning and I don't always get my lovies. My lovies consist of brushing my fur (even on my belly) and telling me again and again how cute I am.
2. It annoys me to be awoken from a nap. The humans sometimes do this and sometimes so do the little girls.
3. It annoys me when Mom snores. I settle in by her feet, just start falling asleep, and then the noise begins. Like thunder, like jackhammers, like chainsaws cutting get the idea! I try to be nice and keep Mom's feet warm, but there is only so much noise I can take. And she wonders why I am not on the bed in the morning. Huh?
4. It slightly annoys me that she is looking for a Valentine for me. I'm only three! There's time yet. What about the 21 dating rule? And besides, I'm a modern kinda guy. I won't think it forward of a girl if she hints that she likes me!
5. It annoys me that I can't find a fifth thing to complain about. Actually it doesn't annoy me. We have it pretty darn good here. We have good food, plenty of cozy places to sleep, clean litter boxes, good doctors, siblings to play with, treats, catnip, and plenty of love!
If you are reading this and haven't been invited to play...well..consider yourself Tagged. Come on, play along!
Purrs, Skylar


New Tag Game! What does your Human say to you most often?

February 2nd 2011 6:22 pm
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My friend River has a new tag game in his diary entry. I thought I would play too.
The question is "What does your Human say to you most often?"
My answer is pretty easy...."Get off the counter, NOW!" I have a habit of jumping on the kitchen counter when Mom is getting our wet food bowls ready. It is the only time I jump up there, but rules are rules. And the kitchen counter and the kitchen table are off limits. Big No Nos!
So, to you my frinds...What does your human say to you most often?
Purrs, Skylar


I've Been Tagged!

January 28th 2011 7:41 pm
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I've been tagged! Thanks for thinking of me! My buddy River tagged me, also my buddy Zachery was checking to see if I had all ready been tagged. This is fun, it is the first time I was ever tagged before. I have to figure out 5 things that the humans do that annoys me. Where do I begin?.......hmmm..... Oh this is tougher than I thought...I'm pretty easy going.

5 Things That Humans do that Bugs Me!!!

1) Take me on a long car ride to the cardiologist. It is almost 100 miles. Thank goodness we don't go very often. That can almost be two things, cause even though he is very nice; I still don't like to see him! MOL!
2) When Mom doesn't share what is on her dinner plate. I know there was chicken on it last night(but she said there was tomatos sauce on it; so she wouldn't share)
3) When Mom fusses over my little sisters (Roni and Maedia) and doesn't pay attention to me. They act up and I behave and they get the attention. What's up with that? Huh!
4) When Mom won't let me in to visit with Murphy. Sure, I like to chew on the plants...but I also like visiting the old lady once in a while too!
5) When Mom gets all camera happy and she is following me all around the house and asking me to wear things or pose a certain way. A few pics are ok, but Mom, take it easy.

Now tag 5 friends. And I will tag...hmmmm Gidgit, Toki, Harry, Annie and Gordy.

And I think I will share my list with Mom. Maybe she will get the hint!
Purrs, Skylar


Silly Ivan Got Stuck

January 23rd 2011 3:06 pm
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Today was a lazy day. Just laying around and keeping cozy warm. It is quite cold and Mom had been in and out of the house letting a cold draft in each time. Ivan, genius that he is, decided to snuggle in Mom's lighter jacket. Snuggle doesn't begin to explain it though. He somehow managed to get the jacket onto the floor and proceeded to tunnel down the sleeve of the jacket. He got his head and front paws through the sleeve and then got himself stuck. Mom came home to find him wrapped up like a purrito on the kitchen floor. The camera was right on the kitchen table so she took a second to take a quick picture. Ony Ivan could get stuck in a sleeve! She is not sure how long he was stuck but it was no more than hour at most.
He wasn't majorly distressed; in fact he was downright calm about the whole episode. Mom tried to pull him back through the sleeve. If he went in, he should be able to get out... No luck! She had to get the heavy duty scissors and cut the sleeve of the jacket to free him. The first thing he did was give Mom a lick on the hand and then went to the food bowl. Mom was just glad that she came home and that it didn't happen on a day when she was at work. Maybe she should look into buying him a Snuggie!
See Ivan in his Sleevie! by clicking here.
Stay warm, my friends! But be careful how you choose to stay warm. Purrs, Skylar

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