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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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I am a Happy Cat!

August 18th 2009 8:50 am
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I had such a fun Purrrday yestfurday! Thanks fur sharing it with me, all of my Catster furriends.
My Purrrday went pretty good. Mom gave me some treats in the mornings and we played a little. Then, when she came home fruumm worksie, I got a tastey new dinner of a wet food that I kinda liked called turducken-it was also fruumm my Mom's furrriend Meatball, 'cause Meatball's kitties Max and Weird One are bored with it. It was pretty tastey to me, 'specially since wet food isn't my favurrite. I even let Mom brush me yestfurday! And I didn't even try to chew or catch the brush! I figured since I was a whole year old that I should be good and get my brushing, and I did.

I wonder what my furrriend Suzy-Q is doing and if she got adopted. She is still one of the purrrietiest gals I evfur met!

Soooo...fur my purrday!!! I must give thanks!

Thanks to my furrriend Orange Julius Caesar fur the pawsome birthday wishes and his furmily too =)

Thanks to my buddies Riley and Skippy fur the ice cream cone!!! I loves it sooo much!

Thanks to Twix frumm the Kittie's Club fur my birthday Crown and all the yummy cakes and stuffs in the group page =)

Thanks to Fred, Tyson, Tazi Moto, Mai Ming, Mistam Simba and Faithe fur the Crown too!

Thanks to Playful the Empress fur the lovely Watermelon! It was delighful!

And a special thanks to my furrriend Ivan, WLC!!! He gave me a pawsome grill the othfur day and I never got to say thanks. He is the coolest cat evfur!

And can you believe my Angel Kitty Furriend Buddie!!! He was on Catster fur 5 years yestfurday! It was a special day fur lots of kitties!



It's my Birrrrttthhday!!!

August 17th 2009 8:32 am
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Yay! I am one whole year old! Today is the day that the woman at the shelter, Pat, told my Mom that she thinks is my estimated Birthday! This means I am a big boy now!!! I am sooo happy! Already this morning I got the good treats that Mom's furrriend Meatball mailed to us. She even mailed us yummy wet foods that I akshually like, called TikiCat.

So, I am not sure how else to celebrate today. I didn't even realize I haven't written in my diary since Aug 12th! What is up with that?! I guess I've just been busy at home.

This weekend Mom got me a kitty jungle gym. It seems alright, but mostly I have been hiding in the tunnel part and when I bite the plastic, it makes a kewl crunchy sound, which Mom doesn't want me to make so I am trying not to. Kitty hid in there yesterday too, but we aren't climbing on it yets. Mom put it by the window so I could have more opshions to get into my window sill, so hopefully I will like it more soon.

Well, that's all fur now! I can't believe I have been with Mom fur almost my whole life!!! My year annifursiry with Mom and Kitty is coming up soon too and I can't waits.




August 12th 2009 8:53 am
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Oh mans!!!! Mom broke out the 'nip last night and boooy was I happy!!! She put it on the hidey holes, bofe of them fur me and Kitty and ushually I let Kitty sit on the hidey holes mostly-well, I sit on one and don't kicks her off it, but I rollllled and rollllled arounds in my nip nip and then went on the other hidey hole and rolllled some mores! Mom put some 'nip inside the hidey holes so Kitty coud try that and I GOT THE 'NIP JITTERS! So, then Mom put some 'nip on this othfur thing and put kitty on it and she enjoyed herselfs some 'nip fur a bit, but then I went to check it out toos and so Kitty moved.

Then Mom put some 'nip on the bed fur Kitty to have and she smelled it fur a few minutes and then decided to get off it 'cause I guess it's my bed akshually. Though, I know, I know-Kitty was here furrst and slept there furrst, etc, but I likes to sleep there now and since Mom got the hidey holes, kitty likes to sleep on that because maybye since it's like a hammock, it's more comfurtables? Plus she sits in the one right in frunt of her fan, and I won't make the fan mine.

So yah, the 'nip was furry exciting to say the least! And then I decided to give Mom the cuddles and snuggled right in her arm and made her hold me like a baby 'cause it's cute and 'cause I feels safes like that. And I can make some biscuits on her that way too. hehehehe.

Well, it was such a busy night fur me aftur all that stuff that just pawing it is making me sleepies. Nappy time =)


just a tuesday

August 11th 2009 3:10 pm
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it's tuesday today. Just anothfur tuesday in the whole week where I am home while Mom goes out. I wish she didn't have to go so much.

At least yesterday I was lucky enuff to get Diary pick and got all sorts of cool things from my furriends so thank yous so furry much agains! And I got a heart too from my new furriends =) Thank yous!

*sigh* I feel sad today though. I shouldn't, but I do. I am so lucky to have a Mom who loves me so much-so much that her furriends tease her, but I saw whatevfurrrs to them! Anyways, I am lucky and so is Kitty. But I am sad fur all the kitties that get hurt from bad mom's and dad's and othfur stuffs that you read about, the ones who can't find homes on catster or on anyplace, and even more fur the kitties you don't even hear about at alls. If I could do one thing to make all the kitties feel specials, just for one day, I would. I know Mom is working hard so that she can have lots of moneys to help all the animals and I know so many othfurs are too. I guess this isn't an advenshuuurous post today. sorries.
well, one advenshurrous thing I did was knock ovfur the top to my litter box! Which, akshually, usually isn't on top anyways, but it was 'cause I was helping Mom to clean up, and now I am afraid to go potty in it. Thank goodness we have anothfur ones that I can go in 'cause sometimes I got ta goes!

Please, if anyone knows anyone who can adopt a kitty right now, please tell them about my beautiful furriend Suzy-Q and Skippy. I knows there are more kitties on here and evfurry where else who need homes, but she is special to me-I'm not even sures why really, but she is. Their catster number is 990536. My friends Buzz N Bucky are looking fur homes too, but they may have gotten lucky since their last post and got adopted! I hope so!

Thanks and I promise more advenshurrres to come!

PS-Mom put a little monkey thing on the wall that her furriends got her and I have been trying to catch it since last night! It's watchin me and I got my eyes lookin right back!



August 10th 2009 8:30 pm
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Thanks again fur all the wishes today for my special day! I feel so lucky to have nice furriends and happy to make new furriends fur me and Kitty.

Tonight was pretty good, but it still isn't late. I am hoping to get in some more playtimes!!!
I was a good boy though and let Mom trim one of my pawsies, but she was pushing it when she tried to do the other one! MOL!!

I also played with anothfur toy!!! It was something in a bag and it shook and shook! Mom needs to help me put the videos up soon, thank you!
Then, I played with the water in my fountain fur awhile.

Now...again, I'm waiting to play one more time before I know Mom will try to go to beddy bed bed. Then I can give her some cuddles and she can give me the cuddles and lip bonks on my nosie!

SO thank yous again are in order fur all the happy stuffs today!!! Soooo...
Thank you again! I hope I don't furget anyones, and if I do, I am so furry sorry! Srsly!

Thanks to my sweet Suzy Q and Skippy, and the rest of the furmily fur the kiss!!! (I hope you find furever homes soon! Handsome boy and Beautiful baby girl!)

Thank you to my furriend Orange Julius Caesar and his furmily and Meowmie fur the World!!! And fur the Mousie! I feel like I am on tops of the world fur sure and of course have my squeeky mousie to play with too!

Thanks to Charlie, my tuff-kitty furriend fur the watermelon! I love fruits!

Thanks to Izzie fur the star! And thanks fur answering again my question-I know I get so anxious and feel bad sometimes, but today Kitty let me get the jitters 'cause it's my special day =)

Thanks to Alfie fur the red ribbon!!! Red's one of my furvorite colors!

Thanks to Jack, Bob, and Teddy fur the Blue ribbon! I loves Blue too!

Thanks to Oliver and Dewey fur the POTP! When I try to steal cookies from Mom I will think of you guys!

And thanks to Buddie and sweet Hazel Lucy and Ivan and Riley and Skippy again fur the concats they gave me on being DDP! And to Calvin fur posting my special day in the I Knead You group and also to my furriends at the Kittie's Club!!! And to all the new furriends I have. =D Puuuurrrrrrs!

My furriend Ivan isn't feeling so well so please send him some paws to feel betters and to Hooch too, who keeps going to the vampire vetdocs!!!

Purrs and Headbonks,


Thank youuussss!!! Furry Muchly!

August 10th 2009 9:13 am
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Oh my cat!!! I feel like such a lucky boy to be Diary Pick! I was lucky the first time I got it, but now I have gotten it a few times and feel sooo happy that you all like my diary sooo furry much. I am glad to tell all my advenshuuures, that is fur sure! Considering I am a little apartment kitty, you wouldn't think there would be many, but I am tryin to be all exciting!

Last night was pretty good. I didn't have the jitters at all. Akshually, I even woke Mom up to give her some cuddles and lots of kneadings, which is great since I just joined the I love Kneading group! I firstly nursed on my blankie, which is mine, not Mom's anymore at all, and kneaded that fur awhile, then decided to nurse on Mom and knead her. Well, the nursing didn't work out-I slurped instead, and then I think I hurt Mom fur a second because yes, she tried to trim my nails, but I was tuff and didn't let her, so I think they stuck her a minute, but it was ok 'cause she still let me knead her anyways. Then I moved around a whole lots to make sure I was comfortables.

Mom got me a new toy too this weekend! It doesn't look like much, but it is PAWSOME! It's a cat dancer and she hooked it on the wall today before she left fur the works so I can play with it. Kitty liked to watch and I just played and played until she opened the door-then I tried to sneak out too! I was unsuccessful at my attempt to say hi to the kitty next door, but I will try again soonly.

Now, onto the thank yous!!!

I have to say thanks to all the pawmail messages and gifts I have gotten!
Thank you to Anna and her furmily fur the nice message =)

Thank you to Jackson too and that furmily!

Thanks to Skippy and Riley fur the message and fur being cool tuff boy furriends too! I hope your surgery fur the man stuff is all good now!

Thank you to beautiful Mercy and her furmily for not one, but two rosettes! One fur her catster annifursury and then fur DDP. I loves the watermelon 'cause I am a kitty who likes to eat fruits akshually, and the coool baseball, 'cause I like to play with a bright tennis ball at home too! MOL!

Thank you Hootch fur the Blue Ribbon!!! I hope you are feeling good today and have a long healthy week aheads of you.

And thank you Aldo and yr furmily fur the crown! I hope you were barf free all weekend!

Hope you all have a nice day!


Kitty thief!

August 8th 2009 10:30 pm
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MOL! Yesterday I was a Wolf Kitty and today I am a Kitty Thief! MOL! I tried to steal some chocolate chip cookies from Mom! Of course, I was unsuccessful in my advenshuuure, but then again, a cat can't really have a chocolate chip cookie no matter how tuff they are right? But Mom did let me try a piece without the chocolate.

Maybe I'll get into some more naughties tomorrow =)


Wolf Cat!!!

August 7th 2009 4:31 pm
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That's what I am! I am officially a wolf kitty. MOL!

Mom calls me her wolfman now because I started to do the funnnnniest thing!

The first time I did it, I jumped on Mom's bed (MY BED!), sat up straight and I slowly looked towards the sky, and I meowed!!!! MOL! And then I looked at Mom and she laughed at me!

I did it again too laters. It's so fun being a Wolf Kitty!


I want to play

August 5th 2009 12:05 pm
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Yep, I want to play all the time usually. This morning before Mom left fur works, we played with the squeeky mousie and then I watched her play with Kitty fur a bit in the crinkly tunnel, with one of the new feather toys. Usually I have to play all the time, no matter what, so it was weird watching from the side, but it was ok too. I guess lately I am just bored with playing sometimes. We play and I make my play noises (MOL! Mom says they are cute! I says they are tuff!) but aftur a few minutes I like to just sit back and then Mom ends up playing with my toys all by herself! Maybe because I am becoming a bigg boy I don't want to play, I don't know, but I know my legs seem ok. Yes, I still sit crookeds 'n' all, but I don't really hurt or anything.

I gave Mom the cuddles this morning early. I like the cuddles so much. I just have to be careful right now cause the minute I fall asleep from the cuddles, Mom gets out that nail cutter!!! If I am supposed to be the man of the house, don't I need my claws?!

Well, that's all. I think I want to do sit on my dresser and watch Kitty play in her crinkle tunnel fur awhile.


A belated thanks

August 3rd 2009 9:27 am
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Well, being an advenshurous boy, I furgot to thank my pawsome furiend Ivan fur the grill he send me. Thanks furry much fur that one Ivan, WLC! You are what I hope to be someday in a man 'cause you are just sooo cool and I am just surrounded by gurrrls, with just my Mom and Kitty.

Yesturrday wasn't so bad-Mom was gone like all day, but I got along with my sister fur the day. And then when Mom finally got home, I chirped at her a bit and we played with the squeeky mousie and then I was akshually beat and preferred to sit in the windowsill. So Mom went to beddy bed and I let Kitty have the cuddly time with her for some of the night, but resumed my Momma's Boy duties around 3 am. It was nice and Mom didn't have to give me a time out or Kitty because I didn't have the jitters and she didn't have the grummbles. I don't know about today though. It will be all hot agains so Mom left the air machine on, even th0ugh it is getting stinky-weird right! She thought it was me or Kitty the other day and that one of us peeeeed on something, which I must mention, WE NEVER HAVE! So thanks fur that MOM! But, that aside, yes, it was an odd smell, but it's from the air machine, but doesn't do it always so Mom left it on. Well, with it being 98 degrees, which I think is hot, and in a tiny place with sunny windows, we needs it fur sure!

So yah, it's gonna be a lazy day in the window sill I expect. Purrfect time fur me to practice my Ivan-isms =)

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